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Theses Are Some Of The More Familiar Movies Id post link to list but it wont let me

Alien 5
Anaconda 2
The A-Team
Basic Instinct 2
Batman Begins
Battlefield Earth 2
Beverly Hills Cop 4
The Birth of the Pink Panther
Bride of Frankenstein
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Daredevil 2
Deep Blue Sea 2
Die Hard 4
Dukes of Hazzard
Exorcist 4:1
The Fast and the Furious 3
Ghost Rider
Girls Gone Wild
Gladiator 2
The Goonies 2
Hawaii Five-O
Hellboy 2
Independence Day 2
Indiana Jones 4

What's the point of this list, and thread? confused

its a list of movies that are going to/working on/has a story line for those movies i got a list of hundreds of more movies but i can post links and this is the movie section and i think some of those movies might be cool or different to see so I'm sharing the list with everyone


so were supposed to talk about them? is this like all movies in development like ones that are rumored and might happen or just anything coming out?

because like constatine is out this year and independence day 2 has been rumored for years

there actually making an alien 5 that would be awsome. but seriously i dont think there gonna make abattlefield earth seing that it made no money. and i no there making no independence day 2 becuase the directors talk and said that they could find no way to just make a copy of the first.

ya doom the movie

they are actually gonna make that movie.

well i cried to god not to make it yet they still are *tear*
the movie has nothing in its future that i can see. and the 3rd game looks retarded to.

do we need another excorsict???? really after the first one it got to much

hey i am a big fan of doom. i always played the game.

the rock is actually talking about doing doom

Battlefield Earth 2? Wasn't the 1st one horrible?

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