brief 2 questions

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hey for any1 whos watched FALLEN starrin denzell washinton i wanna know

#1) why when the detective went to visit the man in jail and they shook hands why azazel didnt transfer to the detective
#2)why is the movie in denzels voice if its azazel teling the story?

chilled monkey
1) I'm not certain, but I think Hobbes (the detective) was immune to demonic possession.

2) Perhaps Azazel can copy the voice of people he has possessed in the past.

Not perfect, I know but it's the best I can think of.

thanx N E way. an1 else?

I can't remember this movie at all, except that I hated it.

whyd u hate it? i thouhgt it aws pretty good. not one of his best but it as iight

I thought the movie was great. I was thinking that there was a reason why he couldn't enter Denzel unless he was already in the floating ghost phase but I don't remember the explanation.

Also, I'm guessing it was Denzel's voice because he was the last human form that he took. He obviously wasn't going to talk in cat to us.

chilled monkey
That's a very good point, Myth.

Just to clarify, when I said 'immune', I meant immune to possession by touch.

There's a point in the fim when Azazel confirms this by saying "I cannot enter you by touch."

then how else could he enter! ARGH! i should just sto pwatching confucsing movies and help myself

burly brawler
azazel was too weak to enter denzel's body through touch. i guess there was somethign about denzel that prevented him from doing so. but if you watch the movie again it will say that azazel will die if he doesn't possess another being within a certain time (a breath's length, i believe it was). and when he's desperate, that's when he's the strongest. no man could resist him then.

oo..i see. thanx yall

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