Prediction of what will happen neXtt...

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This is what I will think will happen in the next books.......

- You know how each year the DADA Professors always screw up? and turn out to be the worst... (except for Lupin of course) well I think that the last and the ultimate DADA teacher in the end will be Harry...I think after graduating from Hogwarts he will be a Professor there. It's a possibility and he's so good at in book 5 he was basically a 'junior professor' when in the D.A meetings.

- Harry and Ginny will be together.... i think this because I think that this particualr couple of Harry and Ginny will be a reflection of Harry's parents .... Ginny has red hair and looks just like Lily Potter and when Harry and Ginny are a couple and someday get married...they will look exactly like Lily and James Potter. Think about it ....

- It's a possibility that the 'half blood prince' is either Voldemort or Seamus Finnigan because in the SS Hagrid said whoever drinks the unicorn will regain strength but they will not be able to have a human body of there own...they will only be living a half life. Also in the beginning of SS Seamus said that 'I'm half and half dad's a wizard, mum's a witch...' I'm not sure of what these might mean but it seems like either Voldemort or Seamus have something to do with the whole 'half-blood prince' thing.

- I've always thought that someday Harry will be the Quidditch captain ...maybe he will but he's banned from playing Quidditch so I think that Ron will be the Quidditch Captian and they will soon win the House Cup ...because remember in the SS when Ron looks into the Mirror of Erised he sees himself and he says 'I'm Quidditch captain and I've won the House cup!....I look good ' and the mirror of Erised shows what the heart desires so maybe sometime in the future (perhaps in the next book) Ron will be the Quidditch never know.

- Ron and Hermione will finally realize that they've been crushing eachother ever since day 1 !! i hope sooooo..... in the end they have to be together! It'll fit so perfectly! and everyone will be happy Happy Dance

Well.......I'm not saying that these things will happen...They are just my minds predictions! because the fifth book makes you think that maybe one of these things ARE bound to happen later on...... your predictions!!!..........................

The Innkeeper
the half blood prince isnt voldemort smile JK confirmed that wink

Im with you on the harry proffesor thing
not the harry ginny thing
not with the H+R
Rereading the books i see it more as herm+harry

Since one of the main characters will die i bet it will be Ron and in the unhappy events that pursue harry and Herm will grow closer.

hmmm possibly .. tho noone knows 4 sure

The Innkeeper
well sombody obviously does

Wouldnt be a very good author if she didnt would she

obviously didnt have time to finish the reply

no nooo Ron won't die ! dont say that
besidesss......rowling was going to kill off Ron way earlier like during the third book i think......but she got a bunch of fan mail with fans pleading her not to kill off ron because he's such a lovable character by everyone.

if rowling is going to kill off a main character
it'll probably be hagrid or somebody else.
i dont think she'll kill off someone from the trio
the trio is the trio you can't touch themm

ron and herm will def. get together love
they have a love/hate relationship
and everytime two people argue's always foreshadowing that they really have a crush on eachother and will get together soon.

me too i dont think it would be one of the trio ... some one dear to them probably like hagrid .. it could be crookshanks for all we know lol

I don't know where you people get the Harry/Hermy idea from! big grin
I don't see any clues in that direction in the books...But maybe I don't want to see them. big grin
((Go Ronnie/Hermy! big grin ))
I think Hagrid might die, too...but it would be really sad... Maybe Remus will die! I read somewhere that there will be no Marauders left! sad
I hope Peter dies! evil face
Hey PotterGurl, I'm not really with you on the fanmail thing. I mean, if JK was really set on killing of a caracter, she'd do it no matter what anyone says. They're her stories and she writes them like she wants to...Sadly! Otherwise Sirius would be back in the 6th book! sad

i hope peter burns in HELL

pretty angel
i think jk rowling might finally cut ron out the book and harry and hermy will be together a lot because ron isnt around anymore so they start dating well the were begin to but cho still likes harry and cho doesnt seem to like heimone and ron will probaby get killed by you no who(voldemort)

guys havent u figured it oout yet?? ron and hermione will b together!!


i could see r/h together more than harry and hermione ...

well yeah probably the whol jkrowling fanmail thing isnt real........what do i kno, i read it somewhere long time ago..maybe it was just a rumour.

and yesss its pretty obvious ron/herm are going to be together ....
harry will be with some1 else (i thinkginny) besides the whole harry/cho thing was in the past........that's over now because we all found out cho's true colour...she's just stupid mad ....... if she really liked harry she would've never assumed he had something going on with herm and i really hate her for that mad



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