the official "childish and dimwitted" thread!

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yes that's right folks, i strolled down memory lane, to answer some questions...

I made the mistake of telling the truth, and a war aged while i was asleep, i came back and found the thread closed before i could defend myself...

for those curious unfinished argument...?

so this a thread for all who have been scorned, but were not alowed their say, to defend themselves...
get it off your chest I'm listening

apparently I'm also "childish and dimwitted"

im burlyman
no expression

dont know you but im sure you're a nice person

i'm scarred messed

fair enough...

who are u? well this is an intersting thread!

me? I'm some guy... why?

sorry, i have just had one to many converations where my say was truncated, becasue a thread was closed before i could finish my point...

so i opened a 'vent' thread for any who care to finish something they started... like when you have an argument in a dream and wake up just as your about to deliver your witty comback!

well, post a link and give us your come back and i'll pat you on the back!!!

I hope you have fun with this.

well hi "guy" yea...i dont think ive been here long enough to have many fights and wut not, but if i do have i will definatly post here!

well, so do I! smile thanx for popping by... can we let this run it's course?

consider it a counseling office! smokin'

you know, for the childish and dimwitted...

Of course, I don't care. Just so long as it stays civil and without namecalling, people can whine all they want.

that's all i ask.

but to my own defence, calling someone a geek, in a board where we know We are all geeks (LOTR / STAR WARS / lets face it we are!), is no biggie really... and i'd hardly call the reamark witless...

well you can if you want, but i've got tens of thousands of viewers who would disagree... but, whatever right?

I don't think calling someone a geek really requires any wit or intelegence, case in point, there are 5 year old children who use that term as an insult.

I read the thread. Although I really, REALLY shouldn't get involved, here goes. This is what I've been able to glean from reading that thread:

1) Ush used to delete your posts and close your threads "for no good reason".
2) Backfire, as a fellow mod, is backing Ush, and he maintains that the other mods do too.
3) This is a problem people often have with mods; that their totalitarianism is often misguided and/or misspent; that some little guys are being treated unfairly, while trolls, troublemakers and flat-out numbskulls roam in abundance in other areas of the community.

I'm willing to agree to an extent on the third statement, though I can't say for sure that Ush WASN'T justified in deleting your earlier posts, since I never read them.

However, I have to side with them when it comes to trying to maintain a thread's topic. It's not often I'll stray from my five favorite sections (movies, trivia, Tarantino, horror and TV) and check out the rest of the countryside, but when I do, it's seldom worth the effort.

For example, the "Official members' pictures thread" tended to follow this format: one post with a picture, then about thirty posts WITHOUT one. Those other posts were laden with smileys, flirty comments like "your cute lol", etc. This may improve one's post count and/or standing with other members, but it's no fun for the casual observer who just wants to check out the topic at hand.

When, in your thread, Backfire said "hell", the conversation went on for another two pages about how "inappropriate" it was, and about how he was launching a personal attack against you (& possibly others), i.e. "childish and dimwitted".

Here's the word from a completely impartial observer: HE WAS NOT ATTACKING YOU PERSONALLY. He was hinting rather strongly that your comments against Ush were childish and dimwitted. If you honestly believe that this is inappropriate, take it up with the Admin.

Also, can you blame Backfire for finally judging the thread officially off-topic and closing it? If you have a real problem with his language or comments, tell the Admin; don't continue clogging the thread.

Finally, if you have this much of a problem with any part of this community, LEAVE. I've left at least two message boards because I disagreed with their policies (and/or their lax enforcement of them). Believe me, you can find other movie boards and regular off-topic boards.

Mozart was 5 when he wrote his first Symphony... :P

relax dude, it was toungue in cheek...

i have never said a serious thing on this entire board!

more to the point i was only answering someones question, not moving off topic... i made my point and readied to move on... I was asleep for the last 3 pages of argument...

i'm not a touble maker...

to roundisfunny, thanks for your imput,

but i feel i have to point out that I was not part of that argument, nor am i angry that someone said 'hell'... i just woke up and found an avalanch where last i had tread.

and all i can say is "oops."

as for Ush, he didn't let me finish my point, i'm not that burt, i was just dissapointed...

the link i provided is just a point of reference, to explain the name of this thread. I started this thread because i thought it could potentially excalate into a silly and fun thread...

but, hey...
at least this one had stayed on topic...
ironic that it is the OFF TOPIC forums, but oh, well...

Yo Bar,

yeah the thread got closed after Chris and Thor started getting very arguementative

i noticed half way through there was a post telling me to "stop acting pissed" even though the whole thing sort of had nothing directly to do with me and was pages after my last post...

maybe next time i shouldn't answer questions...

a hurricane started by a butterfly's wings

Death, death death take us all.
I see your mind ush.....your warmongering....who knows what you've spoken to the darkness!
all joking aside...Ush, I respect you for a lot of things...and I'm greatfull to have such a kind forgiving mod...and I know a few rules were broken with the cpg...but sometimes to do whats right we have to give up our dreams, even if doing the right thing means breaking a rule...People were having fun, and I know you have to do your duty...but don't have to listen to a guy like me...just follow your heart...and perservere in the ways of the good...let peace flood your dreams...and may the rainbow of independance shine with the light of unnurtured anger...and think twice before coming down so heavily on innocents who have done nothing wrong...I give you my blessing ush...that you may find the goal of your long journey, to hide behind the truth is to hide behind mountain...remember these words, and look for the help of others when your day draws nigh....

(I feel a lot beter...this is a great thread bar...and oh...I'm not bashing at all....ush is a great mod....yes...and i'm not joking....your great man...weep)

what does "scorned" and "dimwitted" mean?

Furious Angel
im enjoying this thread thoroughlyHappy Dance

i fit into this category!

Funny this thread appears. I had a confrontation with a newbie in the Video game forum yesterday. He call me a dimwit and a moron....interesting how fast someone came to my rescue. stick out tongue


The Innkeeper
Actually in the thread after a lil disagreement i think i kinda made up with BF, we had a kind of nice conv about disney...until it was ruined.

But i have to say, Thor sent me a forwarded version of his warning PM this morning and...

1- I disagree with the saying 'tough shit' to him
2- I thought mocking the way he spelled blastphomy by using the "" marks was just plain childish

Up until then i thought you were handling things alot more maturely than we were

....Apparently even mods deliver low blows

The Innkeeper
Scorned- hell hath no fury like a woman scorned--offended, angry..a mixture confused I think


happy thanx

The Innkeeper
Welcome wink
i would say 'i live to serve'

But i would be lying stick out tongue

smile sad big grin big grin embarrasment stick out tongue :

The Innkeeper
K try not to take this off topic though...


The Innkeeper
eek! shifty

droolio shifty

that's the most disturbing conversation i've seen without words!

when it doth pour

"...and the shadow grew long out of the west and fear did rule the land."


et tu Bar? non parlatum dictum tu-em the-um mod-um... stick out tongue

Bon - we?

dictum - tator - mod-em (get it modem big grin) er... childarius ena es dimus- whittum! Ad-Nauseum!!!smile

oh, it's fun and games until someone neglects the fine print and offends the Gods...

The Innkeeper
And banning sombody permanently for 'cimply being annoying'

Wtf is that?

well if they acted like hemorrhoids...preparation H just won't do stick out tongue

and once again I must reinterate... ("case and point"wink

that "geek" is an insult that 5 year-olds use...
but only a 5 year old would be truley offended by it too!

actual quote:
"im a nerd, not a geek. get it right you damned dweeb."

look, i just wanna clarify, she said she was 18.

Tired Hiker
This was my first thread that ever got closed. Can you believe this thread got closed???!!! I see far worse threads every day that stay open. Boy, times have changed. erm

yeah, closing a thread is a very effective way of having the last say in an argument...

but a cheap way of winning one!

it's like when people just start talking over you because they don't think they'll win on proper merit.

The Innkeeper
i still want to know how 'simply being annoying' is an appropriate banning reason....

I thought it was because of those ridiculously long threads of yours...
i thought they might crash the system one day...

the petty name calling rule is the best...

calling a megelomaniac napolionic autocratic thread closer a geek?


calling a genius witty fun poster who failed to see the merit in closing a thread to win an argument, dimmwitted?


love those double standarts.

as for being annoying... well banning someone for being EXTREEMLY offensive, and attacking (seriously) everyone on the board, sure.
but not annoying... annoying varies from person to person.

not one person with a god complex...

*sigh* If any of you have any problems with anything I did involving Thor, Pm me about it. It is poor judgement to discuss it in a public thread. Closing.

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