Who do u think should of got griffindoor prefect?

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pretty angel
well u no how ron got the badge do u think he really should of got it well dumbledoor only had to pick out of harry, ron, neville, seamus and dean well if i was dumbledoor i wouldnt of given it to harry or ron i would of given it to neville wot do u guys think ? well maybe harry should of got the badge but i would not pick ron

neville doesnt have the confidenceyet, seamus is too much of a nutter, I dont know about dean. in giving it to ron maybe dumbledore was trying to give hime a spot in the lime light for once , we know harry couldnt because dumbledore thinks he has too much on his plate already though it wouldnt surprise me if harry ended up as head boy.

I agree that Dumbledore made Ron a prefect. Harry has too much going on right now.

as the main character of the book many people would have guessed that he would become a prefect but that would make the story TOO predictable so jk thought of that and made ron the prefect instead...?

yeah ron definetly shouldve got the badge.....he needs a bit of glory and attention big grin

i was glad ron got the badge, for the same reason luna said, he needs some attention. plus harry had to much going on he would've cracked having had to do prefect duity too.

One other question to consider: How would Ron respond if he were asked to step down and let Harry take over?

oh man that would suck...he would probably be so mad at harry ...haed freak out or something...haha


Yeah right now, I think harry's well being should be his #1 priority.

I hope that if he does get asked to take it that he will say he doesnt want it because hes too busy and ron needs it more

I really hope that Harry isn't made a prefect -.-. That would almost make him a Gary Stew, wouldn't it? I know that he's the main character and everything, but why should *everything* good in the series come to him?

no I don't think that harry should become a prefect....i think that he should have to learn that other ppl are gonna getthings in life that he wants plus ron totally should get to keep being a prefect

Definitely. He's such a little whiner. It's kind of cute, but it got really annoying. Good thing Ginny's there to keep him in line, huh? ^_~

I would have given it to Potter.

that would make it sound as if harry wasnt good enuff for the job.... and so ron had to take it

Well, the only reason why Ron didn't put his prefect duties first was because Fred and George teased him about it. Now that they've left the school, I have a feeling he'll do much better, not only with his prefect duties, but also with Quidditch.

Are Harry, Ron, Neville, Seamus, and Dean the only gryffindor boys in their grade?

Why does it have to be wealsoly and potter dean and samos hvent been in as much trouble?

Excellent point.

Dean and Seamus haven't gotten into any trouble at all (as far as we know), so why were they out of the running for the prefect badge?

Sounds like Dumbledore plays favorites a bit -.-.

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