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you do realize there is a whole website and not a forum smile just kidding, I was justwondering how many of you go onto the actual killermovies website and to see who are just bums and stay here with no life big grin

Discos - "theres a website"

um..i go straight to message, sumtimes if there is an interesting article about a movie i wanna see, ill read it, but thats not too often....

I go via the website, I like to see all the new film news

im not burlyman
Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead

im burlyman
Zed is alive, how many times do I have to tell you? no expression


lol, burlyman and.......not burlyman

Dr. Gonzo
I check out the movie news every now and then. That is how I found this message board.

Sexy Texy
When I joined this MB wasn't associated with KM! eek!

Whoever did not understand that needs a serious reexamination of their life.

The Innkeeper
I didnt understand it confused

Who is zed? And how is he dead?

Zed started KMC eek! and he isn't dead, just stuck in the waste land of real life ninja

no poor guy

You're all wrong roll eyes (sarcastic)

The Innkeeper
So wheres raz come into it?

Oy vey... get educated and watch Pulp Fiction people...

lol. I check out the movies every now and then. I depends though...

I often go to the site, not alot though. I just stroll my way straight into the message boards

When i first found out about Killer Movies, I didnt even know about the forums. It wasnt until may that i noticed the word message boards and then registered. But now all i go to is the boards

I typed in something about discussing movies and this was the top choice......thank you god!

Agent Elrond
I visited killermovies twice I think.

wow.....thats totally hardcore

yeah i just come on for the message boards smile

message boards, truly i found this by mistake.


and how did you find it may I ask......

Discos - I just did smile

The Innkeeper
Looking for film spoilers

Agent Elrond
yeah, I know. rock

I think it was by accident too

just go to the review forum........everyone posts them there smile

The Innkeeper
No thats how i found it.
I was looking for film spoilers
to see if jackson strayed from the book of rotk

Instead i found kmc stick out tongue

KMC forums pop up for like anything related to anything on the top pages of google... laughing out loud that was the acident.. i do not know what told me to register beccause this is the first forum i had ever known.

Fallen Jedi
when i first found this place, i looked up movie trailers and movie info, but since i signed up on the forums, i go straight to the message boards.

there is a site? embarrasment I've never been on it embarrasment

laughing most people dont know there is a site

i accidentally got addicted to this place...

everyone does,

there is about 3 parts of the site I go onto,

yeah i did know theres an actuall website stick out tongue but hm....i dont really go to it erm

The Innkeeper
I knew there was a killermovies site
and this is merely the messageboards for it

Meh-im mainly in lotr forum, sometimes in here....and randomly popping up in other places

i know there is a site but i went there only once or twice by a coincidence (spcry)

The Innkeeper
Dont cry over a typo

Only dicos does that yes

but i hate not knowing how to spell a word.
it is so annoying.

The Innkeeper
Coincidence smile

There you go smile

hug THANK YOU!!! big grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

The Innkeeper
Your welcome smile

Also look smile

bag i know there is that button, but it wants to correct everything confused

The Innkeeper
Wants everything

Why am i reminded of this link

blink what does it to do with tex?

The Innkeeper
He wants everything wink

laughing indeed.

The Innkeeper
I just hope he never makes his own forums

The Innkeeper
Imagine tex-the admin

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