I loved Spider-Man 2

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Serious Hiker
It was way better than the first one. I actually cried like three times during the movie. embarrasment

Aww, how sweet. I like sensitive men....I thought it was awesome. I got to go to a primiere with my friend. eek! I'm not for sure which one I liked better, but I can't wait for the third one! I think that we're looking at 2005!

Silver Stardust

I haven't seen it yet, I was supposed to see it at the 12:01 showing but my friend who was ordering the tickets forgot that I was going to be going also. Damnit mad

That must stink, why don't you go now? You say you don't have any thing else to do.

I saw it and loved it, Tobey is sooooooooooooo hot! I think I'm in love! love

It also had Curt Connors who eventually becomes The Lizard!
I'm definetly seeing this movie again!

Silver Stardust
babysitting+no money at the moment sad

Pablo G
Bruce Campbell was awesome as the ******* usher, he should have a good role in Spider-Man 3.

It had a happier ending but i think they rushed the ending a bit....

i havent seen it yet....
but i loved the first one, so im sure ill love the secondhappy

You will. yes

i thought is was awesome happyeek!

i now have a new hero - i feel so inspired!!
as my 1st self-sacrificial act,i shall quit school to practice my web slinging ninja

and where did you cry?eek!

In the cinema I'ld guess stick out tongue

I think she meant what part messed

It was good, I can say that big grin

Pablo G
James Franco's performance was awesome

didn't like how the tentacles took a mind of their own. Felt a bit too much like Venom and his symbiote for my liking, but all in all, a great movie.

Coulda gone without Spidey the pizzaboy, and the 3 minute closet gag.

I know, I was so excited when I saw him. In the Spiderman 2 video game Bruce Campbell is your guide. And in one level your againt mysterio and he is saying the words Ash said when he was getting the book in Army of Darkness, I think they're clato verata nicto.

Mr Parker
So you loved MAN-SPIDER 2 Tired Hiker? sad to hear that. sad As you can tell from my message below my name and below my sig how I feel about that franchise of sonys. mad


didn't really mind that. what I could have gone without, though, was the run-away bride (just seen that too many times before now and, honestly, how mean was that?) the "you're just an empy seat in my life"-hell and the train scene with all the people really really liking this heroic young kid.
otherwise, ok big grin

Stormy Day
Spider-Man 2 was awesome!

If you watch closely Stan Lee is a extra in both films happy

Agent Elrond
what scene was that?

Stormy Day
She means the scene where Curt Connors is talking to Tobey at the beginning.There is no scene in 2 that shows Connors turning into a lizard.

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