Weekend Box Office Report

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Agent Elrond
OK, I decided to make a thread to discuss Box Office Results and see what movies are getting all the money. These stats are from Killermovies.com. Feel free to add any comments about the totals. I added a poll to cast your vote for which movie got too much money.

So Moore's film was number 1 this wknd. I'm a bit suprised, but I guess it was to be expected with all the hype surrounding it. I'm very suprised White Chicks came in second. It's pure BS.

1 - Fahrenheit 911 (New)
Weekend Total: $23,920,637
Total Gross: $24,078,959

2 - White Chicks (New)
Weekend Total: $19,676,748
Total Gross:$27,180,139

3 - Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Weekend Total: $18,787,419
Total Gross:$67,458,145

4 - The Notebook (New)
Weekend Total: $13,464,745
Total Gross:$13,464,745

5 - The Terminal
Weekend Total: $13,135,14
Total Gross: $41,040,124

6 - Harry Potter and the PoA
Weekend Total: $11,247,412
Total Gross:$211,537,548

7 - Shrek 2
Weekend Total: $10,216,452
Total Gross:$396,782,535

8 - Garfield
Weekend Total: $7,526,987
Total Gross:$56,297,265

9 - Two Brothers (New)
Weekend Total: $6,144,160
Total Gross:$6,144,160

10 - The Stepford Wives
Weekend Total: $5,056,343
Total Gross:$48,861,783

lol well, lets see how grizzly adams does(micheal moore) when spider-man2 comes to town.

Ill try my best to keep this thread smile


next week predictions

1# Spider-Man 2

10# fareheit 9/11 stick out tongue

Agent Elrond
Fahrenheit 911 is only going to be #1 for a weekend. Fahrenheit 911 and White Chicks will fall next weekend

You mean F 9/11 #1 this weekand ? What the f**k?

im not burlyman
I'm suprised the American public mostly saw a docu-film against Bush, not suprised they saw a BS film stick out tongue

i did not like white chicks. it should have never made that much. it was stupid.

I'm not surprised with the order of the films. I am surprised at the amount the top two made. I don't think there's a word to describe what Spiderman 2 will do to these films by the end of the weekend.

lol. yea spider-man hurt these films in great way's but i love anything that hurts the chance of f 9/11 getting money, so go spidey

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