New "Sci Fi Movies" Franchise Forum?

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Hey guys,

I am polling to see if there would be any interest in starting up a "Sci Fi Movies" section under the "Movie Franchises" section, something similar to the "Horror Movies" section.

It would be THEE place to discuss all the movies in the vast Sci Fi movie universe, no matter how obscure. Predator, Alien, Enemy Mine, Logan's Run, and so many more great Sci Fi movies deserve their own section!

If you would be so kind as to offer your input by way of this poll, there is a strong chance that we may get an all Sci Fi movie forum section!

Thanks for your support. Votes will be tabulated, then sent to Raz after a 15 day period.

we already have 40, raz said wink

Just counted 37.

good job Raz! *pats you on the head*

If you're talking about forums, I count 35.

The reason I ask for a "Sci Fi" forum is so that there is a place to talk about ALL OTHER Sci Fi movies.

Is it that unreasonable? There is a "Franchise" section dedicated to PotC, which as it stands, is only 1 movie. It got its own because a bunch of fangirls, basically.

On top of that, there's a section devoted to all other Comic Book movies in the section designated to Comic Book movie forums. There are certainly way more Sci Fi movies that go undiscussed than Comic Book movie adaptations.

Sorry if this poll seems out of line. Frankly, I am surprised at the results so far, and that the excuse is that there are too many forums. I think the board would benefit greatly from a Sci Fi section.

and I count 38 including the subforums wink

well, the POTC was created mostly I guess to keep those fangirls away from other serious threads wink

I wasn't even complaining about that, really. I know theres a PotC 2 on the way, so it's right where it should be.

It's just that a Sci Fi section would be really helpful for those of us that watch mostly Sci Fi movies, not just The Matrix, 24/7. There's alot more to the genre than that.

Horror has it's own little corner, Comic book movies have theirs, Action movies are pretty much "anything goes", but I think there should be a special place for Science Fiction.

If no one else agrees, fine. I'll take my ball and go home. I was just testing the waters.

yeah good idea

could we also talk about stuff like Startrek and stuff

My point exactly. There are also movies that are borderline Horror/Sci Fi then get locked up because some people "don't consider them Horror", i.e. Predator, Alien, Event Horizon, Jason X, etc.

the bowler!!

I'm always game for new ideas

you're a game??? pleased to meet you big grin I'm Yerssot, the automatic responce program ... I've been... updated recently wink

The majority of sci fi movies can be discussed in another forum. Either horror, or simply the Movie discussion forum. I don't think a forum is necessary.

wow what a smart program you arelaughing out loud

roll eyes (sarcastic)

dunno...I'd like a Sci-Fi Forum, but there are idd a lot of forums as it is.. I voted maybe..

I'm glad someone caught that. I called my girlfriend the PMS Avenger yesterday, and she actually laughed.

Where? In the "Mainstream" movies section?

There are just as many, if not more, Sci Fi movies as Horror movies. If the shoe were on the other foot, tons of people would move to have a Horror forum as well, would they not?

To be honest, you don't know how well a Sci Fi forum would work until there actually is one. As it stands, there is no place that would act as a good section to talk about ALL Sci Fi without getting bogged down by other peoples polls and and duplicate posts.

Start up a Sci Fi section and I guarantee that I will have it bumping within a week. I'll start a massive amount of topics, movie threads, you name it.

Yeah man i will be there with u.

I hope raz is going to say yes

Bumping this for the evening crew. C'mon kids, Freaks and Geeks like me need your support!

laughing out loud did u pm raz about it recently ?

I asked before I submitted the poll. The poll is staying open 15 days, after which I will submit it for review.

Problem, the same with the Horror movies, these days a movie isnt just horror or Sci-fi so its a ***** to know which ones to keep or move to the other forum. A sci-fi forum, IMO, is not necessary.

You can discuss sci-fi in the general movie discussion if you absolutely must.

Why would Horror and Comic Books movies get special treatment, and one of Cinema's largest genres of all time not get one?

Logans Run
Enemy Mine
Star Wars
The Last Starfighter
Terminator Franchise
Predator Franchise
The 6th Day
Judge Dredd
12 Monkeys
The 5th Element
Planet of the Apes

I could go on and on as to how many Sci Fi movies there are that would support and nuture a potential HUGE Sci Fi section!

And like I said before, had you guys read, threads pertaining to these movies will never get appreciated because of so much random CRAP that FLOODS the "General Movie Discussion" , that they will all get bogged down with polls, duplicate topic posts, "Vs" threads, and whatever else there is everyday clogging bandwidth.

I will even go as far to say that it would be in the boards best interest to open this section, because it will accomodate an even more vast array of board members, and probably play into their loyalty.

To have a section dedicated to Comic Book movies, which there are about 5 MAYBE 6 good examples of said genre in todays market, and NOTHING for Science Fiction is just mindboggling.

Would a section like this be harmful? No. Would it be useful, resourceful, and insure loyalty amongst board members, new and old? Yes!

I don't see how anyone could actually be against this. If it doesn't effect you, please don;t vote unless you have an honestly legitimate reason for your vote, other than "You can talk about it the General Movie Discussion section". Because it deserves more than that.

Horror movies get their own forum because when discussing horror films, usually naughty things are discussed (death, rape and all that nusty stuff). Plus when the horror forum was made, horror movies were very popular around here and they were clogging up the movie discussion forum.

The comic book movies are always more of the same, they are really popular and dominated the movie discussion forum.

Sci fi movies in all honesty, aren't that popular, and don't have very man threads dedicated too them. That's why I don't think a whole forum is necessary. It would be pretty dead I think.

..and like I said, we'll never know until we were to give it a try. Is it because it's mostly kids on here, and Sci Fi isn't "cool enough"?

I must come from the old school message boards, where we respect Sci Fi as roots.

I have nothing against the sci fi genre, I love many of those movies. But I have no problem discussing them in threads created in the general movie discussion forum. And I don't think it's necessary to create a whole forum for them. Now, if they were like the horror threads months back, and comic books movies in popularity, then I would be for this forum. I just don't think that's the case.

At my request, will someone close the thread and poll? I feel like Howard Dean here, getting all amped up only to lose.


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