Spider-Man Quotes

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What is your favorite quote (by anybody) in any Spider-Man comic book, game, or movie?

Reborn Again
"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" is a classic one!

"Something in my head....Something talking..."

All that Doc Ock is, just a puppet being pulled by four mechanical arms. Ah, I love that line by the first bad guy I ever felt bad for when I was 6 and watching the cartoon on T.V.

I like "Do you love me or not?" and "I can't keep thinking of you I'm getting married." and the one mentiond above. "I belive theirs a hero in all of us..."


I'M BAAACKKK!!!! MY BACK! laughing out loud

Green Goblin first Spiderman movie

The icty bittisy spider crawl up the watersout, down came the goblin and took the spider out.

I loved that line,

Comics dont read much Spiderman comics but I read one from the mid 90's

"No more Killing each other, and No more trying to kill me"

Thats about it.

"Work was murder" GG

"Go get'um Tiger."

eddie brock
i agree wit joker

"That's a cute outfit--did your husband give it to you?" -Parker

thats definetly the best line from the movies

there is too many classics from the comics but this one is off the top of my head "i've missed our battles"...."not me...i miss records,high school, seinfeld, the old recipe for KFC, but our battles....not so much"..in that same issue there's a kid talkin with movie producer and they want him workin with kevin smith at 1st the kid gets all excitied but than they tell him kevin smith is gonna rewrite his script and he says "$#@* KEVIN SMITH!!"

jameson-"i'm not gonna rest until you're unmasked"
spider-man-"and i'm not gonna rest unitl i shave that stupid mustache"

this one is from ultimate spider-man:
Thug - "What happened to your costume?"
Spidey - "Your mom's washing it for me."

Reborn Again
"Nice costume." -- man in elevator says.
"Made it yourself?"
"It's inches though. . .and rides up in the crotch. -- classic Spidey wit.

ultimate spidey: PP to GG lol:

dude ur blowing up the school...thats like a notch BELOW film producer

the best part was in SM2 when aunt may was at the bank and she said "Well, I'm teaching piano lessons again!" and peter's like "You are?!" and she goes to kick peter and kicks the clerk behind the desk! haha that part was the best...

"Dont think you can get rid of me so esaily. Once I cross your path its not so easy to get rid of me." BC from SM2 game

"I forgot when that was my problem." (something of the sort)

--> Read my sig for a classic.

"courtesy, your friendly neighborhood spider man."

When Ock gets Aunt May and starts up the building then Spidey stops him.

Spidey: Hand her over
Ock: Of course (drops her)....oops, butterfingers. big grin

"It is not! I resent that! Slander is spoken, in print its liable." JJ, SM1

Ghetto Goblin
My sig says it all...

Green Goblin: Well, heck with this, let's go and get a latte.

Spider-man: Sounds great, we can pick this up later.

Green Goblin: What you talkin' 'bout Willis?

Spider-man: I talkin' 'bout this mess we made fighting.

also, before they become friends...

GG: Oh, let's talk about it over a latte.

SM: forget about the d*** latte.

Red Superfly
"Lets talk" - Doctor Octopus (man that line is so bad-ass).

"Brilliant but lazy" - Doc Ock again.

My fave line was by JJJ himself:

"Spider-man, was a hero, and I drove him away...He was....."


"a theif! a criminal! a public menace! i want him strung up by his web! I want spider-man!"

Who is Doc Oc talking to when he says "Let's talk." ?

Red Superfly
To Spider-Man, on top of that clock tower thingy.

its right after spider does a web fly (not hiting any building,cos he towr one was the taller in town.) and says : where is she?
i just didnt liked the sibile of the tentacles,and their "mouth" it looked like mecanical velociraptor fom JP

another quote: spiderman:but harry why?
harry/GG II: oh, peter becouse u are my best friend........

on harrys death comics, i loved that endin with spidey crying and their pcture shown

grey fox
i got loads

tv series-

carnage- ok 'dad' when were done with spider man there wont be enough left to put in a matchbox but we'll try

brock in prison talking ot a counsler- we know who spiderman is but we will wait until the time is right

venom- we dont hate you were youre biggest fan (throws a peice of a fan at spidey)

carnage- get lost man of iron. warmachine -actually thats the other guy .

carnage (draining a police detective spideerman ki
iks him and he stops draining her and goes after spiderman) i hate havin my meals interupted

carnage- ill chop you to peices
from spider man the game (on ps)

rihno- hey if im a rihno youre a scorpion and he,s an octopus whats a mysterio ?

"Spider-Man is an troublesome child...an annoyance of the greatest order. I'd rather not talk about him.

Ask me about something else."

Dr. Octopus, talking to pressman in prison. -The Spectacular Spider-Man #14. Good issue.

Next Venom_girl
Peter and Norman having a heart to heart chat after beating each other senseless.

Green Goblin: When I was first starting out, I was thinking of calling myself "Mr. Coffee." Can you imagine how weird these last few years would have been if I'd done that?

*Both burst out laughing*

Spidey: Ooh. Look out kiddies it's Mr. Coffee and his latte of doom!

(from Spectacular Spider-man)

Spidey to the Sinister Six:Well what do you know? The 6 stooges are here!

Does anybody remember anything That The spider clone said? I know I don't. hehe

the one o most like is when spiderman encounter the punisher,moon knight (anyone here knows him? he desapeared from marvel),Radical from new warriors (also disapeared), and nova (also from new warriors)

and they are surrounded by enemy troops....and radical ask spidey what to do, and spidey replyes:

would it work if we all sit down and start crying?

i have that book becouse it was mark bagley first assignment on spiderman book, and if u can find this edition you will know that the main villain will be the design charachter of carnage, same face, and even same claw and attack types......

Any joke from Spiderman is a good quote.

"You know what I am. I am a self made man. All of my failures are my own. There are only so many times the man can crush you under his big ol' boot. But I go from failure to failure with spectacular zeal and in my eyes that makes me a success."

Or, something to that effect. It was a few years ago...

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