Two Sides

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I'm wondering,who got sympathy for "the bride"...or Bill? Bill took B. under his wing and made her the way she is. B. was knocked up and left Bill....because she couldn't raise her baby in a world full of evil. (Bill's world actually..)

BUT,it didn't stop there....she was trying to marry another guy,but Bill came between and killed his husband-to-be and Beatrix.

Bill failed....and Beatrix took revenge.

Now what i wanna know who you think was right?

Let me explain my vision

Beatrix and Bill were in love and Beatrix was knocked up. BUT she left Bill because he was evil...But it didn't stop her sleeping with the devil right? She loved him and the feeling was mutual. Beatrix took off without saying anything to Bill....he was worried sick and went after Lisa Wong. So it was actually B's own fault....she should've never went with him. I understand the part about leaving Bill for the sake of the baby...But she did more then that. She marries another guy...but why? To start a normal life?? A KILLER can never do that....but yeah..for the sake of the baby right?smile

As for Bill's action...he was hurt really bad and that was the only thing he could do: KILL all the people B loves....He did that,but he's intention were never to kill Beatrix....i think he wanted a final battle with her,so he delivered a mercy shot (a bullet :not through the head..but sideways). So it was Bill's revenge....the same as Beatrix's revenge. It was not "right"...but necessary. (destiny...)

At the end Bill raises B.B (B.B.=Beatrix,Bill) . Because Bill loves his daughter....(i believe that).

At the end of the movie..when Beatrix does her thing on Bill...He looks full of admiration ...and asks why she never told him that. She answers :'Because i'm a bad person....."

There arent't any Villains or heroes in Kill Bill.....only humans. Bill was the same as Beatrix....they were perfect for eachother.

im not burlyman
Vol 1, The Bride
When I saw Vol 2, I loved Bill sad

I'm a Bill man toosmile

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