Oi Raz! (yeah you)

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Nothing to worry about, I just have a couple of questions.

1. How long has KMC been up and running?

2. What made you decide to make a forum website?

3. Did you make this site all by YOURSELF?

4. How long did it take to make?

5. What does your name mean and where did you get it?

6. Do you have to up-date this site reguarly?

7. Do you get any of your friends or family to help to out with changing things on it? (besides the mods)

8. What is this vbulletin thingy?

9. Why do a lot of forum websites look a lot like this one?

10. Whats your favourite forum?

11. Who was the first mod? was it hard just you and them modding it at the start?

12. Is it difficult making a website like this?

13. Have you always wanted to make a website forum?

14. What idea gave you the name of the site?

Thats all for now, bye.

had nothing to do, so gonna answer some I think I know the answer of...

1. he never gave a real clear answer to this, since before they got vBulletin, they were on Ezboards (?) so they can't give an exact date
2. money, money, money, those ads give him thousand bucks a month eek!
3. the site self is made by Zed they claim
4. on the dot... 4h30 and 12 seconds
5. if memory serves, he said it was a RL nickname
6. definitly, run tests, update stuff... get a NEW version of vBulletin....
7. his daughter of 18 is studying to be a professional webmaster
8. it's the software of the forum, it's like ********* or ezboards
9. the forums? cause it's the basic idea on all... have a welcome, a gdf, an otf, some for movies etc... make a forum yourself and you'll see how many forums you'll end up having too
10. in a PM he once said he totally LOVED the JAMES BOND section we have wink
11. raz himself ... and he totally hates the modsquad, cause they laugh at the Tex, his secret lovah
12. try to make it, to see for yourself wink
13. it was his lot in life, it was the will of the force
14. if a movie is good, it's a killermovie... bit selfexplaining

hope you enjoyed the laugh

are you planning on assasinating Raz or something over power huh

yerssot, my un-official spokeswoman zorro

im not burlyman
everything must be Official mad

Darth Revan
your sig is making me nervous burly... confused fear

and serious no expression

Oh i see how it is, you have a daughter cry But did you tell me???...noooo no you didnt mad

lol Raz has a daughter yeah right man

but i know his real name

i know where he grew up

i know his parents names


no i am no joking i really do


"The Tex"
How come no one ever asks me questions? mad

It's all about Raz Raz Raz! hitler

raz is this true! happy

about damn time I do something for my money around here...

if you guys have any more questions, I'll happily li..erm...answer them happy

oh and raz... I'll pick your girl up at 7 for that movie tomorrow

I have an 18 year old daugther?? Is that even possible?! stick out tongue

Oh and ladies, I'm single and free (no kids wink)

you still don't acknowledge that beauty as your daughter? sad

Yerssot, get some help stick out tongue

Ladies only? Darn, my love Raz is sexist...

The Innkeeper
I noticed that this threads name makes it look hostile to the admin
which is prob why when on 'whos online' i see alot of mods viewing it stick out tongue

Looking for a reason....itchy trigger fingers?

droolio OMG Raz's single!!!

she is getting me some help in some way wink cool

they don't make raz-todlers like her anymore, y'know

you're not worthy of our love for Raz droolio

British men turn me on, I just loooooooooooove thier accents droolio

All the girls just loooooove The Razmeister. love

I have an idea what Raz sounds like, I know where hes fromstick out tongue But I'll hear him talk this August when we meet.

The reason girls love Raz is cos Raz is lovely. Hes also really hot. http://www.killermovies.com/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=911956

yay! a picture of my sweetheart!

cool !!! Raz is a Sikh

i never knew that

Hmm...I'm 18, and am studying to be a professional webmaster...Guess that means I'm Raz's daughter laughing out loud

What is this, some kind of personal ad ninja

*writes down this information for future referance* whistle

On what did you base that conclusion huh

Oooh, Irene...sneaky wink

It's my profession ninja

all I know is that he's beautiful!! love

He should post another pic *cough drums cough* whistle

That's Raz!!!!!!!!? that's nothing like I pictured him.

yeah, it was a shock to everyone when we found out he isn't Bender

Yeah, I totally thought he was made of metal.

I saw Raz in the Members Pictures thread today eek!

found it already?

I have his pic set as my wallpaper shifty

I was suprised smile

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