Overcoming a Father's Superiority Complex: A Story of Success

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My dad has a bit of a superiority complex and likes to take control of everything--- which is basically why we didn't tell him we got cell phones until we got the first bill. He's convinced that computers poison minds; specifically mine and my sister's, but mainly mine. Because of my Algebra grade, he's also convinced that it's due to being on the computer. Not true, but hey, he won't listen to reason. Anyway, long story short, he bought a lock for the Study door, where the modem and the first computer are. Whenever he feels like I shouldn't go on (more often than not), he just locks the door, and Joe can't get in. Ha-ha. It got old pretty quickly.

I get homelast night, and since my sister has her dance competition.... right this very minute, she had to go to CVS to get some last-minute forgotten items. So I get dropped off, mom and sister go out. Just me and my dad.... a bit of an alright conversation, he didn't seem in a bad mood, or grumpy by any means. I go upstairs to put something away, and surprise, he locked the study door. Because I'm definately going on the computer at midnight after I was out for the day... not. Anyway, he gets pissy that I'm sarcastic about him locking it... control freak? Really annoying. "Oh-ho, but how would you know if it was locked? It might just be closed! You must have been trying to get in! Oh-ho, no computer!" Pretty much what he sounded like. Anyway, I woke up around 5:30, since my room was really, really hot, turned on the air conditioner and fell back asleep, until about 7:00, when my sister got up. Listened to a good hour or so of yelling, since she's completely and utterly incapable of getting ready for anything and not being late, and then they left. Study door's still locked, so I go downstairs to try this computer that I'm typing on. Well, the internet wasn't working. My dad also has a habit of disconnecting the cable outside, so I went out to check that. Still there, so he disconnected the modem upstairs. In the locked door. I searched around the house for about ten minutes, and I got the key. Well, one of them. Dearest father made copies of the key, how nice of him! Unlocked the door, turned the modem on, came down here since this computer's much faster and easier to be on anyway, plus I can hear anyone coming better downstairs, and I made this thread; what you just read now. Not only did I save myself from a good five to six hours of no computer, but I know definetly where one of the keys are to the study. You'd think that it would be hidden or something a little better-- sure you lock me off the computer, but I have seven hours to look for the key. SEVEN HOURS ought to be enough time to find it, but hey, I'm not complaining. stick out tongue

Happy Dance Happy Dance

Dr. Gonzo
Control Freak

mm.....my dad isnt like that, I would hate to think if he was no expression

Where have I read this beforewink

what you mean?

I also posted it on my Livejournal, what Mav means.

You should be glad your dad's not like that, it's hell erm

Darth Revan
Hooray for the Koz-man Happy Dance

Furious Angel
ummm congratsconfused

no one uses the computer in my house - my sister goes on MSN from time to time, my mother searches for holidays and thats it.

So it gets to stay in my room right next to my bed big grin

My friends (they are twins), have a dad who is like that - he phones them every 30mins when they are out and he removed their bank cards from them: "no you're not getting access to the money you earned at your back breaking job, what do you think this is..."

Discos - well done JK, stick it to the man yes

mine's a control freak, but he's beginning to realize that he cant stop me from doing what i want

You should sell that story in script form to Jerry Bruckheimer yes

ah good old jerry ^^

my dad is a fisherman and is out at sea 5 days a week, the mother lets me do pretty much anything cause she knows I am not stupid enough to waste my life away and drop out of school and do drugs and whatnot.

Discos - unlike my sister roll eyes (sarcastic)

Furious Angel
laughing nice one sam

Haha, I will, Deathblow wink

Control freaks are no fun no

Discos - Sister's a delinquent? stick out tongue

Haveta return everything back to its original state before parents arrive embarrasment

Cy'all. sad

I wouldn't be surprised if this happens again, either mad

lol my sister is totally the opposite of me, shes a rebel

Sexy Texy
Your dad is a total computer Nazi! hitler

Tell him you're gay and pregnant; he'll have so much on his mind he'll forget all about locking the study!

I should send you a bill for my glamorous advice! diva

sounds like a Covert OPs shifty ... fortunetly the comp is mine stick out tongue but the electricity is theres laughing out loud ... but stick out tongue

kozz...sneak one of the keys out n make ur own copy

yes thats the next step yes

Silver Stardust
laughing out loud I read this in your LJ...nice job thwarting your dad yes

you going to be able to be on it alot i.e. does your dad leave the house often

What the f**k?

I took your advice Tex--- it worked like a charm big grin

It happened... I got a copy! eek!

See? See!! eek! I got a copy of the key! Now I can always be on the computer devil shifty

Success!!!! big grin

Aww..thats a sad story


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