Red Vs Blue

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Hey , just wondering how many red vs blue fans are out their here at killermovies forums. Discuss your favourite quote, favourite episode, or just debate certain things in the series.

never heard of redvsblue?

red vs blue is a web series that takes place in halo's multi player level blood gultch with the red and blue team.

go to

Puma...not just a shoe company

W"but i tied you up and poured concrete over the grave, in case you turned into a zombie"

"sarge: but you made one mistake. you left me my spoon


sarge: thats right. I ATE MY WAY OUT.the soft earth was like a delicious butter schotch brownie to me."

Red vs Blue is awesome. I don't call it the Warthog anymore, it's now the Puma.

laughing out loud yeah i've seen a couple of them, they're funny yes

OMG episode 38 is SO cool.
Donut: i havent know youn long, and we may be on other teams, but for now and forever you will, and always be my friend.*cries*
Caboose: Private donut is like private biscut.
*crying*yes, it does

church Omg how the hell did he get up there so fast,
donut: wow hes a speed demon

doc: thanks, i lettered in track, it was the least non agressive sport i could find.

Griff: track sucks.

Omally: you suck.

And now i will take my steel hostage, and disappear, never to be seen again. unless i want to be seen, and if i see you before you see me ...whatch out. mwamamaahahahahaha
Omally quotes:

Ill eat out your heart and crap out your soul.

you shall soon tast oblivion..which taste like red bull...which taste like crap.

Doc: i think we can resolve this non-violently.

Omally: i agree, but replace non, with EXTREMELY, and add blood fest extravaganza

yea red vs blue is very good indeed.. any halo fan should watch

Sarge is arguablly the best, but all the characters rock ass.

i like griff. simmons is cool also...yep griff and simmons are cool. I liked it back in the beggining of season 1 when caboose wasnt a kindergardener(mentally) and donut was more of a raw recruit than a goofball.(although he does seem smart at times.) sarge is funny, but he has to work in conjunction with other characters. CPR to a bullet wound to the head. then the aloee vera jokes. then the funny stuff with "surrenders"

what do we get?

what your surrendering, the only thing your supoosed to get is humiliation and shame.

we already got that

i just watched the season finale.. it was great finnaly they left blood gultch!

yah sarge and caboose are at battle creek, simmons is at chiron, and Church, and Griff are stuck at sidewinder. I found one error. chruch is going were are we? but he was stationed at sidewinder until he got relocated. FREEZE DROP YOUR WEAPON. I SAID FREEZE DIRTBAG*beepbeepboop* WHAP ow

anything halo related kicks ass big grin


Jedi Shmedi
Why ah haven't seen such coordination since mah days in the HiKiErGeRg!!

Firing main cannon. KABLAAM!

Simmons- son of a b****!
Tucker- Son of a B****!!
Church- SON OF A B****!!!

You just shot Church you team-killing f***tard!



ScarFace Clone
Well i wasent the biggest Halo fan but, when i saw Red Vs. Blue I really liked it i recomend it to Any one who like Halo. ( So that would make you a gay robot..... Yes i'am a gay robot! My Favorite One.)

doctors cure ppl, medics comfort them...while they die
mental note, never get shot

Killing church is really started to work out for us.

Wrong that wasnt simmons ghost, it was old man caboose,

but i tied you up and poured concrete over the grave, just incase you became a zombie.
but you made one left me my spoon.

Grande tanko

*sigh* i'll go get the spanish dictionary

i want you to go over to caboose's position, shore up the defense, establish a supressing fire, and hold that position until further orders.

i didnt know what half of that meant.

just go over to cabooses rock and shoot your gun.
*looks at rock, wall inbetween the 2 rocks is being carpeted with bullets*

that rock? no way.
ill give you cover.

unless yo build a huge bulet prove wall inbetween the reds, im not moving.

i keep the same amount of blood i have right now.
okay... wait does it have to be in you

Jedi Shmedi
-Son, did you just shoot yourself in the foot?

Yeah, I kinda do that sometimes now. I don't know why.

-I present to you: Fransisco Montehue Zanzibar! And this one right here is robot number two.

-Today seems like a good day to die!

Wait, can we move dying to a week from next Friday?

Yeah, lets leave dying as an open option and bring it up at our next meeting.

-Today seems like a good day to TELEPORT!

Good bye private Cinneman Buns! I will miss your buttery goodness!

Why don't you run over and help Kaboose?
I only help the wounded.
Blam! Ow!
Oh look, Kaboose's foot is hurt, you better go help him.
I can't believe Church just shot me!
Okay, is there anything else wrong?
Well, sometimes I dream about my parents having sex and then I get really mad for some reason.
....................................Okay I'm just gonna start with the foot.
Just great stuff.

best episode is 33 inside caboose's head

simmons: oh no caboose has come to kill us

Griff: somebody help me i dont want to die

donut: i love caboose and yet i'm still afraid of him

sarge: arhhh i be having a southern accent arhh

donut: hes so scary

Real Church: okay i have to clear up some problems. First u are not cabooses best friend u dont have a best friend you know why u dont need one your church knowing other people just waters down the experience

Fake Church: blow me butt sniffer

Real Church: and caboose have u paid attention to our enemies at all

caboose: i beg your pardon

Real Church: first off that guys not yellow hes orange and sense when does red have a girl

donut: my favorite thing is pretty dresses

sarge: Arhh i got termites in me leg

Real Church: and that is not a southern accent. What is wrong with u people???

Your church, knowing other people just waters down the expirience, live the dream.

omally rocks in caboose.

never be alone

hurry up and fix the tank so i cant alk to shiela AND START KILLING EVERYONE

you mean the reds right?


ive only seen a couple but i like the one were they first get a tank

you mean season 1? i thought season 1 was good, but they cursed more for comedy, while season 2 actually had funny stuff without cursing.

tucker:uh church we got a problem.

Church: is this a new problem, or did caboose get his head stuck in the freezer again?

none of the downloads worked for me, my loss i geuss

Its pink.

No, its a light red.

You know they've got a name for light red, know what it is?



I'm putting this in my sig, and hopefully as my quote in halo 2.

I got a boner for murder.

I cant wait to find out how the new red vs blue is gonna be like.

i bet they hold off on season 3 until halo 2 comes out, so they can make the video's using halo 2 new engine, and updated graphics, + all the special features. i can see it now...all the gore, carnage , blood shed, and mexican robots to boot.

i wonder what its gonna be like

elites vs spartans?

or spartans vs spartans.

it would be pretty funny to see sarge double handing a weapon and holding off 7 elites all by himself.


hell they can fly around in banshees in halo2, and i wonder if the old red vs blue characters are gonna be replaced?

if you have any ideas or htoughts on how halo 2 is going to make red vs blue better, plz post here.

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red vs blue is awesome!!!

i want season 3....

"I like me"- Caboose

(Sarge gets up)
<Sarge> Thank you very much, SImmons. That was highly skilled of ya.
<Simmons>Uh, that wasn't me, Sarge. It was Griff. He gave you CPR.
<Sarge>Griff...why in the HELL would you give CPR TO A BULLET WOUND IN THE HEAD? Doesn't make a lick of sense! Like, if I got shot in the foot, would you rub aloe vera on mah neck?

hm...i can beat that.

Church: alright mr.robot, if you fix tha tank then well let you go.
Lopez:In spanish* i have no home, the reds shoot at me.
Church:alright i'm gonna take that as a yes(cant remember rest)
Caboose:*wisper* I thought the plan was to trick the robot to fix the tank, and then church would possess him again?
Tucker: you dont tell the guy who your tricking what your doing caboose.
caboose:so if oyu were tricking me..YOu WOLDNT TELL ME!!
Tucker:why would we trick you?
Caboose: i think you know why

Caboose: hurry up and fix the tank so I can talk to sheila..*omally voice* AND START KILLING EVERYONE

tucker:you mean the reds right?
Caboose:...FOR STARTERS.

Sarge:Alright Blues, we want yer flag-
Griff:You sure that's a good idea, Sarge? Last time we got their flag, some chick came by and raised six kinds of hell here.
Sarge:-to stay RIGHT were 'tis! Guard that flag!
(Some time later, they're caught in a standoff, and i forget the rest)
Church: How about if we give you Doc here, if you go away, and admit that Red team sucks? 'bout if we admit ONE of us sucks?
Churchmessedounds good to me.
(sometime later)
(Griff steps forward)
Griff:Alright everyone, I would just like to press the fact to everyone present that i suck.
Church:Go on.
Griff:And that I'm a girl.
Church: And?
Griff:And I like ribbons in my hair.
Church:What else?
Griff: And i want to kiss all the boys.

actually I think i need to correct you. this is my fav episode so i now it by heart.

i want red to win lol

Sarge: We are giving you a chance to surrender.

Grif: There's no way this bluff is gonna work.

Sarge: Put a cork in it, bass diddy.There's positively no way they know we're outta ammo.

// cut to Blues //

Church: // aside to Blues // Yeah, they're definitely out of ammo.

Church: What are your terms?

Tucker: Their what?

// Reds //

Grif: Our what?

Simmons: I can't believe this is actually working. See if you can get Lopez back, Sarge.

Grif: Oh yeah! 'Cause then he can fix the warthog.

Donut: Ooh! Ooh! Sarge, tell them we want the flag.

Grif: Yeah! And some cake!

Donut: Ooh... wai-wait! Sarge, just the cake.

Sarge: Alright, Blues... First off, we want your flag-

Simmons: W-wai-wait just a second. The last time we got the flag, the chick in the black armor showed up.


Simmons: Eh, that sounds pretty good to me.

Grif: I don't know. I think we could hold out for more.

Simmons: We don't have any bullets, dumbass.

Grif: Oh, right. Take the medic. The medic's a good deal.

// Blues //

Church: Hey Doc, how's the patient.

Doc: Doin' well. He seems very alert and responsive.

Tucker: He's talkin' about Caboose, right?

Church: No, I mean his toe. How's the toe I shot?

Doc: What? That thing? That fell off like half an hour ago.

Caboose: // whimpering // Rest in peace, pinky toe.

Caboose: // deep voice // You shall be avenged.

Doc: -sigh- Tell you what, go ahead and send me over. I really don't think I can be any more help.

Church: Ok. We're gonna send over our medic. Now, what do we get?

// Reds //

Simmons: You?! You're surrendering. You don't get anything except humiliation and ridicule.

// Blues //

Tucker: We've already got that. What else do you have?

// Reds //

Sarge: What do you want?

// Blues //

Church: How 'bout if you admit that the Red team sucks?

// Reds //

Simmons: // whispering to Sarge // Hey what about the ... // trails off //

Sarge: What if we admit that one of us sucks?

Grif: Nice. Wait... you mean Donut, right?

// two hours later //

Church: Ok then. We agree to the terms? You first, and then we send over the medic.

Sarge: Get on with it, Grif.

Grif: -heavy sigh- I would just like to let everyone know - that I suck.

Church: And...?

Grif: And that I'm a girl.

Church: What else?

laughing out loud


and that my friend, is episode 22.

I seen it a week ago, so my memory's not exactly that fresh. Apologies.

man not only is this robo-chocobo guy in the anime section, the spiderman section, AND he likes red vs blue..this guy rocks.

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