Phone Voice

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What's your phone voice like? Is it deepr or higher pitched? Does it sound smarter or cooler? Doe's it sound similar to your own regualr voice or someone else's voice?

Mine sounds similar to my father's regular voice, at least that's what a few of my friends think.

dont ignore me tell me or...

mine is the same barely audiable deep voice

all my friends say when i talk to them on the phone my voice gets higher

my phone voice is "deepr" lol, and it makes me sound cooler cool

mine is same as my sisters laughing

the Vee
hmm strangely enough ive never called myself and asked

No-ones ever told you what you sounded like?

Yeah, I have the same...
Sometimes my friends have started to talk to my sister the things they wanted to say to me... laughing
Luckily nothing bad haven't happened...yet... stick out tongue

A porn star embarrasment

Actually when i heard my recording once i could hear the cali accent surfer thing going on and i had no idea because i don't hang around that crowd at all... messed

I bet roll eyes (sarcastic)

Royal Knight
I have two types of phone voices...

I have a deep voice for when I talk on the phone at home...

And I have a medium deep voice when I talk on the phone at work

Oh but it's true, my friends tend to call me late at night, and I end up kinda whispering talking type thing yes

One guy friend said he was getting aroused when I was talking about the simpsons or something What the f**k?

And if they call during the day, I still talk softly big grin

Sure he wasnt getting aroused at simpsons?

Unless he finds Homer sexy droolio

wait doesn't everyone though embarrasment

no. *backs away slowly*

Tex might, butI donj't And hopefully you don't. erm

thats true droolio

Flying High
i sound polite....that makes my frends uncomfortable..n they don think they r tokin 2 me lol...

My phone voice is even more monotone and lifeless then my normal voice.

I forgot you had heard me laughing out loud

laughing out loud where?

Msn, I went on mic big grin

oh... thats... odd...

how so confused

i just felt like saying that big grin

Brilliant as always yes

Of course no expression

I always sound sleepy or mad on phone.

friends of mine have said that i sound like a prep on the phone. confused but i don't know

haha!!! preppie!!!! j/p stick out tongue

well i'm not at all like that though. i just talk different on the phone than i do in person stick out tongue

Tari Ringeril
Cali surfer voice eek! eeee!!!! I love Cali Surfer voices...I used to date one but that was a big mistake..... mad (will keep that story for some other time.) Oh yes, my voice. My voice is kinda sad sounding, like I have been in misery for sometime...some of my friends say I sound like a blonde on a sugar rush.... confused I speak better than they it the fact I have a Kentucky accent when I get mad???? rolling on floor laughing

Tired Hiker
laughing out loud

Tari Ringeril
eek! Well, enough about that! I just drunk some IBC rootbeer....time for some Pac-Man!!!

depends on who you ask...but after all the laughing fits you had yesterday, i could hear the kentucky accent laughing out loud

Tari Ringeril
Ah yes...the laughing fits...big grin P.E. Class was a little bit to fun that day.

Don't ask me why i have the sounds funny on recordings to me smile When i speak low it sounds more like monotone but when i talk on the phone i literally have to yell to be heard and you can hear the accent laughing

Dark princess
Mine says "I have a english accent "yo dude not in right know but call me later if you are jessie press 1 if you are sam press2 if you are one of them love you guys and I'll get back to you 2 first

Tari Ringeril
Awww how cute Raven! ^___^ love

Tired Hiker

but it was fun! laughing out loud never had a better day in that class

My voice totaly depends on my mood right now it would be ruff and sharp. miffed confused mad

im told i sound the same as my 12 year old duaghter confused

People say I sound like my 17 year old brother confused

um.i duno wat i sound like to others....but...i duno..sum ppl say my voice sounds different in real life

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