Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six

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Jury Copeland
Isn't that cool if they would have made the second movie with these villains called Sinister Six?

Doc Ock
Green Goblin (the son)

One villain per movie?... how many movies they could have been if they consider the limitations?

Herr Logan
The idea is ridiculous. They need to introduce at least half of them before they team up. In case you aren't aware, the Hobgoblin and Harry Osborn didn't get along. They aren't going to be on the same team. Personally, if it was done properly, I would love to see a Sinister Six movie (with Kraven the Hunter, not Harry Osborn), but for the second Spider-Man movie? That doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. Spider-Man has encountered exactly one super-villain in the movies so far, and he's dead. Where do six vengeful metahumans come from that?

It would have to be. Spiderman 7:the sinister six!. Yeah right

Spiderman would get mobbed if he vrsed all of them at the same time.

He faced them individually the 1st time they met thats how he beat them.The second time Ock betrayed them all.

Jury Copeland
He did it in the comics... He can do that in the movie. blink

Spider-Man 7??? probably... in 2036 A.D. blink

confused ok... speechless.. sick err.. embarrasment

Herr Logan
Speechless. Well, I'm that's impressive.

Spider-Man can't take on the entire Sinister Six simultaneously. He's incredible, but he only survives huge battles like this when the Six are divided. This is when they are fighting among themselves, or if they take turns like morons, or when Spidey gets the drop on a few of them and incapacitates part of the group. In a group melee, Spider-Man usually will try to lead them into collisions and other ways one villain can knock out another one. All at once, Spider-Man would be hard-pressed to win. This is considering that the repeating members of the Sinister Six (that haven't come back from the dead recently) are Doctor Octopus, Electro, the Vulture, and the Sandman. Add in a new Kravinov or Venom, and Spider-Man has to count on them taking each other out or coming at him one and a time.

And this is not going to be a friggin' movie. Possibly an animated one, but don't hold your breath. Marvel isn't in the business of catering to the fans much anymore.

Ironman 66
in the next movie there teaming up harry with the lizard or venom

venom was part of sinister six? i never heard it

Sorry. It was really a big mistake when I include Green Goblin in the team... It was Sand-Man not Green Goblin.

Not the original S6.......in the new one, he bit a chunk off Sandman...yummy.

I hated that version.It was lame.

It would be a high action movie, but would have to be like the last episode.

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