Puppets or Pixels?

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I am sure this question may have been asked before and if so I apologise, but I would be intrigued to know which you guys prefer...the digital Yoda (from E2) or the 'real' Yoda?

Real Yoda>http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/yoda/img/movie_sm.jpg

Digital Yoda>http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/yoda/img/movie3_sm.jpg

Come to that, what about the Clone troopers (Digital) or the Stormtroopers (real people)?

Jedi Priestess
real on both for me, but it would be damn near impossible to have filmed the fight he had with dooku using a puppet.

puppet... definitly puppet... old school (and considering my age, I know I'm not a real old school fan) but it's how I first saw Yoda, the new one is ... not him... too real and too CG looking

ACTUALLY WHEN I SAW AOTC when it first hit theatres i thought yoda was a puppet. yoda wasnt really toattally cgi as everyone says he is.

but it was cool how ilm and lucas made yoda look very real and not cheesey.

but i have to go with old school yoda cause thats how not only i remember seeing him but all the sw fans.

Real Yoda, and Stormtroopers.
LOL, the Clonetroopers look anerecsic (don't know how to spell it).

Sith Master X
Oh definitely DIGITAL for me!!!!! In my opinion, he looks so much more real in that one.

anorexic, methinks

anywho, Puppet Yoda is so much better, and I'm used to seeing everything digitized, but CGI Yoda just looks so...bad. The clonetroopers were less obvious, but I prefer the human actors in suits, as it seems to fit them better.

watch the ESB or ROTJ and then AOTC... it's very clear he's extremely cgi

jango fatt

Sith Master X
Now you see to me, I thought the puppet Yoda looked bad. laughing out loud

Lol i would have loved to see the puppet yoda do the flips from ep-2

with visible strings eek!


Sith Master X
Ha, the visible strings would have been killer! eek!

Digital without a doubt.

Sith Master X
^ Right with you there pal, looks more realistic to me.

In that shot? definatly digital yoda but in IV-VI there are some good shots of yoda that look realistic

Ken Benobi
I vote for the real in both cases....cg is good, but kinda bugs my eyes after a while if there is too much of it....

well, i think the cgi yoda makes him look a lil more badass in that picture, which i think is awsome, but still, the puppet is the orginal.

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