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thiis the thread for what u think is gonna happen is the next movies and why. be advise spoiler are allowed in this topic so dont go forward if u havent seen the 2nd movie yet. spoiler tags should be used.

following the last sequence in the movie, with all the cops and choppers,its clear harry gonne mad and wore his GG suit, (even becouse his role in SM3 is much bigger than in 2), or off course it may be anyone else that big, like sand man, or who nows a human lizard

are you saying at the end of the movie when there where cops and choppers and stuff it was for harry becuase that totaally wrong becuase at MJ's wedding he was a grooms men and mj ran off and took her not a long time to get to peters room so i dont think harry could of ran home and changed in to the goblin suit and cause chaos in like 15-30 minutes

well , but he made a sordid smiley on the wedding. that why i also meantioned the sand man, or someone else bigger enough to call all the attention


i mean big of huge to make a chaors

well i doubt harry will become the goblin soon in the next movie.

my theory is that harry becomes the goblin but wont attack peter directly, he will be like in the comics, psichologically.......but he wont show up very much in the movie, would be like norma, just once and quick

Hahha...Harry was wearing a green tie at the wedding ceremony while grinning devishly.

Symbolism...whoaa.... stick out tongue

hey i never read the comic or watched the cartoon, is hob goblin sane and jus wants to kill sumthing,then during that, causes destruction or is insane like greengoblin and is jus....insane....

there were 5 hobgoblins 4 were sane one was stupid.

HAHAHAHAH. that was funny. n e wayz i just watched the movie. AMAZING is the word 2 put. and i loved the HAPPY ENDING, had me in tearz. what a gr8 movie. 2 bad i m gonna haf 2wait long for a third one

I have a feeling the Goblin will just be the puppet master for someone else. He still has influence at OsCorp and could just comission a new villian. Although, Raimi said he wanted to do a beginning, middle, and end, and Peter killing Harry/Goblin would really do wonders at wrapping up their story.

well that would make one hell of an ending of the series of spider-man movies.

the next goblin seems most likely to be the next villian..harry osbournes charactor keeps gettin bigger and bigger i dont think there gonna have him hire nother villian to kill spider-man coz thats pretty much what they did in the 2nd one plus raimi said he was introducing the villian for spidey 3 at the end of spider-man 2 and we all know what happened at the end of spider-man 2....i think that were gonna see the next goblin as the 3rd villian but raimi will make Conners role bigger in case he wants to do a 4th one he would have the lizard all setup but it would also be nice to see cameos from eddie brock and other familiars names so if they have another director take over for a 4th film that he could go in a different direction plus that would keep us guessin for the 4th villian

I think the reason why Harry is grinning like that is because he realises that m j has gone to peter and he can now use her to get to spiderman.

I wonder if she ever gets sick of getting captured by the bad guy and sreaming all the time

well i thing,even without proves the lizard can be the next vilain or even, venom (blergh) cos john has defenitely an anger with parker now ,maybe bigger than brock..............maybe brock comes after...i do thing venom will come fisrt in john body using him as a slave.

or they might make jj son venom, i dont wanna see that happen but i owuld take that then no venom.

Wasnt eddie mentioned in s.m. 1?jonah said that EDDIE coudnt get a good picture of spiderman so he wanted to see peter do it.

yah he was, but we are reffereing to spiderman 2 ,sonic

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