"You're making fun of me..."

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Alright. Firstly, I didn't make this thread to entice poor comments towards the lines/chemistry in Clones. Please remember who you're dealing with...((HC lover, fan of NP & AP)) stick out tongue wink laughing

K. When Anakin & Padme are having their romantic picnic in the Meadow on Naboo they have a little discussion concerning politics etc.

Padme:"I don't know, sounds too much like a dictatorship to me."
Anakin:"Well, if it works."
Padme:"You're making fun of me.."

Is that like, Anakin's saying he would support a Dictatorship??
Sorry if this is a silly thread.

no it not silly

Darth Jello
Palpatine's been working on him.

Of course he supports a dictatorship! He's Darth freakin' Vader! He supports puppy-kicking, baby-eating and putting the toilet paper roll on upside down!

no he doesn't

he says that politicians need to sit around a table and discuss things, not ignore or what ever, eachother.
and if they DO ignore eachother, than they should be made to by someone else, someone wise. my first idea was that he would want yoda or mace as that person ("he's as strong as master ... and as wise as master ..." forgot the order of the names)
it's not that he wants a dictatorship it's that he wants a better system where people talk instead of being stubborn

all imho

Darth Jello
he feels frustrated with people's inability to accept what is best for them. a fault that he himself is guilty of. he always tries to excel beyond his abilities and create emotional attatchment wether it be to Ob-wan as a father, Palpatine as a teacher, or Padme as a lover. This statement and anakin's fall to the dark side are just examples of anakin's frustration at being unable to control the destiny of those he cares for, much less his own

..............Now that IS evil....................!

what is so evil about that, that is just mean whistle

Felix L
Anakin is showing early signs of his disdain for democracy. He is arrogant because of his abilities, and is already somewhat under Palpatine's spell at this point. He backs off a bit when he sees Padme's negative reaction to his comments, but obviously believes what he said. He naively believes that one person calling the shots is not a dictatorship, but whether that person is wise or not, Padme realizes that is exactly what it is.

I'll refrain from commenting on the cheesiness of their "romantic banter". big grin

The Old Republic would let you put the toilet paper upside down, but the Emperor would zap you with dark power lightning if you tried that.

Good. Thanks LR. happy


MY turn to nitpick!! ..."He's as strong as Master Windu ...and as wise as Master Yoda.." I think...confusedstick out tonguewink

I understand what you mean by that, I thought it might have something to do with control in some form. Thanks.

That's what I took from it too, Padme knows it's not right, he thinks it's the best thing that could happen to the Republic.
And Thanks...laughing

Thanks for replying people!! Happy Dance happy thumb up

really lyn? I thought it was the other way around stick out tongue

laughing Was it...

There I go again...

Darth Revan

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