The Official Amazon Women on the Moon Discussion Thread

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Since I know for a fact that the above said movie will never take the honors of Movie of the Month based on its obscurity... I am generating this thread for the proud few that actually have had the benefit of watching this collage of short films in the same vein as Kentucky Fried Movie. I cannot think of another film that piles so many "big" names into rather unconventional roles as successully as this one. David Alan Grier as Don "No Soul" Simmons still has me laughing to this day. Ever wondered what happened to Arsenio Hall after his acting career peaked? If his appearance in AWOTM is indicative of real life events, then that explains a lot. I've mentioned Video Pirates already, but there were just so many great skits.

Anyway, thought I would give this film its proper due, and allow people to discuss their favorite moments. Hell, throw in a few trivia questions as well. Just make sure you know your answers, because most of those who actually follow this thread will know whether your answer is Bullshit... Or Not!

I remember renting it with some college buddies in the late 80's or early 90's. When Arsenio Hall's name came up in the opening credits, we scoffed at the fact that he was credited only as "Arsenio".

Other than that, I can't remember a whole lot about the movie (since I haven't seen it in over a decade). I remember a sketch about a "real-life" video rental (that was reminiscient of a "Kentucky Fried Movie" sketch), and a sci-fi spoof involving, well, Amazon Women on the Moon. It was designed after the B-movies of the 50's, and involved a hunk, an old guy and a young, Brooklyn dummy with a baseball cap and a monkey on his shoulder. As I recently rented KFM" (which, again, I hadn't seen in many years), I really should rent AWOTM sometime. Maybe there's a DVD with commentary???

Primitive Screwhead #1
Here's some Amazon trivia for y'all:

1. According to research experts of BSoN, who do they believe the true identity of Jack the Ripper to be? (Difficulty = 1 out of 5)

2. What is the release date for the title feature Amazon Women on the Moon that continues to get interrupted throughout the movie? (Difficulty = 3 out of 5)

3. What is the signifcance of the character's names in the Titan Man skit? (Difficulty = 4 out of 5)

4. Where is Murray "zapped" to immediately after his trip to the Pethouse Channel ("You should be so lucky..."wink? (Difficulty = 2 out of 5)

5. What is the significance of the film "See You Next Tuesday", shown in the treasure chest during "Video Pirates"? (Difficulty = 4 out of 5)

That's good for starters. Let's see where the experts are lurking.

This movies hilarious, Andrew "Dice" Clay's appearence is hilarious.

Primitive Screwhead #1
Still waiting for the Amazon faithful to bring their A-game to the table and answer the above questions...

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