Me Got Myself a Hottie's Number yesterday

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I was at the basketball game and i was talking to the one teacher i know that works the game like tells people to take there hats off. and the really hot cheerleader on the other team was cheerin and im like im going to get her number before the nights done and Mr walker was like yea ok.

So during the game i walked over and was like so you go to oak forest right which was so stupid since she had a oak forest cheerleading outfit on laughing out loud and im like u wanna go out some time and shes like i cant and im yea ya can. and shes like i got a boyfrineds so i just left and said iight its cool.

So all my friends thought i got shut down until the girls frined walked up to me and said my frined meghuan reconsidered heres her number oo man cant wait for saturday she is a 10 ive never dated a true ten well i havent dated her yet but i hope this works out big grin

Whoooooooah, Congrats big grin

good job big grin

Good for you.

Ill post a pic of me and her if it lasts that long she is like m height but like 5 foot 8 so two inche shorter blonde hair biggest c cups and tan and like not fat or skinny like toned so perfect and of course the great ass her face is cute and all but could be beter but hey cant ask for perfection stick out tongue

really good job D big grin

o come on im not going for ne thing lower then filet minyoung bratha stick out tongue


damn, yur lucky, I need to get that kind of girl

im lookin for a smart good lookin girl...hard to find lol

i hate dumb girls (sorry to any girls if they are offended)

I'm just fat, so I can't get any

Its not luck bro wink

Good Job DeNirothumb up


It was so funny when i asked her if she went to oak forest i got her all messed up laughing out loud

i lvoe honesty laughing

but i agree bout finding a smart girl funny girl. sometimes that seems near impossible....

but anyway deniro good luck... and take one for the team! stick out tongue

take one what for the team

Darth Revan
Bragging ******* stick out tongue

well done deniro good for you.


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.