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I hate release dates. Dawn of the dead is scheduled to come out on september 6th on dvd. SEPTEMBER??? what the fudge? I need blood, guts, violence and big black guys with shotguns blowing the heads off previosly friendly but not evil as hell zombies.

Anyway. As i havent posted on this site for some time which film are you looking forward to most?

-Around The World In 80 Days
-Shrek 2
-(the new sci-fi one with vin diesel)

And why?

im not burlyman
For the last one, do you mean Chronicles of Riddick messed

Spiderman 2 will defintly be the best, followed by Shrek 2, then Riddick, then 80 days.

Actually Dawn of the Dead comes out October 5th. I'm mad because it orriginally was supposed to come out July 27.

im not burlyman
calm down dear, it's only a commercial

well mine is spider-man 2 then shrek, Riddick, and then 80 days. i dont no why 80 days is in here, cuase that movie will prolly suck as much as the other poor movies that had jackie in them.

Nice to see other fans of the "Dawn" remake. I thought the movie was great and have seen it 4 times. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't just a revamped screenplay, and added realistic characters. Everyone can identify with someone in the movie. But, do you identify with a survivor, or one of the dead?

really i haerd it was realy badly done. bad char's and bad story. i'll have to rent it then.

I hated Riddick
Spidey was pretty damn disappointing
and 80 days looks flat out gay
so I am hoping Shrek 2 is best.

Yeh but you gotta remember that it also stars Steve Coogan who is well known (in Britain) as Alan Partridge and thats a wicked comedy.

I downloaded Dawn of the dead. Its such a good film. I need the dvd though coz films are always crap quality on computers and its sad just sitting by ya computer watching something. October 5th? I heard it was sometime during september? Its annoying. First Blockbuster said it would be out august 30th, then GAME said it would be out on July 24th, then IGN say September 6th and now its October 5th? Still it will be worth the wait i guess, still the film is proper classic.

actually i'm looking forward the most to Freddy vs Jason. <that's not out here yet. and I/nobodey has a clue when it'll come out. dammit.

Don't be too hopeful. I was really looking forward to the second matrix and look how that turned out.

are we talking about dvd's? cause that's what I meant. I know the movie and I like it.
..btw, welcome back aku

Thankyou. Its good to be back Aini formely PurityKnight

big grin Happy Dance

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