Your LEAST successful thread

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What was your least successful thread?

I tried one of those 'write the next part of the story' thread. That died in the ass pretty quick lol

§pearhead was somethin in the music discussion thread a while ago, i dont remember it though.

The Will and Grace thread in the TV forumlaughing out loud

Tired Hiker
I think mine was a thread called 'Closed.' You can find it on the very very very last page of this here Off Topic Forum. My most controversial thread rests there as well! big grin

success i dont know that word

All the threads I made...

last time i checked i made 8 now i have a goddamn 23 unsucsessful threads

The Furby one erm

we all have unsuccessful have to think about something that something that will be successful

dude furbys rock

Lord Soth
3 that I can remember: A Good Morning Miami Thread in TVTF, and two in the VDF: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for PS2 and War of the Monsters for PS2

Crash Overload
My first one, from when I was in the Matrix Forum, I asked what do the machines lived for? Do they just keep on making more of themselves or what? After 1 post I learn't that They just had purpose, they just keep on living is all. They just harvest humans, to power themselves up to harvest more humans...

all the
CKY (movie)
Steve - O
threads DIED like .. FAST

Crash Overload
wow, turns out I did 2 of the samething, one in the MAtrix Forum, one IN the Philosiphical Talk place that is dead now. HEre they are, My First 2 threads! big grin

The bottom 2.... the bottom most one is the first one....

i made a thread bout the band 2NU...but no one repied... sad

Tired Hiker
Dude, those were the bomb! yes thumb up

most of mine are weak at best

My "Lance smokes spandex" thread crashed and burned even after my little dance... blowup

I had two so far:

Hal Jordan vs. Kyle Ryner (The best Green Lantern) -Comic Book Forum.
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time best video game of 2003 -Video Game forum


The Am I Funny thread stick out tongue
Just a stupid joke that a few took too far...

i've made 6 threads in the OTF and every one was a winner happy

Another unsuccessful thread was in the music forum...

titled Punk bands

eek! my avatar looks bigger eek!

all of them. really. i have like 5 replies and then its discarded

Well that sucks, btw now you have 6 smile

Opps took that the wrong way. Never mind *slowly backs away

lol...its ok... i dont bite...and if i do ive had my rabbiis shot. btw i dont know how to spell rabbiis

I did some really random thread when I was bored and it was when there was a "Random Comments" thread already open. Stupid, stupid Myth *kicks self in ass*

I have alot of threads in the Review forum that I put alot of time and effort into, to write a good, thoughtful, comprehensive review that get hardly any responses.

Almost all my threads stick out tongue

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