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you know, i've been wasting my life...

I was climbing the ladder of succes, getting my music carrer under way, then i hit a big lazy slump of distraction.... LORD OF THE BLOODY RINGS!!!

for the last 3years or whatever all I have been able to do is wish away every year (to go quickly) just so i can see the next one, then the EE of that one, then the next one, then the EE of this one!!!


it's all i can think about! I'm glad I'm not still in school, or there would have been serious problems!!!

but i've also spent so much money...
the EE DVDs (gift packs) the 5 seesions of each film at the cinema, the ring of Barahir, the United Cutlery swords (Narsil,Ringwraith,Hadhafang), some newspaper medalion thingy, the books, a Sauron toy, and so-forth....
when will the madness end????

has everyone else become a helpless mindwashed deciple of this franchise or is it just me?

No, most are a 'thrall' like you.....a thrall without the raping....

I guess it's dying down now. sad I should read more of Tolkien's books though. I'd like to learn more about Middle Earth


The Innkeeper
Aww, turin was stupid lol smile

Well...i have to say, i have been sucked in, but hey, if a movie can bring what i have with everyone here, then i would live in a cinema wink

*lives in a cinema*

acctually yeah, thats how I was....I'm very concernd and disturbed, that now I spend a lot on spiderman junkmessed
I think just because its everywhere now...and Its eyecandy...and I have to buy...sad
but It still can't replace the feeling I get when I go to the tolkien section of a bookstore...and look at the awe-inspiring, and lifechanging works by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Tolkien has so much more than 'Marvel' will ever have, and the value is not in the merchandice or marketing, or how much stuff I have, its somthing deeper, and much more sentamental and deep.
Tolkien has changed my life in so many ways. And my love for the books and movies will never go out- or be diminished...even if the junk

I hate walking in a book store, cause there isn't enough Tolkien to buy!!!
I have all I can!!!

unless, I dare venture into the Lost tales series, which are more like text books, and would have little magic to them (I know i eventually will), but it's hard to walk past the section without sighing...

*sigh* what would my life be without bookshops... I visit my fave one each day... and each day I find a new book I just MUST have... if I had the money whistle

Really, when youre depressed - just look at some Tolkien books... that helps yes

SWORDS......SWORDS......and more swords stick out tongue....i've spent like 2k on swords LOL.

The Book of Lost Tales series is only two books long.
But, it is part of the twelve book long The History of Middle-earth series.
Book of Lost Tales would be the easiest to get, because there are only two of that specific part of the History.
Then theres the 4/5 part, History of Middle-earth: History of LotR series.... Happy Dance


which swords do you have?

Glamdring, Sting and Hadhafang

You don't have Anduril?

Thorondor ugly sword imo

no expression

laughing out loud....*high fives gorg*

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