I got Kick out my band

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I got kicked out my band as the drummer today,

My band "was" called Out of Order

I got thrown out due to not turning up to practices and when I did turn up to practices I always had a hangover

they were really pissed off at me when I got really drunk at a gig and totally mucked up.

I am not bothered about being thrown out of the band, but we had a major major gig coming up in aid of this young girl (charity gig) and I aint going to be playing at that.

Discos - I want my entitled last gig miffed

....g o o d job dude

hey man i'm a drummer too and if i got kicked out and cldn't play at all anymore after doin all that i'd say i deserve it...i mean,we drummers are the soul of the band and if we screw up...erm

The Innkeeper
It also broke poor disco's mothers heart

i gave him my opinion on this But seeing as i like the word, i will say it again

The bastards

soul of the band???

miffed: got a problem?
we're the heart and soul,the pulse.

The Innkeeper
Without the drummer it sucks
Trust me smile

My cousins a drummer
he rocks rock

we drummers rock raver

of course! without drummers the band sound would suck!
but drummers dont carry the whole band, I know they are the hear beat of the band...

yep drummers rock!

what kind of music your former band play?

The Innkeeper
Discos specialised in Sountrack playing

His greatest concert was playing the soundtracks for
The sound of music
The Wizard Of Oz

how does one add a decently fun drum part for those kinda songsblink they're so boring for the drummer!!
unless you mess around with it happy

well... I got a hair cut and I quit the band I was playing...
it was called Aphelion and they play goth rock...I dont like goth rock but the memebers are old friends of me and I was jut help them out, but I wasnt happy there...
I did 4 tours with them and I recorded and album and I just finish my bass tracks for they new record and this weekend I'm playing my last gig with them... after that I'm gone for good!!!

Your own fault dude laughing out loud

laughing what i said yes

i play the drums too for a band

we cover Guns and Roses songs in our band

and that's why alcohol is bad kids wink

lol at least I got to live the life of a rock and roll star in my town yes my band couldnt handle me!

the band plays covers such as Travis, RHCP, Aerosmith, Steppenwolf

not my kind of music though (apart from the last 2 bands), I enjoy playing more complex and heavier stuff like Megadeth,Metallica and on the occasion some Slayer type stuff.

the band even went as far to play "staci's mom"

My friend was a drummer, and he got kicked out because he got high.

Darth Revan
Stacy's Mom... Dude, if I were you, I'd be glad to have gotten kicked out laughing out loud

What's rock and roll without alchohol and drugs though wink stick out tongue

Drummers rock - My boyfriend is a drummer in a band called Usual Suspect.

yeah I know being in a band is all about alchahol and whatnot....

I am sort of glad to get thrown out, I have already got an audition for this other band who has a chick bassist....so am cool

Darth Revan
thumb up good luck rock

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