which of the 3 LOTR WAS THE BEST and THE WORSE?

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which of the 3 LORD OF THE RINGS was the best and the worse????????????????????????????????????

A)"The Fellowship of the Ring"
B)"The Two Towers"
C)"The Return of the King"

I think the best of the 3 was the 3rd and the worse was the 2nd


No i liked all three!! theyre very good!

I love them all! You can't dislike any of them! no2

Exactly happy

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I personally loved them all. Each movie has it's own merits.

Fellowship of the Ring:
-Captured the beauty of the Elves and their land.
-Gandalf the Grey was more charming on this one.
-The whole movie had a more feeling of 'warmth' to it; with the Shire and everything.
-The Fellowship was still intact for a good portion of the movie.
-We saw Sauron in this movie.

The Two Towers:
-Aragorns funeral scene as envisioned by Elrond was awesome.
-Ents kicks major @r$e!
-Haldirs death...tragic.
-Uruk-Hai's battle strategy was great; the first ladders, the bombs, the tower ladders, berserkers. Also, i think the battle scene in TTT was more in-your-face type of battle.
-Gollums monologue!
-Nothing can beat the first scene with Gandalf vs the Balrog. What a way to start a movie.

Return of the King:
-More than any of the three movies, this movie has the most 'fantasy' scenes in it.
-Witch King vs Eowyn fight scene.
-The biggest *&%[email protected] battle scene you will ever see in a movie!
-Most emotional of the three, and with the most buildup.
-Biggest movie conclusion; and one that did not dissapoint, I might add.

i prefer the two towers the best ... it had just enough of everything to be a good movie

Princess Re
i liked them all.....any excuse to see my orli!

YOUR orli?

Princess Re
big grin but of course! lol jk,like i would ever have a snowballs chance in the abbis?

I didn't like how Haldir died.
I didn't like how the Elves helped out at Helm's Deep.
I don't like no Elladan, Elrohir, Imrahil, and several others.
I didn't like Arwen being the bearer of Frodo over the Bruinen.
I didn't like no Saruman in RotK.
I liked Pelennor Fields, but not the Black Gate: No Mouth, no Elves, no Imrahil.
I don't like how Sauron became just a big eye ontop of Barad-dur, when in the book he actually had a shape, and the Red Eye was there, but was used more often as a figure of speech.
I didn't like no bombadil, or Goldberry.
Shit, I'm pissed at how much they missed, or, as Jackson would say "didn't show".

Princess Re
umm i disagree,he is a great man plus he brought the world of JRR to life,which is alot to do in my eyes


Oh, I loved the movies, and PJ is my idol....but I wished the hadn't left so much out.....

Princess Re
true but i agree it was wise of him to

Yeah, I guess.....I guess no one of liked 9 hour movies each....'cept me.....

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Yeah methinks I couldn't really decide and be that picky big grin

I don't like anybody else using my avatar! mad
Oh well. big grin You sure don't like a lot of things, do you?

People said a lot of things they didn't like about the movie when it was shown in theaters; but what they didn't realize is that there was a whole bunch of great things that Peter and his crew did for LOTR that they could easily have f*&@#d up (Just look at Anne Rice's - Queen of the Damned. What a shame).
Just to site one example is casting. I could go-on-and-on on how they could have easily screwed this up. But instead, they got it perfect! Can you name any other movie with this great casting?

Oops! Got side-tracked here. Moving along.... I loved all three.


i've a feeling you and i are gonna get alon very well m'dear happy

plus...there's only so much you can bring forward in movies no matter how great they are and how much technology you hv i guess...not every1 can be pleased smile

i think they were all beautifully done

I love all three LOTR movies, even though PJ left out tons of great stuff that was in the book, he did a great job.

And, hopefully, the Scouring of the Shire part in ROTK will be in the ROTK EE DVD.....hopefully....confused

it better or that would be a rip off

Seriously. That's one of the parts I was looking forward to seeing on the movie screen....And it turned out it wasn't sad PJ better have put it in the EE.

Dejio you put it amazingly well!!

I agree all three films are absoulutly amazing, i love them all
And oh yes i agree about scouring of the shire, it better be on the extended, IT HAS TO BE, im looking foward to seeing that! Ive read it in the book and omg, i was like: AH it has to be in the extended

but i heard they didnt even film scouring of the shire, which THEY BETTER HAVE!! isnt the bit where frodo is looking in the mirror of galadrial, and it shows the shire burning and them taking them hostage, isnt that somewhat to the scouring of the shire? I kept wondering that

hostage...lol that sounded funny

orcs taking them hostage* ah typos

How could the Scouring be in it?
It won't, because Saruman doesn't die that way.
Plus, how the hell, if you'd filmed the Scouring, leave it out of the theatrical version?!>!>!

I have no idea, i was just wondering if itd be included in the extended, cause it was to me a real good part of the book, i liked reading it

I dunno, the same with them filming some other stuff and not putting it in theatrical version and putting it on extended, so maybe scouring will be on there, maybe it wont, but ive heard scouring wasnt even filmed, so who knows

Im just hoping though, in hope that maybe it was filmed and being put in the extended, im just hoping, no hurt in hoping

why are you jumping all over me anyways?

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Favourite/Best Scene/Movie

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