The Lost World Jurassic Park Help!

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righto heres the question

when the boat/tanker arrives for the first time in San Diego it crashes into the harbour because of all the crew are dead and into pieces... did they die etc? was there other dinos on the ship? I didnt see any and this wasnt explained?

Steven Spielberg did it , cuz he wanted more gore

yes but what happened in the story?

i think the t-rex killed them all that seemed ovious to me. but maybe thats not what happened but there nothing else they should that could've done that.

god knows but it is vile

That i belive is the idea. THE t-rex did eat all of the people and the reason why the story did not cover more is b/c it was not in the origanal book.

DId u ever think of those Flying Dinosaws??

npe but i do think it was the t-rex as that is the one going round the city terrorizing it

big gay kirk
There were supposed to be compys and raptors on the ship, but the raptors were dropped for budgetary reasons, and the compys just got edited out.....

Was Jeff Goldblums character in the second book? I read the first one and assumed he got killed.

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Yes he was in the book. But It did seemed like he was killed. I also read the books.

i have the audio book of lost world and it seems way more intresting than the movie.but the movie was still good. and i find the second one to be better than the third.

the real question is why was this movie made?

to show that dinosaurs ruled

and that technology ALWAYS goes balls up

do you mean jurassic park in general or just lost world.

I have read both books, the t rex in the city had nothing to do with the book but in the movie i think the intention was that the baby rex ate the people because the big rex was still under and it couldn't have killed the guys on top

they should have had a third book

O yeah sry to tripple post but if ne one read the books and liked them Micheal Crichton wrote them and he also wrote a book called Prey which was way better than JP so check it out, once again sry for posting so much

Exactly when will "Jurassic Park IV" start production? Please let me know what you think. I'd appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Theres a Jurassic Park IV????messed

It comes out July 2005.

I gots a question, In the first movie, what happened to the Black guy? I think his name was Ray. I didn't see him on the helecopter. Did he die?

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