Who washes their car like an acholic

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Who has a car that is their baby that when it has one finger print on it you will take your clean shirt and wipe off the fingerprint. cause i know i do. i must wash my car 4 to 5 times a week. who is like me or do you pay for it to get washed? and who has really cool cars i own a acura Tl 2001 but also i have a 1972 pontiac lamonz that thing is sweet it is red and just awesome. everything is o-ridge on it

Dr. Gonzo
I used to be like that.

im burlyman
My bro used to do that for like... almost half a year but then he stopped, now he washes it regularly. stick out tongue I think you'll be going down the same path. stick out tongue

Dr. Strangelove
I'm not a car enthusiast, so I mostly wash the car once a month.

i used to but then i worked out a pattern to do it every other day. i just have to take it one day at a time.

I dont have a car and I dont think I will be one of those neat freaks who upgrade their car and have silly things like 15" exhausts

my friends (who are twin brothers to be exact) are obsessed with cars and spend vast amounts of money of magazine, I say they could get a not bad 2nd hand car right now if they didnt buy those silly magazines

Sexy Texy
When I had my Volvo I would get it detailed twice a month; now that I have my Taurus I go through the gas station cleaners once every two months! stick out tongue

I seriously make people wipe their feet before entering my car because i vacumn it every single day i am in love with my car and it is jet black with leather interior so it shows dirt really easy.

if i had a car...i would wash it in the rain lol

my mom does that and yeah she's a neat freak ........

my mom is just stupid

my mom is cool though smile

woah messed

Who washes their car like an alcoholc????? I'm not sure I've ever seen an alcoholic washing a car so I couldn't possibly decide whether I do it the same way.

lol i think i would have to agree with you there stick out tongue

Darth Revan
I have a Nissan 300ZX and my dad has a '49 Dodge... We have five cars and at least four motorcycles right now messed

'96 Isuzu Trooper
'94 Toyota Tercel
?? 300ZX (can't remember what year it is)
'49 Dodge something...
BMW 2002 (again I can't remember what year it is... 2002 is the model not the year)
'00 Aprilia Caponord (motorcycle)
'03 Kawasaki Ninja
'65 BMW R69S
and some other bikes that I can't be bothered to think of...

i want a Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo sad

I want a Pizza sad

I want a Skoda Octavia sad

....not! sick

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