The Sims Movie?

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Who thinks there should be one made ? erm ...I DO! big grin

what the f*** would it be about?


Hell no.

i like the sims but no it would be so dumb

Black Onyx
erm... plot?

how would tey make a movie? the point of the sims game is living a virtual reaality life.......and there making a movie about that lol...maybe the main character is god! and god controls the people in the house....

I have no clue what it would be about, but I'd like to see some dumbass waste his/her time making it. laughing out loud

The sims on an adventure make a movie in the sims world with a big city.I mean who thought they could make a Cat in the Hat movie even tho it sucked they still made a small concept a small story book into a feature length film.

Yeah, but those are stories, and books are adapted into films allll the time.

You're basically talking about making "Big Brother" or "The Real World" in a motion picture.

Besides, haven't you ever seen the commercials for "The Sims", using real people, right before "The Sims: Unleashed" was released? It was so damn silly.

It's just too impractical.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell no! there would be no plot-line!

...What the?? What the f**k?

You mean a movie where four boring people wake up everyday, stomp on the floor, take 45 minutes to use the bathroom, try to cook breakfast but their carpools are out front and they have to run through the backyard to catch it.

Then the film goes to the next part where the house is idle for about 8 hours until they all start getting home. They try to invite people over but hardly get to talk to them because their bladders are about to burst and they keep smelling their armpits. Finally, after they finally get to talk to the guests for about an hour (their time) they have no energy left so they pass out on the kitchen floor. Then they repeat what they did that day the next day.

Sounds like a great movie!

you gotta be kiddin me

lil bitchiness
laughing out loud laughing laughing out loud lmfao!!!!

laughing out loud so true botankus

laughing out loud

i love playing the sims ,but a movie?

mini me 0206
u cant turn a virtual game like the sims into a film it would be like turning theme park world into a game

I swear, we were seperated at birth.

*watches green plus signs appear as he continues talking to Chris*

Sorry, Stormy. Looks like you're outnumbered.


*ask to leave*

I say take the theme and make a movie around it.....who knows it might be good.

How? messed The Sims has no plot, for all intents and purposes...just what would it be about?

I like the intro to Sims yes make that into a feature length motion picture

They can make a plot.It be like an ordinary movie but just in the sims world.

no expression No way... What the f**k?

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