do u think spiderman will will transform into the spider?

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what u think?

i think he will if this is the last movie

dude this is the SECOND movie. and no way they d do that plot for the movie its too big, first hed have 6 arms. then be the man spider, that brings actually nothing to the screen.,

umm. if spider man was going to turn into a spider it would have already happened!

that is untrue in the cartoon it took a long time to happen. like the 2nd or 3rd series till it happened. but i still think it would make a good movie.

I think it'd be cool, once Connors is indebted to Parker for not revealing him as the Lizard.

i never followed the comics, i jus listened to other sources....isnt it tru in the comic or cartoon < dunno, that when peter is losing his powers (can shoot a web, stick to walls) like in the movie, that hes evolving into the manspider, but they never did that in the movie......,< is that tru so i can get all my info strate...

Manspider was a freak mutation. it didnt last very long

basiclly pete turned into Chewbbaca with 4 extra arms

no way, it would totally confuse everyone who hasn't ever read or heard about manspider(which is like every non comic reader)

SPIDERMAN WILL TURN INTO A SPIDER!!!!!! laughing laughing out loud rolling on floor laughing

Turn into a spider...or put this guy on my list? smile

grey fox
in the cartoon that lasted for about 3 episodes they had the punisher going after him as well as kraven that was cool he sniffed the webbing and found him it was really cool and theres this bit where the man spider just watches maryjane and she freaks out it would have been beter if he tok her becuase then they could do a who.le i know who you are style plotline

Wait.Seriously will he turn into a spider or something?

Yes. He was gigantic with red eyes and six arms. And he could spit acid.

:: Hands him a giant cookie :: You win the prize.

Stupid idea. Need Venom before that.

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