how far would you go for $50,000.00 ?????

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ok , 1st if this is in the wrong forum , i apologise . i wasnt sure where it should go .

i was watching fear factor the other night and it got me thinking . what would i do or how far would i go for $50,000.00 ?

for example , on fear factor they have eaten every thing from pigs rectum , reighndeer testicles , fish eyes , maggot pizza , 3" long hissing roaches , earthworm and bile milk shakes , ect.....

well..........i think i would do it .

gross ?? yes but for a few minutes of grossness that would be a big pay off .

how far would you go ????

If I was sure I would get that moeny, I would do it. But if it was just a chance, hell no. I'd have to be 100% sure if I was to do some of that crap on Fear Factor. Those people are stupid.

i a cooked piece of chicken...disgusting riite.... stick out tongue

umm,for those eating animal parts challenge, i would attempt to try, but prb gag, but on fear factor < u get alliminated,rite?

but i would do those physical challenges, those must be awsome big grin

well wut back fire sed!

yes you can get eliminated on fearfactor but thats just an example . if you would get the money for sure is what im asking.

I would not degrade my self for peoples pure amusement especially when the company hosting this is making millions erm

uhmmm, i think i would bleed myself for a long time, something like this, eat strange stuff, it could go many ways erm

i'd have sex with a really hot girl for 50,000 bucks

I think that goes without saying, 113

and that would be such a sacrifice for you...stick out tongue

dude, you're gonna pay 50,000 bucks to have sex with a hot girl??? eek!

you better go and find yourself a cheap hooker instead

laughing out loud

actually he ment to get paid and get it smile

i understood that he thought it would be a huge sacrifice to have sex with a hot expression

confused really???

but, who's gonna pay him for that????????

lol who ever loves to watch him, i suppose his stalker!

Raven Guardia
well to be honest its not really a few minutes...some actually got really sick but the camera dont show it. I saw it on behind Fear Factor and it showed what really happens...all I know is that I would never do any of that sick .

i seen it too and you r right . i was only using fear factors menu as an example and not limited to just what they have done .

Jedi Priestess
Re: how far would you go for $50,000.00 ?????

just about anything eek!

i'd set myself on fire or maybe bite a chickens head off.

i would stuff a chicken up my ass then strip down naked and run around yelling i'm an oscar mier wiener wile richard simmons shot paintballs at me while micheal bolton music is on. But thats just me

Then after thats all over I will probably be like 113 and have sex with a really hot girl

Shellie I'd go all the way with you for $50,000, in fact just the cost of my flight and hotel and I'd go all the way with you wink Oh wait I've just read the thread properly, I now see what you mean oops embarrasment

Pablo G
I'd kiss Carly Simon in the lips and wouldn't puke for 15 seconds.

laughing out loud thanx hun .

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