plzz come all!

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Princess Re
for those i offended i am truely sorry,i was trying to prove my point but it started a fight,i apologize


That's ok. big grin

Although this prob will be closed, I also apologize, because I know that I wasn't being the nicest person. wink

Most people here just get pissed off by new members that like to rant about Legolas/Orli laughing out loud It's not tolerated well here, so that's my only hint. smile

Princess Re
lol guess not! but anyway there is nothing but two misunderstood people here

Princess Re
nieanna,i am making somthing for you,it sould be done soon,as a token of my friendship

Princess Re
ok hold on

Agent Elrond
just a little hint: use the edit button to add more instead of making another post

welcome to the forum...DON"T LEAVE!

Once you join, you are bound to us. You will not be able to leave, so don't even try. The forum will hold you. It will hold you forever. Its to late to think about 2nd choices, or guess' or chances. You are bound to us, and us to you.

so WELCOME to the FORUM!eek!big grinbig grin

Princess Re

yes devil

j/k stick out tongue

Welcome to the forum again hug smile

I also apologize if my posts sounded offensive, they weren't meant to be smile

i too apologize for offending you...oh wait, i don't think i did...


I apologise for not being there to stop it and argue with other members on completely different topics smile

I appologize for not appologizing sooner about my acctionsyes

WELCOMEbig grin

you are always welcome while i'm hereyes and when I'm not....

so tell us about yourself princess....
so your a princess....thats nicesmile

Princess Re
lol....good to know you are all now on my side! big grin

Side? I am on nobodys side
Because nobody is one my side!


I just started replying EXACTLY the same blink

:laughstick out tonguerincess re
rymes with fee
but not fea
because of the little '..'above the E!


Princess Re
ummm,i'm on ur sides

i'm on your side!eek!

where you from re?

Princess Re

how de hangin' Exaggerator???

I appologize also for anything I have said or will say or said without knowing that offended anyone in anyway confused ...If that made any sense at all....stick out tongue

Princess Re
there is nothing to forgive pipp

eek! me too!!!!!!!!!

me three!!!

the US that is...

Princess Re
i wonder why they haven't closed this topic yet?

hey guys???? i know a great place to chat about orlando!
you may have been there already

if you get there my nickname is Re Edhel it means she elf


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