-- How Fast Can You Type? --

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Crash Overload
I was just clocked at 54 words per minute....

I dont know I havent used a typing program in a long time so I dont know.

45 words per min

60 words per minute but I rarely use puncuataion. Unless its on school papers ect.

81 words a minute. not bad but my friend can go almost 100. thast ****ing crazy

Lord Soth
last I checked it was about 90 wpm

nice lord soth

Lord Soth
that was in 7th grade though, it's proably faster now

I'm at about 90 too.

Darth Revan
really f***ing fast though I haven't used a program for a long time so I don't know the exact speed

where can i find out how fast ?
i used to type 45 back in 4th grade .. last time i checked ...

Tired Hiker
I can type super hella fast!

White Lady
well i can type 95 wpm did a program to time me

136 words per min, plus punctuation.

chicken fish
not very fast

Fast enough, probably faster now, but it really doesn't bother me.


Only you could achieve such a goal yerss blowup

abt 150 but when they had a programme in s2 that tells you my highest was 172

32 wpm.....I really got to practice more.

Twin B!tch 1
i have no clue, anyone know where i can find out? big grin

I type 55 words a miute when i am looking at something like a book and stuff like when i have to copy something onto the computer cause i have to do it everyday for keyboarding class but my words a minute is 100 when i am just thinking the wods and not copying them.

How can anybody write that fast?
I do bout 70 per min.

there was this girl in my class that would type like 80 words a minute when she was just copying it and her words a minute was like 150 when she just thought and typed it was so crazy and she didnt even look at the keyboad I have to look though

Man, that's crazy...
If I did that, my keyboard would be broken...

I wonder what the fastest typer in the world types at I bet its like 300 words a minute or something crazy like that

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