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I was browsing through some other movie forums and noticed they had one aswell as actors and celebs, directors aren't really celebs so they wouldn't come under that catogorey really........

dismissed thumb down

lil bitchiness
Heh! laughing out loud

That would be 4 new forums this week if Raz granted every single wish laughing out loud

though i was thinking of a nice peanut butter and jelly that we could discuss flavours and stuff, and how thick a bread slice is in a perfect sandwich.

maybe raz'll consider it next week :P

I think the Movie Discussion forum perfectly fits to talk about directors, apart if it's to post 400+ pics of them and say they're handsome.

I want a "French Cuisine" forum ! stick out tongue

I suggest a forum dedicated to how hypnotic G.P's avatar is!

Yea, I agree with GP. If you're talking about the movies they made, Movie Discussion will do fine. confused I can't see what else you'd want to do in a "directors" forum erm

why would anyone talk that much about a director, is still beyond me

Maybe because they can talk about past and up-coming movies and also the favourite movie they've directed.

And Dexx it's not nice to put others ideas down no

past and up-coming movies fit perfectly well in the movie discussion and all the other movie sections we already have

If it doesn't want to be made then thats fine by me but I just saw it in other forums and thought it was a good idea.

aawh, but it is always my pleasure big grin

That would be if there was real talks about directors. But from my experience so far almost all the threads about directors were "WHO'S THE BEST DIRECTOR ?"- or "YOUR TOP 10 DIRECTORS"-like. So it's no use, the MD forum is ok.

There's plenty of forums as it is, and lots of them don't even get used erm

Go hulk forum cool

For gods sake, no more new forums. There's enough as is. Any topic you can think of can be discussed perfectly in any of the existing forums.

Okay, okay, take a chill-pill! No need to bite my head off!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.