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Here you have to post all the latest harry potter news!

with phoe's permition I opened this thread, but if it goes way off topic phoe would have to close it so please stay on Topic.

JKR officially said that book six will be called "Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince"

for further information please visit JK's official website:

do you think this is a wind up though by JKR herself we all know how much she likes to try and throw all hp fans off guard

nah...if its on her website and its released to the public then I think that it is the truth and not a joke.

well...i mean on her site a couple years ago it said that book 4 was supposed to be called Harry Potter and the Doomspell Tournament, but either she changed it last minute or didnt like the title... www.mugglenet.com is another good source for new info =]

yeah... it is...

Hey where does it say that the next book is called Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince?? i know its in the JKR site but i cant find it...is it in the news??? embarrasment

It's in all the newspapers today, so either its true or a REALLY good hoax!

well i finally got through the door wacko it took me a while tho..and i finally got it...HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE..
im gonna go ahead and believe it...why would someone go through all that trouble and mystery too give fanz a fake name...but if its a big hoax..lol i still wouldnt care cuz id still read the book...loads of people in KMC COMMUNITY thinks its a load of crap* and dont believe it...but i do.. big grin

i think id rather believe 'Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince' then 'Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storge' and 'Harry Potter and the Toenail of Icklibogg' laughing laughing

J.K Rowlings Site Rox Hard!!! wink

yeah it does stick out tongue

It is "The Half Blood Prince" not "the Halfblood Prince". smile

It is not a hoax. Check the news section of the same website.

that is a cool name.I hope that it is thicker than all the others.,and i hope ron gets a girl frind,from hufflepuf,hehehehe-me-.No just kidding back to the topic all,sorry bout that.

Phoenix: what paper was that?

oh, never mind, i found it in The Sun ^^

" Harry Potter author JK Rowling has revealed the secret title of the eagerly awaited sixth book. It will be Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The title was uncovered on the authors website on tuesdayby thousands of fans who followed clues.
A message from rowling read: "Well, the door opened at last and i showed you the title of Book Six- the title i have been using in my head for ages."
In potterspeak (lol) a half-blood is the offspring of a wizard or witch and a Muggle or Muggleborn- like both Harry and his arch enemy Lord Voldermort.
But the author added: "The HBP is neither Harry nor Lord Voldermort. And thats all i am saying on THAT subject until the book is published." Rowling is still writing the book and no release date has been set, said a spokesman for her literary agent- WHO CONFIRMED THE TITLE.
Rowling also dismissed as a joax rumours that the book was rumoured to be titled The Piller Of Storge.
She said: "I nearly fell off my chair giggling when i read that one- and i didn't change the title because i was 'found out'."

I read it in the mirror, so i guess it was in a lot of papers! big grin

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