i was wondering....

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since this board isnt active right now i was wondering if someone could answer my question....i apologize if this has already been brought up answered...anyways i was wondering...Why did the bride carry with her a knive instead of her hattori hanzo sword when she fought vernitta green?

I really don't know!

I asked that question as well. I wonder if its an honor thing by killing with her opponents weapon of choice. Vernitta was the knife expert so she used a knife. She used a sword against the others because thats what they used (even Budd use to fight with a sword).

Yep i agree with myth..weapons of choice if you want to stick with your butcher..that's fine...really funny *****..REALLY FUNNY BOEM hahaha

im not burlyman
I doubt Vernita had a sword, so knife fight it is. big grin

yeah....i can imagine myself doing that...thanks for answering my question...

i didnt think she even had the sword yet. maybe i'm wrong.

no she had it...when she kills her she crosses out vernita and vernita was the second on her list...before her she killed O-ren ishii...its all a weird way QT directs his movies...

Who wants to sword fight in a tiny house anyway? Of course, her fight with Elle was in a smaller place, but that was kind of a last resort/ only choice kind of thing.

In reality, though, it probably isn't that kind of matter at all. Tarantino probably didn't have her fight Vernita with the sword because she would get the sword later in the movie. If he showed the sword right then, then it wouldn't be as climactic when she got it in the Hattori Hanzo scene. Either that or it is jsut easier to follow that way

well i agree...but she DID have the sword at that point...but like you said he probably made her fight without it for climatic purposes...

If you can recall, when Vernita Green offers the "Bride" coffee she says that Vernita quit the DVAS or the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad four years after the attack on the "Bride." Vernita probably, if she had a sword, sold it or destroyed it.



and how obvious would it be if you saw someone walking around the burbs with a samari sword? oh and that "stop fighting and hide it from the kid thing" wouldn't have worked with a 5 foot blade

another thing is that in tokyo the police never interfered with crazy 88's even though they katana's on the back of their motorcycle's

didn't you notice the katanas on the plane?
it's not meant to be "real" life. stick out tongue

Remember, too, that the Bride didn't even pull her knife until after Vernita pulled one from the kitchen. I think that, as a trained assassin, the Bride went into the situation knowing that she was going to kill Vernita with whatever happened to be handy (her fists & feet, a table leg, etc), and that her knife was a handy backup.

Something just occurred to me, though; why wasn't Vernita more prepared for the Bride's arrival, especially since the Bride had just very publicly taken out O-ren? You'd think she would have had a shotgun by the door, like Budd (although she would've had to have hidden it in a large vase or something, for Nicki's sake).

wonder if she made a bee line for her house before it go back to the gang...but your right,that was very public

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