Which of the Four Rooms is best?

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So the movie is overall crap. Especially the 1st room. But of the 4 rooms, which did you like best? Rooms #3 and 4 (I don't remember the names of the chapters) were both pretty close but I choose room #4 because I liked listening to QT.

I can't find this movie any where,I've only seen bits I've caught on cable erm

Actually...i liked Quentin's room..where they chop of the finger..hilarious. Then the kids room (Antonio Banderas,...)..haha they were drinking champagne etc... But the other rooms,where that jealous husband is,it was aight...but not 'very good'. As for the witches room..respect and all,but in my view IT SUX. So Quentin's roomsmile

I liked the movie for the most part. I liked QT's room the best, obviously

I chose #3 because I had never seen Rodriguez' quick-jump style before, and it made me laugh. Also, I thought Bruce Willis's presence in #4 only detracted from it.

"Four Rooms" never played in my area, and when I finally got to see it on video a year or so later, it was a real letdown. I thought Tim Roth was WAY too manic, and was completely wrong for that role.

i choose 3 .... cause sometimes quentin needs to ease up on the dialog and get to the point ( but #4 was my second fav )

im def a huge fan of room 3 because of all the suspense. i also like 2 and 4 equally, but one was just shit. so boring and crappy. isnt the chick who directed the 1st room the one who pulled the project together with quentin?

Just saw this movie the other night.

Rob Rodriguez's room was the best by far. Quentin's was ok I guess, but it lacked the classic Tarantino dialogue. Anders' and Rockwell's rooms were both plain dull. They both tried so hard to be snappy and outrageous, but failed miserably.

Also, the role of the bell-hop was originally written for Steve Buscemi, he would've been much better than Tim Roth erm

Agreed. The only thing good about Roth is the fact that he has acted under QT's direction.

I liked the babysitter the best...

...It was well written, very random, and those kids kill me.... big grin

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