"Cine-picks of the Week"

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Are you bored at home, and need a movie idea? Looking for love in all the wrong films? Just want to bare witness to the pitifully polished and witty banter of a real movie dork? geek

If you'll indulge me, this idea of this thread is to basically act as a place where you can read up on some of my latest viewings each week, the likes of which I think my friends here at K.M.C. should give a chance! Of course, your feedback is always appreciated, given we can keep it civil, and the conversations on topic. Keep in mind, these aren't reviews. big grin

My first submission, would be 1980's "Where the Buffalo Roam", starring Bill Murray, the companion movie to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".

"Where" is somewhat similar in premise as "Fear", where gonzo freelance journalist, and narcotic afficianado, Hunter S. Thompson is sent out to cover Super Bowl 6. Needless to say, his travels are the real story here.

If you enjoyed Johnny Depp's embodiment of the "Dr. Gonzo" character, I'm pretty sure you'll like this one. Though Murray doesn't portray him as neurotic and on edge, but he's still got the look, mannerism, and even voice down.

Simply put, It's a movie you more so experience, than really watch, but still alot of fun.

Rating: 4 out of 5. It feels a little dated, and it's reflected in the subject matter, and sometimes, I just didn't buy Murray's dialogue.

I'm sorry for going off topic, but I must say what a clever idea big grin
Although I would like to see a thread where all members of KMC can exchange picks of the week for others to view, but still very original thumb up

Waggy the Dog
are we allowed to comment on certain selections you have made? or is this strictly a "list your picks" forum?

I'm going to comment whether he likes it or not (that is if there is something to comment about). I'm going to see if "Where the Buffalo Roam" is at my blockbuster now.

Waggy the Dog
Well, if it anything like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", I hope it is out of print.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was one of the bigger let-downs {cinematically} in my life.

Go for it, feedback is what's going to keep this thread going, in addition to my selection of titles. Just be sure to add your $1.00's worth, not just your run of the mill, $0.02 "This movie sucked" type remark.

That said..

I took in the original "Psycho" today, and while it doesn't qualify as a true "Cine-Pick", given I didn't like the movie, I felt I should share why.

The movie itself is basically about Norman Bates, procurer of the Bates Motel, and his inability to cope with his mothers death, so he basically dresses as her, and uses that as a means to kill people whom his mother wouldn't deem good enough for Norman.

It's billed as one of Hitchcock's finest, however it was about as sleep enducing as, say, the movie "Insomnia". Just a very basic, run of the mill thriller. While it may have been the rage in 1959, and inventive, it doesn't exactly stand the test of time. There were some neat camera tricks, and direction, but not enough to hook me. I only saw it so I could base an opinion.

2/5 from me, 1 star for being Hitchcock, 2 for nostalgia.

I'll be back this weekend, possible with "American Psycho" and "Donnie Brasco".

DAMN! Damn damn damn. My blockbuster doesn't carry it.

I haven't seen this. Though I love Fear and Loathing, and Bill Murray, so I'll be sure to lookout for it.
Donnie Brasco is great: Pacino; Masden; Depp.

This Saturday I took in "American Psycho", starring the newest Batman to be, Christian Bale.

The movie is a period film, set in the 80's Wall Street boom, focusing on one metrosexual NYSE hot shot, Patrick Bat(e)man. On the surface, Patrick appears to be a well kept, sharp tongued, 27 year old, but on the inside, he's a whole other person.

Driven by his desire to be number 1 in the office, his inner drive is that of rage, jealousy, hatred, and personal anguish. All of which leads him to kill.....or atleast, make him think he has killed.

Christian Bale was awesome in his parody ridden portrayal of a New York Stock Exchange broker in the mid 80's, and his dialogue and delivery were tops. He nailed the stereotypical lingo, as well as the role of a raving psychotic when it called for such a performance.

If you have read the book, you'll agree that the movie doesn't do it justice. However, if this title is totally new to you, you'll find that Patrick's lifestyle is very enveloping, and you won't be able to distinguish reality from Bateman's paranoid delusions until it becomes abundantly (and hilariously) clear in the middle of the 3rd act. Which way does the story go, I'll never tell. big grin

I was looking for something a little darker from the film, and there were some segments that just didn't flow with the movie, but not much of a distraction. Bale's performance alone is worth the rental, but avoid the Mila Kunis sequel.

That said, if you're looking for a dark comedy/thriller, "American Psycho" is a safe bet, with a personal 4/5 rating.

yeah i also agree that the dialogue in psycho was intriuging, you know the guy is nits,but on some level you have to relate to him. The movie also had some new ways of giving us mayhem. The movie wasnt afraid to take a risk and be humorous at the same time

Cinema have you seen I,Robot yet I want to know what you think before I see it erm

I've actually heard I,Robot was surprisingly decent.

Nice cool

But next week I might be going to see Catwoman so im gonna see if I can see I,Robot as well

Nope, won't be seeing "Catwoman", "Bourne Supremacy", or "I, Robot". In addition to being broke, "The Village" and "Manchurian Candidate" are out on the 30th.

The Village- evil face cool love M. Night Shamalayn

The Bourne Supremcy-Didnt like the first one not gonna go see this one

So, anyone interested in seeing "American Psycho" or does it sound a little too weird? I'm shooting for lesser known titles in this thread.

That said, I'll have feedback on "Donnie Brasco" posted tomorrow, and Tuesday, I am taking in an Owen Wilson double feature in "The Big Bounce" and "Starsky and Hutch".

Stay tuned!

American Psycho is a neat movie, althought way wacky.

My brother met Christian Bale at a bar down in Belize last year. He said that a few people were kind of hounding Christian and his girlfriend, treating them like they were celebrities, and kind of rubbed him the wrong way.

My brother has known who he was since Empire of the Sun, but talked to him like he didn't know who he was and then about an hour into talking to them he admitted that he really knew who he was the whole time.

Anyhow, to make a medium-length story short they ended up talking and hanging out for a few hours and Christian Bale ended up giving my brother his "hotmail" e-mail address before he left. They never e-mailed each other, but it's still a good story.

American Psycho was awesome, the ending was pretty confusing but all along I wanted.... William Dafoe to catch Bale and end up killing him.

Alrighty. About 2 hours and 100 fuhgeddaboudits later, I finished up "Donnie Brasco"

The movie, set in 1978, is the real life story of undercover F.B.I. agent, Joey Pistone, and how he slithered his way into the mob family of Lefty Ruggiero. "Donnie Brasco", the supposed jeweler (jewel thief) was taken under Lefty's wing, and became one of the mobs most beloved wiseguys, but that didn't come without a price. This movie convincingly and beautifully encompasses Pistone's 6 year journey to the dark side and back, all for his work.

The whole cast was on point. Depp at the helm, Pacino, Madsen, Heche, and Bruno Kirby rounding out the stellar supporting crew. The mob characters were shifty, seedy, unrelentless, and untrusting. In other words, they were the embodiment of the word "gangster". That said, it's more than just a mob movie. It's character driven, and you actually feel for some of the people that are caught up in the mix.

It was fast paced, but very well scripted to where you understand the characters, their situations, and surroundings. Watching Pacino in his god given element, Depp, running the acting gambit in one movie, and Michael Madsen playing just a straight up badass, I'd highly recommend this one.

So, dipping my toes in the Godfather's pool, and watchin' some real Goodfellas at work for the first time, I'm giving this one a 4.5/5.

Rent it!

Hey Cinema is it alright if this thread sort of goes for all people to come an post the movie they think are good and worth renting?

I considered it, then I assumed that the "Suggest a movie.." type threads were for group considerations. This is specifically for movies I have seen, which I would personally recommend, given I see so many.

Hope you guys understand, and don't find it too snobbish of me. I figured this was better than naming a couple of movies, and giving them a rating in my signature. stick out tongue

Tomorrow, both "Starsky and Hutch" and "The Big Bounce" are out on DVD, in addition to "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", which I won't bother weighing in on, given I may be suffering through "The Big Bounce" as it is.

If you dont mind Id like to try and tackle the movies with you.Seeing as your not seeing Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Ill rent it and post what I think.Is that ok?

I do mind, actually. Kind of defeats the purpose of this thread, having other peoples picks in it. You should just post a review in the the "Reviews" section, or in the appropriate thread for the movies.

I'd appreciate it if we can get back on track, as well.

Don't waste money on The Big Bounce confused

That pretty sums up Donnie Brasco in a nutshell.

One of my favorite scenes is when Joe's with his kids after being away from them for so long and says, "I bet youz guys you can't go through breakfast without saying three words to me," and the daughter responds with, "You lose." And he's like, "What'd she say? What'd she say? Come on."

sorry confused

Just a quick note about the movie I just finished in "Starsky + Hutch".

In a nutshell, the movie is based on the same titled 70's cop drama. It stars Ben Stiller as David Starsky and Owen Wilson as Ken Hutchinson. Rarely do I end up liking a movie less after seeing it a 2nd time. But, this is one of those rare occassions.The laughs, the 2nd time around, are few and far between, and otherwise really flat.

So, I don't feel like wasting my time, because it;s basically a 70's TV show made into a movie, that was scripted and acted out like a 70's TV show made into a movie.

2.5/5, it was average.

Tonight/tomorrow, I'll have up my thoughts on "The Big Bounce", which I rented for a mere $1, as well as a new psyco/thriller, "Love Object".

Starsky and Hutch was ok mostly because of Snoop stick out tongue , 3/5.

Yeah, "Huggy Bear" was meant for him, but I only saw Snoop as himself, and he's just not that great of an actor, as if I didn't already know that after watching "Bones".

I was being sarcastic, even though the character Huggybear is pretty cool.But as for Snoop in most movies he just plays himself.

Alrighty, just finished up the Lion's Gate Films release "Love Object". Yeah, as soon as that "Lion's Gate Films" logo popped up, I cringed, since I didn't know it was their film. FYI, they released bombs like "Punisher", "Cabin Fever", and "Godsend".

In this indie, a well to do, lonely office worker is unsatisfied with the single life and his daily grind, so, one afternoon, a friend shares an ad for a "lifelike" sex doll of sorts. Introducing the totally customizable, $10,000 doll, "Nikki". Just so happens, Lisa, a new temp starts work at his office, and they two are put together. Incapable of revealing his warm fuzzies to the new gal, the guy figures, well, practice makes perfect.

Totally taken by Lisa, he customizes his new toy to HER specifics. He uses this new found friend as "practice", for the real thing. That's when things take a turn for the absolutely ****in' weird.

Like an episode out of the Twilight Zone, or an evil version of "Mannequin", minus Kim Catrell, with a Gwyneth Paltrow lookalike, only cuter, the doll "speaks" to him, and it becomes totally lifelike. So much so, when Kenny works up the courage to speak freely to Lisa, the doll actually gets jealous, or so were lead to believe, in the guys mind.

The rest, you'd have to see for yourselves..

It was billed as a psychological thriller, and it was, that's after you get past the totally twisted 1st act, which was more of a sadistic, romantic comedy. By the way, the ending was rather unpredictible, and I'd liken it to "Ghost Ship".

I'll be generous, and give it a 3.5/5. If you're looking for a creepy, low budget, romantic, psycho horror I'd say what the hell.

"The Big Bounce"

Slacker and small time crook Jack Ryan (Owen Wilson), no not THEE Jack Ryan, is out and about scamming his life away in beautiful Hawaii. Along comes a jailbait mistress (Sara Foster) who, with her help, says she can make both her and Jack made for life. Only problem is, everyone else has the same idea.

In a nutshell, (yeah I've used that one too many times), this is "Matchstick Men" in Hawaii, but this time the Alison Lohman figure isn't playing daughter, she's a tease. Everyone's after one thing, and of course, they play nice until it's time for the heist.

Predictible heist movie set on the beach, with very little intrigue or laughs, and a waste of otherwise great talent. (Sinise, Wilson, Freeman, and a 2 scene cameo by country crooner Willie Nelson!)

Hell, with my new rating's system, I'd say 4/10. I'm a heist movie freak, so I gave it a chance, but I am willing to bet "The Perfect Score" was more entertaining.

The Perfect Score was hilarious better than most of the crap MTV has been putting out erm

Reading the last page I'm choosing to comment stick out tongue

I,Robot was much better than I expected. Will Smith was genius in it IMHO. Also, the graphics and all were super.

American Pshyco is a great movie, although not for the younger audience, some scenes are well not fit for minors laughing out loud

Haven't seen Donnie Brasco, and I heard the Big Bounce is utter crap.
Also Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is not worth the money, and neither is A CinderElla Story with Hilary Duff which is now playing.

Any movie with Hilary Duff in it is worth my money, that girl is scorching.

Her part in Cheaper by the Dozen was entertaining smile

I was actually having second thoughts on "I, Robot". Then, my 3rd thoughts told me that I need $1,000 by the end of the month, or I'll be evicted, without power or a telephone. Not that I have that, but, I couldn't spare an extra $5 on Big Willy.

Alrighty, all that aside, so begins my little Sam Raimi film focus.

Now, I have seen all his older stuff like the Evil Dead trilogy, Darkman, Spiderman 1 + 2, etc. Today, however, I rented "A Simple Plan".

The movie takes place in Northern Minnesota, where 2 brothers (Paxton, and Thornton) along with a friend come across a downed single man aircraft, complete with the rotting corpse of a pilot, aaaaaaand $4.4 Meelion dollars in cold hard cash.

Paxton, being the "Good Samaritan" of the bunch, suggests they sock it away until someone asks about the dough. The other 2, after much deliberation agreed, which was the catalyst for their first mock explanation to explain what they had found. A "simple plan", if you will.

Of course, as time went on, the money was literally burning a hole in these guys pockets, and a strange sequence of events led to one cover up after another. A twisted evolution of multiple seemingly "simple plans", all to cover up the failure of the plan before it. For in the end coming to find their struggles and sacrifices were all for not.

This was a solid, solid suspense movie. Not extremely gripping overall, but that was well compensated for in the realism department. This particular story could happen to anyone, and really exploited the evil aspect of human greed, and what savage depths people will go to secure it.

Acting was top notch, Billy Bob in particular, and it had more twists and turns than Chubby Checker. Some of which were predictible, while the rest were just executed to where they were effective, even if you let your guard down for a split second.

If you're looking for a good shocker/thriller, or date movie, "A Simple Plan" is an even simpler solution for your Friday night viewing conundrum.

7.5/10 from yours truely.

I'll be back tomorrow with my take on Raimi's "The Gift".

Jedi Priestess
now see I liked this movie......took my little one to it. I thought it was sweet. smile

confused wtf

Oh I just re-read what you said.Shes a very entertaining actor.I use to think that of lindsey lohaln untill I saw "Drama Queen" she has one last chance to prove herself to me when I see MeanGirls.Till then her and Nick Cannon are going to work on a crap movie and possibly be a couple sick.I hate Nick Cannon.


Alright, enough talk about these flavor of the week actresses, back to bidniss.

Last night, I wrapped up my Raimi focus last night with "The Gift".

The movie was about a murder, (surprise, surprise) and a town gypsy (Blanchette) who can see the future, as well as past, but must be at the murder scene, to mentally witness it.

As much as I like Billy Bob Thornton, perhaps he should stay away from being a writer. Very slow, tedious, and cliche murder mystery film. It has a nice structure, but the filler had been done so many times before.

While the ending was a big surprise, as there was some clever mental trickery, it was just another case of too little, too late. If you're a big Katie Holmes fan, her topless scenes may be worth the rental. Not my cup of tea, however.

Some interesting casting decisions, with J.K. Simmons, Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, and Giovanni Ribisi, but the collective just weren't that interesting to watch, frankly.

After viewing one good film, I felt as if "The Gift" was more of a curse, as I can never really hit a stride. 4/10. Sorry folks, still going to suggest "A Simple Plan" over this one.

Hey I just got "the blaire witch project" is it any good?

Sorry, I had to correct this because "Fear and Loathing" is one of my favorite movies, ever. Johnny Depp didn't portray "Dr. Gonzo" Johnny Depp was "Raol Duke" whereas Bencino Del Torro did the excellent job of "Dr. Gonzo"

From IMDB:

Johnny Depp .... Raoul Duke
Benicio Del Toro .... Dr. Gonzo

Eh, honest mistake.

"Dr. Gonzo" was never referred to as such in "Where the..", his real name was Carl Lazlo, played by Peter Boyle from "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Moving on.

Miss me? Didn't think so.

Well, this evening I delved into 1 of the 4 selections I was going to cover this week, being "Batman Returns", the 2nd (and unfortunately last) Batman film directed and produced by Tim Burton.

"Returns" isn't a sequel to the original Burton helmed "Batman", as so many would like to think. I'd go as far as to say it's an entirely new experience.

In this installment, we're introduced to Oswald Cobblepot aka "The Penguin". Cobblepot's gimmick in this movie is to become a mayor of Gotham City, with the help of Christopher Walken's, "Max Shreck" character. Hoping to cash in on some sympathy votes, Penguin's hidden agenda includes that of a wicked personal revenge.

Not to be outdone, enter Selena Kyle, aka "Catwoman" played by Michelle Pfeiffer. Once a mousy office assistant, after a seemingly deadly late night encounter w/ Mr. Shreck in his office, "Catwoman" was born, even more fierce and domineering than ever. One of the sexiest and coolest examples of girl power in cinema to date. Oh yeah, Batman is in the movie, too.

Even with the Dark Knight's involvement, this is NOT your average super hero/comic book movie. It's deeper, and alot darker. Literally. The virtual absence of color in this movie is incredible to behold. The instances that color does appear in the movie, it's literally engulfed by black and gray. The costumes, the wardrobes, the surroundings. The only characters of apt color in this movie are those of Cobblepot's circus themed cronies. The stylized props are easily identifiable, and this is a Tim Burton movie through and through.

Knowing full well Batman can hold his own, his emotions are on display this time, by way of his encounters w/ Selena, and a few surprising and powerful moments of "revelation". You feel for Penguin, and his inability to relate to human kind, given his upbringing, and Catwoman's seductive, and totally animalistic exaction of her revenge and sexual liberation.

Downsides? Ran a little long at 2 hr 10 minutes. Some may be turned off by the underlying social commentary in this movie. However, it was tasteful, effective, and well orchestrated. In some ways, I felt as if this 1992 summer flick rivaled "Spiderman 2", by way of character association, and development. The visuals however, go to "Returns".

All that said, forget Halle Berry, and pick up "Batman Returns" and see the real "Catwoman" at work. She is Selena Kyle, hear her roar.

8/10 Batarangs from your caped critic-sader.

I'm afraid the plot will be over your head.

Yeah I didnt like it.

What do you mean over my head?

By "plot" I didn't mean "post!"

Eh, I'm just messing with ya. wink


I think the only thing that carried this movie was that it was actual footage.I dont think its very far fetched to think it was either I believe in spirits and demons and I think that a witch could cast them on the people.I dont believe in ghost or monsters so I dont that what was out there.

Anyways back to what I was saying I waited 1hr 30min to get to a good scare something that would show up on screen that would haunt me because it was real,and nothing happened.I felt that this should've been a documentary not a horror movie.

Well, Stormy_Day, when The Blair Witch Project was released in July 1999 it was marketed probably better than any movie had been in history.

In early July, not many people knew about the movie, and the movie was being marketed by the directors on the website as A REAL EVENT - that these kids were still missing. Therefore, because not too many people knew about the movie, many people went into the theater the weekend of July 16, 1999 not knowing whether it was real or a made-up movie.

I, myself, was pretty sure it was not real but I honestly could not say I believed it 100% because of the way it was marketed.

Keep in mind it was first released in select cities. I saw it in Atlanta that weekend. After the following weekend pretty much everyone knew it wasn't real.

I dont think its that far-fetchd to say it isnt confused

Take this to your thread, Stormy. Like to keep mine on the topic of movies that I have seen and chose to review.

That said, this afternoon, I took in the Steven Soderbergh directed "Out of Sight".

The movie, starring Jennifer Lopez, Ving Rhames, and George Clooney, is about an in-and-out bank robber (Clooney) who steals the heart of one Karen Sisco (Lopez). Determinded not to mix business with pleasure, the movie is less about the planned diamond heist, and more about the sexual tension between the two, which was reminescent of "Batman Returns".

The back story is set in penententary, where 4 different Ex-cons heard through the grapevine that a fellow inmate is the procurer (Richard Ripley) of over $5 M dollars in uncut diamonds, whom which befriended a cellmate, in turn, telling the other 3 where to find the stash, right down to Dick's home in Detroit.

That's where things get interesting. Like winning the lottery, only to see your friends crawl out of the woodwork a few months later, all these criminals wanted a piece of the pie.

As for the movie, it was very, very messy. It started out with a great "Oceans Eleven" theme, then delved into some long winded conversations between Batman and J. Lo. Picked back up on the prison theme, and then dropped in on Clooney/J.Lo's relationship.

Bad pacing, way too long of a film, and otherwise insufferable performances by everyone but the 3 stars, save the comic relief by pothead inmate, Steve Zahn. The laughs were still sparce, and the "coolness" factor of "Ocean's" was sorely missing.

I'm not recommending this movie, even if you like heist flicks, such as myself. Just..an average movie, but way too busy and contrived to consider watching ever again.


I started out asking you what you thought of it.Then botankus posted and I replied I thought it would be easier sorry sad

That made no sense, but whatever.

Yes it does if you read the last few post no expression

Hey Ca I dont mean to clutter up your thread but you should really see "I,Robot"

I understood the post, sorry I didn't respond. Guess I should have referred yo to the BWP threads in Horror so everyone could tell you how crappy it was, lol. Good for 1999, er whenever it came out, now it's garbage.

Alison and I actually have had a change of heart, and plan on seeing both "I, Robot" and "The Manchurian Candidate" this week.
Hell, I've still got 2 rentals to review, and tomorrow "Hellboy" and a few others are coming out.

I dont know about Hellboy my brother said it wasnt that good confused

I'm rather moody tonight, so I'll make this quick.

This afternoon, for the first time, like so many of these movies, I saw "Rain Man". It's the story about a 2 brothers, one rich, one an idiot savant, who's fathers death brings them together after what seems like 30 years. While one, Charlie (Cruise), had a sordid past with Pops, the other, Raymond (Hoffman), was closer to his heart.

After being shafted in his father's last will and testament, and learning that someone else was the sole recipient of his father's $3 Million dollar estate, Charlie sets out to find the unknown beneficiary, only to learn it's his own flesh and blood, the autistic Raymond, who of course has no concept of money.

The story fleshes out nicely, as most "feel good" movies do, as the money becomes obsolete once a common bond is found between the brothers.

Cruise played the perturbed, confused, but understanding well-to-do business man, while Hoffman's incredible performance paved the way for movies like "Sam I Am", and the like. It's a nice drama, not as gripping as I suspected it to be, but Dustin Hoffman's performance is definately worth the rental.

Dusty himself gets a 10/10. The movie, given it's an original, heartwarming, feel good flick, recieves a 6.5/10 for me. Just slightly above average, IMO, but worth a look see if you haven't yet.

I don't know about you guys but I saw I, Robot and it was way, way beyond predictable or maybe its just me because I've seen so many movies the only good thing about it were the special effects besides that I felt like I had already seen the film a hundread times story wise.

Stormy Day
I loved that movie.I didnt think it was predictable at all,and the CGI was dazziling smile

Well, the only considerably predictible part, being the robot takeover, was already uncovered in the trailers anyway. I'm hoping to see the movie this week, still.


I took in Brian DePalma's Vietnam war drama "Casualties of War". The movie is based on the true story of "Eriksson", who witnessed first-hand the savage and ruthless conduct of his platoon, when they kidnap, rape, and murder an innocent Vietnamese girl.

The movies purpose, aside from sharing a true story, is to remind people that not all violence in war is merited after all.

Michael J. Fox (Eriksson) was very convincing as a cherry war draftee, totally new to the concept of war, but at the same time, a guy who had morals even in war time. Sean Penn (Meserve) was evil personified. Easily one of the most ruthless war movie characters of late. Full of malice, hatred, disrespect, and totally devoid of any remorse or pity. Awesome, awesome performance.

I am just now getting into DePalma's films, personally, so I am not familiar with his camera techiques, but there were some incredible trick shots, that added alot to the most intense sequences. One in particular..

While the platoon is on the bridge, firing at the Vietcong on the river below, the camera shows Michael J. Fox looking through binoculars on one side of the screen, while a platoon member is seen clearly in the background, on the other side of the screen, brutally stabbing the Vietcong captive. Normally, this is where the camera would focus on one character, while blurring the background, which is what made this shot in particular memorable.

War movie fans will really appreciate this flick, especially given that "true story" movies usually have alot more emotion that we as people can relate and latch on to. It's not exactly on the same page as "Platoon", but still very exploitive of the "Kill 'em all" attitude, and the end of the "Flower Power" era.

8/10. Rent it, soldier!

Just a programming note, it may be a few days before the next review, but they will include "Serpico", "Carlito's Way", "Apocalypse Now", and "Deep Rising".

why is it "..picks of the Week" when you're reviewing basicaly one a day? stick out tongue

Eh, well "Cinemaddiction talks about all the movies he has seen this week" didn't quite fit in the title. That and I decided to share even the bad movies I saw, instead of just the good.

Damn, Cory, how much free time do you have??

Too much, apparently. geek

Stormy Day

For those of you keeping tabs, "Carlito's Way", "Apocalypse Now", and "Deep Rising" have all been set on the backburner due to unavailability, however, taking their place are "Serpico", "Amelie", "The Manchurian Candidate", and "I, Robot"._ cool

Jumping right into things, this afternoon I saw "The Manchurian Candidate". The movie is about Manchurian Global, a world leader in biotechnology of sorts, who has sided with crooked political figures in an attempt to place a distinguished, decorated US soldier Raymond Shaw (Schreiber) in office, as Vice President.

Lt. Marco (Denzel Washington), is aware of a sinister brainwashing scheme that went down in Kuwait during the 1st Gulf War, involving U.S. Troops. Marco sets out to blow the whistle on Manchurian, and have their bid for literally owning the 2nd most prestigious spot in politics, blown, while uncovering one of the world's biggest political scandals.

There's only one word I can use to describe Liev Schreiber. Underrated. He was underrated in the "Scream" trilogy, went unnoticed in "Ransom," and he basically just doesn't get enough solid roles, in which he is totally capable of nailing! I've always liked him. Denzel is on a roll, especially after "Man on Fire." He was very convincing, determined, and an overall powerful actor.

The story left a little something to be desired, personally. It was intriguing, but I was expecting just a little bit more overall suspense, although what was covered was still shocking, and frighteningly realistic and plausible. Having never seen the original, it is quite possible that they felt as if tampering too much with the Sinatra version may break any correlation people may be looking for. The audience with which I viewed the movie were mostly mature aged adults.

But, in the end, it was a solid thriller without being too political and cliche. Very unique movie, and some stellar performances by people you just don't see that often (Schreiber and Streep).

Overall, 7.5/10. So, drive right past "The Village," and put your vote in for "The Manchurian Candidate."

Stormy Day
Drive past the village?You must be joking blink


The 1973 police drama entitled "Serpico", starring Al Pacino, documents the true story of New York police officer Frank Serpico, his rise through the ranks, and how he found out first hand that even in law enforcement, honestly isn't always the best policy.

A champion of fighting corruption, Serpico is put to the test, bouncing from 3 different precincts, all of which harbored the same crooked personas as the last. Racial profiling, money under the table, and dirty payoffs from the town's most notorious criminals were all too common on Serpico's beats, and swept under the rug. Until now.

This being one of Al Pacino's earliest films, I can honestly say that he only gets better with age, which is hard to believe given his performance as Mr. Serpico himself. He had a very admirable and raw approach towards his character, and like Frank, never waivered in the face of adversity. I'm not a huge fan of early 70's films in particular, but this one honestly was rather enjoyable. It ran a little long at 130 minutes, and the "dirty money" gimmick that fueled the plot was somewhat tired by the end, but that wasn't enough to stop the movie, of course.

Taking into account it's age, and subject matter, I'd give it a 6.5/10. It was above average, but doesn't hold a candle to his other "true story" movie, "Donnie Brasco". I'd recommend renting it if you ever wish to catch a glimpse at the birth of one of today's most gifted actors career.

Alright, gang. It's been a while since a Foreign film has really tickled my fancy. Ever since Luc Besson's "Wasabi", starring Jean Reno, which I HIGHLY recommend, I've been looking for the next big thing.

I found it in "Amelie", starring Audrey Tautou. "Amelie" is about a 23 year old French girl who one day, on a whim, comes across a tin full of memories, once belonging to a boy in the mid 1950's who once lived in her flat. Eager to return it, and experiencing the adulation of the owner once he recieved it, she decides that one good turn deserves another! Amelie goes out of her way to help others in ways you couldn't imagine. But, when the opportunity presents itself where Amelie can indulge in a little pleasure, by way of a crush, will she help herself?

I'm so literally smitten with this movie, and Audrey herself. She's the epitome of cute! I've marked out on this movie, so if you have no clue who she is, take a look at my sig. She was also fairly decent in "Pretty Dirty Things".

Why should you rent this? The story is so much fun, it's literally pure magic. It's got a "Big Fish" kind of visual feel to it. A humerous story, equally humerous cast, quick with smart dialogue. Colorful, vibrant atmosphere, in addition to it's undeniable feel good vibe, very unique storylines, and the cinematography....words can't describe.

My only gripe about this movie is Amelie's cute little personal dilema regarding indulging in something for herself. It came off as a little too much of a romantic comedy cliche, and didn't feel as unique as the rest of the movie. It could have been shortened, and been the subsequent omission that would have made this a 10/10 in my book.

That said, I am highly, highly, HIGHLY recommending this movie to all of you, especially those who are looking to break into foreign cinema, or just a good, fun, non-artsy French film.

9/10 from Monsuier penchant de cinema.


"Creepshow" was written and directed by Stephen King and George Romero, with his pal Tom Savini taking on the special effects duties. Coming at the pinnacle of both writers careers in '82, this is a surefire hit, right?

Dead wrong. Pun intended.

"Creepshow" was just plain boring. It wasn't creepy, and it wasn't much of a show, either. The stories selected, which played out more like a bad "Tales from the Crypt" episode, were dull, drawn out, and devoid of suspense.

Knowing full well what these artists are capable of, this falls well short, regardless of any cult following the movie has. I found myself fast forwarding through the majority of this 80's "horror" cheese factory.

3/10, with the only true highlight of the movie, aside from Leslie Nielsen's involvement, being an end segment showcasing Savini's work where a scientist is overrun by a roach infestation problem, which subsequently kills him, and roaches are shown filing out in mass from his mouth, as well as bursting out of his neck.

Oh shit, I need to watch Creepshow again, I haven't seen it in years. I bought it on DVD a year ago for about 4 bucks, and still haven't watched it. I remember liking it last time I saw it. Although it is incredibly cheesy.


Carlito's Way yes That is one of my favorite Pacino movies and Sean Penn does great as well. I want to see your take on this when you watch it.

You got it, man. I'll swipe it either Monday or Tuesday, since I found it at Hollywood Video.

Apocalypse Now REDUX

I really was hoping to enjoy this movie thoroughly. But 3 hours and 15 minutes later, I have to say I was far from impressed. mad

"Apocalypse Now REDUX" is the "defintive version" of Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam war epic "Apocalypse Now", starring Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Dennis Hopper, and Lawrence Fishburne. It opens with Martin Sheen waiting a new assignment, when he is brought in on a case to hunt down a rogue General who was off galavanting in the jungle of Vietnam, ordering troops to do his bidding. In the meantime, he had become somewhat of a sheltered ayatollah, horrified by the mere thought of engaging in war a second more.

It's honestly a very basic war time movie, which should really only be remembered for it's final hour, in which Brando is confronted in his uniquely decorated (see: lynched and decapitated soldiers) palace, surrounded by villagers. The extra 49 minutes crammed into this disc all seemed to lie in a humdrum encounter with an outfit of French mercenaries, and a handful of token Americans, on the river in the Vietcong. Very longwinded in dialogue, very boring, and drab. It did nothing for the movie honestly.

While it did manage to depict the savage and sometimes hysteria enducing conditions that were encountered by those serving in 'Nam in more "realistic" light, which is all war movies have to do to break correlations, by "outdoing" one another, it was still very run of the mill. The characters were boring, the showdowns were cliched, and the end result was just..average.

An average movie, IMO, gets an average rating of 5/10. There is also a 145 minute version available, which may be a little more enticing for those who think they may want to do like me, and see what the hype is all about, but don't have 3 1/2 hours to waste on a movie.

Last week one of my friends said that his girlfriend's brother's favorite movie was Dark City and, not knowing anything about it, if he should rent it. I immediately asked if his girlfriend's brother was into Star Wars.

He said yep, he even goes to conventions dressed up as the characters.

I was turned off by "Dark City", just because of Kiefer Sutherland's speech impediment.


"Signs" is M. Night Shymalan's 3rd film, which deals with one families discovery of crop circles in their cornfields, their personal perseverance, and ultimate reaffirmation of faith. It's not your typical alien invasion movie, by any stretch of the imagination.

Mel Gibson plays a wayward Father, who lost his faith soon after losing his wife, along side his brother Frank (Phoenix) who's holed up with Gibson's two children. The story unfolds infront of our eyes, from fear and shock, down to taking things into their own hands. Light on alien cliches, and heavier on uncanny realism, Shymalan once again proves that reality is always more frightening than spooky music, costumes, and giant space ships.

Bucking the Hollywood system, M. Night takes the cliches out of the extraordinary, and presents an incredibly plausible situation. In "Signs," the threat is real, but there is no mass hysteria, no evacuations, and no Y2K-esque stockpiling. The family instead stands their ground, strengthening their tattered ties.

"Signs" is a package film. Comedic scenes, solidifying the normalcy of the characters. Situational drama coupled with riveting suspense, which again, is totally plausible, by way of Breaking News on TV, right down to trivial human weaknesses at a time of panic, such as an asthma attack. This in lieu of the all too familiar buildings being blown up or mass exodus, in addition to the obvious, and very intriguing extraterrestrial element.

Like most Shymalan movies, the almost effortless way in which viewers can relate to his work is what drew me into this one, aside from being a fan of the supernatural. In addition, there was some signature catchy cinematography, especially in his framing, and sweeps. The ending, while not a typical M. Night stylized twist, is still equally as suspenseful, as it beautifully integrates itself with Gibson's characters coming full circle, and his reaffirmation of faith.

Final raring? 7.5/10

Stormy Day
Yeah that movie rocked cool

What I like most about M.Night is his ability to have character development and story instead of just focusing on the suspense and the aliens.He keeps them well hidden where your imagination can help you until you actually see them.

"Touch of Evil"

After taking some suggestions from the fellow regs in the AOL "Movie Madness" chat room, I went for some film noir this afternoon. I should have stayed away, per my regular suspicion. roll eyes (sarcastic)

"Touch if Evil" is a supposed film nor classic "whodunit" by Orson Welles, in 1958. Starring Orson Welles, Janet Leigh, and Charlton Heston. Sorry to say, I don't think I have anything positive to say other than Janet Leigh was an attractive lady.

Let the onslaught begin! Firstly, Mr. Heston is a TOTALLY uncredible "Mexican". He's like a Latin "Rhett" from "Gone With the Wind", which I will never suffer through. Smooth talking, DEVOID of an accent, and too cultured to be believable. On a side note, I think Orson Welles jabberjawed character was the inspiration for Chief Quimbly on "The Simpsons".

The plot was so simple; to find who put a bomb in some politcal figure's car. In addition to the culprit confessing the crime over and over, Orson Welle's character frames him, for good measure I suppose, which was totally pointless, given his already extremely blatant prejudice. Heston's character was out to foil the dirty cops cover, which he did, by way of documenting conversations via tape recorder, which proved useless in the end. It was like an even older version of "Serpico".

Overall, it was a boring movie, with bad sound quality, bad dialogue which had a tendency to overlap in the characters interaction, wooden acting, and a horrible, horrible ending.

4/10, and that's being nice.

"The Manchurian Candidate" (1962)

Now, onto a movie that is actually worth my time, the original "The Manchurian Candidate", directed by John Frankenheimer. cool

Frank Sinatra plays the role of Mjr. Ben Marco, a soldier who served along side Sgt. Raymond Shaw (Lawrence Harvey). A mutual brainwashing experiment conducted by the Russian, Chinese, and even the USA, pits 6 American soldiers in Manchuria for an experiment in terror. Subsequently plagued with horrible nightmares that suggest an adverse opinion of what Marco has felt about Shaw, Marco's feelings give way to suspicion. While a fellow serviceman writes to Shaw, Marco takes his dreams to the Army, hoping to convince them that he, Shaw, and his surviving platoon were guinea pigs in an evil scam involving the U.S.'s own.

In the meantime, Shaw's domineering mother, played by Angela Lansbury, has aspirations of being the next First Lady by any means necessary. Try as Shaw might to dispense of his mother, she's the one "holding the cards", so to speak.

For 1962, the plot of this film is incredibly ahead of it's time. Very original, and again, plausible, like the remake. It was well acted, well concieved, and was as entertaining as it's 2004 counterpart. The only true gripe I have is that it was more of a political drama than a thriller. The sense of urgency in the 1962 version is absent, and plays more into the personal relationships of the main characters, love interests and all.

However, the last 15 minutes of the movie are by far the most entertaining, especially once Ol' Blue Eyes takes the reigns on Shaw, becoming the puppetmaster in a masterful performance.

For those that are interested, here are some of the key points that differ between the 1962 and 2004 versions. Minor spoilers follow.

1) Raymond Shaw in not the actual candidate in the 1962 version. To fill Mrs. Shaw's bid to become the first lady, Raymond is brainwashed into assassinating his step-fathers competition.

2) Ben Marco is not effected by the brainwashing at any point of the 1962 version. He actually instructs Shaw to contact him before hs carries out the assassination temp.

3) Ms. Shaw is not already a Senator, as she is in the 2004 version. She's looking to become first lady.

All that said, I actually amend my rating of "The Manchurian Candidate" (2004) to an 8/10, and give "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962) a 7/10. It's an excellent political thriller.

"Frankenstein" (1932)

Doctor Frankenstein makes a monster from dead people, gives it a defective brain, it gets angry and hurts people, people hunt it down with torches ala "Shrek", then it gets killed itself. There's the movie.

It's in black and white, there was absolutely no music, it was devoid of anything remotely entertaining, and if anything, the movie is "classic" just because of the namesake.

1/10, what a ****ing bore.

Stormy Day
Most old movies are classics because there old erm

And its a black&white 1932 horror movie..what did you expect? stick out tongue

"Garage Days"

"Garage Days" is an Aussie independant movie from the director of "I, Robot" and "The Crow", issued by FOX Searchlight ("28 Days Later"wink. While I liked "The Crow", this one left a lot to be desired.

"Garage Days" is about a terrible garage band. So bad in fact, they would be the first to admit it, yet take gigs at will, showcasing their "horribility" as Alison would say. The movie showcases the drama, both personal and professional, of 4 Aussie young adults looking to get their music heard by any means necessary. Pregnancies, obsession, overdoses, sex, drugs, and rock n' roll make up a movie that probably should have stayed in the garage itself.

The cinematography was reminescent of "Snatch", with alot of stop motion frames, quick cuts, etc. At the same time, it felt like a really long television show, with bumper music and shots of local shops for segways, etc. There were some great special effects during the "Joy of Drugs: Part 1 & 2" sequences, and the movies soundtrack was FANTASTIC, which is a rarity in movies these days. Very ecelectic mix of old and new, much like "Empire Records".

However, fancy camera work and killer tunes don't make up for the elementary acting, the weak, tired plot, and the mundane characters. If you're an indie sympathizer, like me, or enjoy "rock and roll" flicks, "Garage Days" may be a "nice little movie", yet easily outdone by "Rock Star"; a far superior film for those about to rock.

4/10, for good tracks and wicked effects.


"Collateral" is the latest offering from director Michael Mann, who gave us "Heat", and most recently, "Ali". Much like Muhammed's opponents, this one was down for the count before the movie even started.

Max (Jamie Foxx) is more or less "commissioned" by passenger/ruthless hitman Vincent (Cruise) to basically chauffer him around, as he executes the evenings hits. After learning that Vince's last job of the night involves a new love interest in Annie, (Jada Pinkett-Smith), Max takes matters into his own hands.

Going into the movie expecting absolutely nothing, I was still interested in seeing how Cruise would execute his heel turn. Playing out much like a rogue version of Ethan Hunt, it wasn't much of a stretch from his "M:I" character. He wasn't as abrasive or sarcastic, and Cruise's attempts at reasoning, coupled with browbeating psychoanalysis with Fox, seemed ungenuine and pointless, respectively.

Jamie Foxx however was extremely refreshing. He played an excellent "Average Joe", who turned up the heat when need be in a very convincing, and sly manner. There was a scene in which he was sent into a Latino nightclub by Vincent, to pose as himself, and in Max's encounter, he went from nervous wreck to stone faced assassin in 3 seconds flat. His acting was the closest thing to "Collateral" as I could expect, in exchange for my for $5.25.

A unique storyline with poor execution, no twists, yet still commendable performances from the 2 lesser known stars of the film. Wish I could have liked this one, but like Cruise's victims, it was D.O.A.


"I, Robot"

"I, Robot" is a Sci Fi movie based on same titled works of Isaac Asimov. Set in the year 2035, robots are an intregal part of society. The current NS 4 models are seen politely excusing themselves after upon bumping into others, walking dogs, and even candidly delivering packages for Fed Ex. It all seems too perfect to one Det. Spooner (Will Smith)

His prejudice towards these machines, evidenced by a botched arrest attempt on an innocent robot, is heightened as is his curiosity, after the "suicide" of the prestigious Dr. Lanning at USR, the nations leading robotics corporation. This, on the eve of the launch of the new and improved NS 5 models. According to everyone but Spooner, robots aren't capable of such a crime. Or are they?

Will Smith. I have read on this board that he's "talentless"? I beg to differ. Smith was on fire. He's snippy and snide towards the founders of USR, suave and cunning with the ladies, and effectively angry and unrelenting towards those who doubt his suspicions. I felt that his delivery was very well rounded, and convincing.

The story in "I, Robot" has many a layer. There's irony that comes from prejudice, prejudice from distrust, unpredictibility,evolution, revolution, a battle for supremacy amongst same creatures, and what is eerily plausible, a real life rise of the machines. All this in addition to fantastic special effects wizardry, elaborate set designs, and some ultra cool costuming.

"I, Robot" was well written and directed, devoid of punny one liners and cliche big explosions, and is easily one of the smarter, more entertaining Science Fiction films of the past few Summers, that actually has some Box Office staying power. Which we all know is rare in the days of wizards, arachnid men, and fairy tales come to life.

"I, Robot" is one that I, Recommend.


Stormy Day
I knew you would like this film

"You know some how I told you so..just doesnt cut it"


Mr Zero
What a ****ing shocker. I despair of teaching you anything.

Here's a great review of I,Robot - http://www.maddox.xmission.com/c.cgi?u=i_robot

LOL...Amen, Backfire...Amen

Instead of I, Robot see Minority Report this movie was released a while ago but it runs circles around I, Robot. Its dark, brooding, and will make you squrim...oh yeah and it doesnt shove ads down your throat.

Frankly, you don't have anything from which I could benefit, given our polar opposite tastes.

Maddox conveniently forgot to mention the correlations between the movie in the book, letting his prejudice get in the way of a balanced judgment. He's acting like product placement is new. I though, of what I saw, it was funny, and a smart way to showcase the "period" relations in the movie.

Speaking of Minority Report. Were you asleep while John Anderton was riding in that Lexus prototype, and during the ad's for Reebok, Nokia, Bulgari, Aquafina, Guinness, American Express Blue, and the Gap? What the f**k?

Amen, indeed.

Stormy Day
oooo ca took all of you stick out tongue

Mr Zero
Tell me child because I'm awash with curiosity - exactly how does CA's butt taste? Sweet or sour?

"War of the Worlds"

"War of the Worlds" is the 1953 adaptation of author H.G. Wells' masterpiece novelization. Wells' book, originally a subtexted work about European imperialism, was dumbed down to a basic communist agression piece. This, hinted at by the "red planet" references, and the disregard for religion/religious figures, such as a priest who meets his untimely demise via death ray.

Simply put, "meteors" are spotted crashing all over town, when a scientist and a young beauty come to discover it's an alien invasion.
It's the 1950's, what do you expect?

The movie isn't so much enjoyable for it's acting, as it is for its sheer examples of innovation in Sci Fi cinema. Equally as admirable, are the prop designs. The space pods are sleek, the aliens, original, albeit hokey, with the incredible (for their time) special effects, bringing up the rear. The inspirations for Roland Emmerich's "Independence Day" are HIGHLY noticable all throughout this feature.

The movie is rather easy to follow, and more of a visual masterpiece than anything else. That said, this is a must see for Sci Fi fans looking to get back to their roots.


Look for my review of H.G. Wells "The Time Machine", "Carlito's Way", and "Deep Rising" in the coming days.

Stormy Day
Id imagine it'd taste sour embarrasment

But if you knew anything about me and CA's relationship or about anything else in the forums youd know that im not known to kiss anyones butt.

Back to movies.

"Deep Rising"

In 1998's "Deep Rising", Treat Williams jettisons a gang of miscreant would be hijackers and their precious cargo to the pleasure vessel "Argonautica", of one Simon Canton, who has some ulterior motives himself. Little do they know, the ship is harboring a deadly gaggle of beasts, comparible to the lovechild of an octopus and the Sarlaac monster from "Return of the Jedi".

The positives are few and far between. Treat Williams' dialogue was yanked from a cache of punny one liners, 1/4 of which were somewhat amusing. The remaining dialogue, much like the supporting casts performances, were standard 90's action flick fare. However, to its credit, there were solid jump scares, surprisingly FANTASTIC gore, especially the gored up skeletal remains, Djimon "getting the axe", as well as a 1/2 digested baddie, were great., and "The Substitute" did have a great one liner pertaining to what the seafarers may ambush the crew with.

I'm still somewhat undetermined what kind of movie Stephen Sommers was shooting for. It's horror influences were well done, but the comedic interjections were just hokey, Williams' character was almost too crass and smart alec-y to watch as a "hero", and the action was too cliche to try and enjoy. Explosions and getting chased by monsters are all too standard, and disappointing, coming from a movie with alot of potential.

And the ending..ooohhhh..THE ENDING!? So, did they wash upon the shore of Jurassic Park, or what? IMO, "Deep Rising" should have never risen.

5/10, and I'm throwing it a bone for impressive gore, casting Cliff Curtis, and an overall good effort.

Damn it C-man, I love your little puns at the end of your reviews.

"Carlito's Way"

In Brian De Palma's 1993 crime/drama, "Carlito's Way", Al Pacino plays Carlito Brigante, a Puerto Rican ex-con who just recieved a "Get of of Jail Free" card, by way of a technicality, thanks to his lawyer, David Kleinfeld, played by always entertaining Sean Penn. Sworn to a life of criminal sobriety, Carlito returns to the streets. Unbeknownst to him, things have changed during his 5 year lockdown, and his former cronies want him to get "reacquainted" with the neighborhood.

Charlie, after stumbling upon his old flame in Penelope Ann Miller, has even more reasons to stay clean. But, as outside pressure mounts from all around, in the form of distrust, "favors", and new blood, Brigante finds himself virtually back in the thick of things weither he likes it or not. Does he stay true to his "Serpico" like honor system creedo, or snap like a twig.

Pacino is alllll aces here. From the beginning narration, with crafty dark hues, through Pacino's struggle to play it straight, down to vindicating and relinquishing himself of his past. Easily one of his best dramatic performances, squeezed out masterfully by De Palma once again.

An aside, John Leguizamo's Benny Blanco character is worth noting. More or less Pacino's "stand in" during his time in the pen, Blanco was a very unpredictible character, destined to have a bigger role as the movie went on. Sean Penn as Pacino's seedy lawyer was simply brilliant. To put it lightly, looks can be decieving, and his character was true to the addage. The remainder of the supporting cast lent themselves seemlessly to the hustler's paradise that was the Puerto Ricann slums.

While the movie had a nice balance of drama and action, clocking in at just under 150 minutes, there were some dramatic dialogue heavy lulls, mostly spent in reestablishing Carlito and Gail, given their somewhat sordid past. Otherwise, it's pure gold watching Pacino's sting of unpredictible approachs to the adversities he is subjected to. This movie was one cliffhanger after another. In the end, you couldn't help but root for Carlito, given all the indignities he had suffered.

The last 15 minutes of this movie are guaranteed to make up for anything that may have rubbed you the wrong way earlier. Be it the heavy dialogue, the guys you wish Pacino would have whacked but didn't, whatever the case. Masterful, exciting gunplay coupled with honest to god edge of your seat footchase scenes make for one hell of an exciting, yet heartbreaking ending.

You wanna see Pacino's best work, vato? Do it the right way. "Carlito's Way".


could we get back to the point

Stormy Day

love your sig ca evil face

No doubt there were ads in Minority Report I failed to see but due to the amount of ads in both films I still think Minority Report is a better film. And I didnt say there were NO ads in Minority Report I just said that they werent shoved down your throat like in I, Robot, an example: "Nice shoes" to which Smith replies "Vintage 2004." -Maddox Review

The only few things that the movie have in common is some characters and faulty robots. The book is more about non-violent robot-human interaction and the mind of a robot, only near the end of the book do the robots get violent. If anything the true movie from book would resemble "Bicentennial Man" than some action movie. Its actually better to actually read the book before you say how alike it is.

Its ok for a character in a movie to go up to a vending machine and get out a Coca-Cola, its more realistic than some thought up generic band anyway. But when they say "Coca-cola is the best friggin soft drink out there" you know that there just saying that to get a little more money.

Here is a review of each film by Roger Ebert that I strongly agree with:

Minority Report


I respect your opinion but I disagree completely.

Stormy Day
I did not get why they kept saying nice shoes.I was like "hello what does this all mean"I thought it was gonna tie in with the ending or something.And the whole thing about his moms pie I thought that had something to do with the ending also.

"Nice shoes", if I remember correctly, once only said once. The Converse All Stars were a joke, like I said, showing how Spooner still appreciates the "good old days". They don't even make leather Converse All Star high tops.

As for the pie, the first time was to establish that he liked it. The 2nd time, he didn't want to eat it, because it was made by a robot.

"Once Upon A Time in China"

"Once" is a 1991 martial arts film, and the big screen debut of Jet Li. Here, Li takes on the role of Wong Fei-Hung, a legendary martial arts hero from Canton. Not Ohio, mind you. The movie is basically about Western civilization penentrating Canton's borders, and Fei-Hung's fight to keep the creeping influence of modern weapondry, which is a means to an end to the martial arts, out of his country.

The film is a boring, convoluted waste. There is no real point to the film, given its paper thin premise mentioned above. It's a hodgepodge of comedy, drama, and kung fu. None of which is represented in an entertaining fashion. While it isn't the films fault, the audio tracks were infact nearly inaudible, and the quality of the film was extremely poor, all of which lent to a horrible viewing experience.

I rented this movie to get geared up for Jet Li's 2002 offering, "Hero", which is being released here in the States in late August. That said, familiarize yourself with Li's work in "Black Mask", "Lethal Weapon 4", or even "Kiss of the Dragon" before this swill.

If you're looking for something with Jet, your best bet is to Li-eave this flick on the shelf.


so cine what is your pick today

"Kill Bill: Volume 2"

"Kill Bill: Volume 2" is basically the 2nd half of Tarrentino's epic, where The Bride is out to scratch off the last remaining names on her shit list, consisting of those who wronged her, the groom, and unborn child during her wedding recital 4 years ago.

This is another messy, messy movie, in which it couldn't decide on what it wanted to be. It was absolutely NOTHING like the first installment, which was gold compared to this Frankenstein of Kung Fu homages, chick flick-esque drama, and longwinded, boring dialogue.

Devoid of the 1st's clever cinematography, fun atmosphere, and interesting characters, Vol. 2 plays out more like a mundane drama. Yes, a Tarrentino drama. Can you believe it? The sap factor in this one was off the scale. David Carradine's annoying lisp, a lazy, messy score, and the fact it ran about 30 minutes too long left me disappointed. I actually wanted to like this movie, but alas.

Props to the guy for exercising restraint, only using the "P" word 3 times, none of which were in offense manner, and having NO signature demeaning sex scenes/references. To it's credit, the fight between Darryl Hannah and Uma Thurman is the stuff of legend.

All in all, it was a very tedious, jumbled, and again, convoluted piece of "art", one that even the most dedicated Q.T. fan should be displeased with. Especially the totally absurd, non-delivering, anti-climactic ending.
These movies would have been half way enjoyable, had they been conglomerated, and given an ending worthy of the franchises namesake.

Vol. 2 is one chapter that everyone should skim through, at best.



"Iron Monkey"

"Iron Monkey" was introduced to U.S. audiences through Quentin Tarantino, by way of Miramax in 2001, 8 years after it's initial release in Hong Kong.

Iron Monkey is the Asian equivalent of Robin Hood, who in his free time doubles as the village doctor along side his female companion, Ms. Orchid. He takes on everyone from local officials to the Emporer himself, all in an amazing display of aerial asskickin', all for his people. For those familiar with the Hong Kong lore, "Iron Monkey" will appear as more of a prequel of the life and times of one Wong Fei-Hung, who was immortalized in the Jet Li helmed "Once Upon a Time in China" series.

The movie was magic. It was short, clocking in at only 85 minutes, and was packed to the gills with the martial arts choreography and direction of the legendary Mr. Woo-ping Yuen. The likes of which none of us are worthy of witnessing. You may know his work from a little movie franchise called "The Matrix", as well as "Kill Bill 1 + 2", "Black Mask 1 +2", and as far back as Jackie Chan's "Drunken Master".

In addition, it had outrageous situational humor, inspiring drama, loveable characters, and some of the most original acrobatic cinematography I've ever seen. The aerial stunts (strings/live action) was just awe inspiring.

In my book, "Iron Monkey" is actually pure gold, and is a must see especially for those looking to get into modern Martial Arts films, such as myself.


Stormy Day
I havent finished Vol 2 but im enjoying it so far.I hated the first and this ones focusing more on the diolage than the overdone uneccessary gore that made the first one such a mess erm

Not a big fan of the "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" genre so Iron Monkey wasnt to pleasing for me erm

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", from "The Hulk" director Ang Lee, chronicles the adventures of two warriors hot on the trail of a elder fugitive named Jade Fox, as well as the stolen sword, the mystical Green Destiny. Both of which lead them to the masterful, yet vulnerable, teenage swordswoman, Jen Yu.

The appeal, that I found in the movie was that of the emotional persuasion. Untrust, unspoken love, redemption and betrayal. It was a coming of age story, with a elegant martial arts twist. In addition, there weren't any cultural hurdles you had to jump to follow along.

Chow Yun Fat has a FANTASTIC on screen presence. His presence in general commands respect, much like his on stage persona, Master Li Mu Bai. Michelle Yeoh (Yu Shu Lien) was Fat's female equivalent in all ways imaginable. Graceful with the sword, and firm yet assertive in character. In the middle of it all, the real star, IMO, was the teenage prodigy Jen Yu (Ziyi Zhang). Incredibly competant in the ways of the arts, Yu showed her worth against Bai and Lien, which was the catalyst to help Jen change for the better, becoming Bai's pupil under the Green Destiny.

Of course the absolute biggest draw of the movie was the swordplay. It was intense, but almost melodic at times. The highlight of the film, being Yu's "woman scorned" routine in the bar, where she literally takes out masters of the craft with the greatest of ease, leaving no man standing.

I think some people may have been turned off by the "fairy tale" approach to these characters. Able to leap and bound effortlessly, flying through air without a hitch. I, personally, thought it was fun and added to the visual aesthetic of the movie, coupled with the beautiful ancient Chinese backdrops/landmarks, and incredible score.

The only downside to this movie, that I found was there was a lot of prequel set-up for Jen's love interest/backstory. It was necessary, but it's placement interrupted the flow of the story. In addition, the "light as air" wire work started to lose its appeal during these otherwise city wide flacid rooftop chase scenes.

Those things aside, it was a very easy going movie. Visually appealing, emotionally satisfying, and presented in a very "flowy" nature, like a storybook entry. A very good Sunday afternoon movie, with which you could Crouch down on the sofa and relax, given someone hasn't Hidden the remote from ya.


Stormy Day
I cant believe you gave this movie such a high rating.I hated this piece of garbage erm.

..and what did you dislike about it, and why?

Stormy Day
Im just not a big fan of the whole "The Crouching Tiger" genre.I didnt like the whole flying threw air thing or having a sword fight on a leaf.Creative but it just didnt work for me.

It's unclassifiable, IMO. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is in a league of its own, unless you're talking about "Wire Fu" in general, which actually varies from director to director.

I like the genre, and if you like movies like "The Matrix", I don't see how this is any different.

Stormy Day
The Matrix pulled it off and it didnt look as stupid as it does in this movie along with the upcoming "Hero" that im only seeing because the QT name erm

Well, there's still no comparing "CT, HD" + "The Matrix", I was talking moreso about Neo + Morpheus' kung fu sessions than anything.

Don't see "Hero" because of Quentin Tarantino. All he did was supply the funds to have the movie released in the U.S. like he did for "Iron Monkey". He had no other involvement.

And now for something completely different.....a review.

"Enter the Dragon"

"Enter the Dragon" is probably Bruce Lee's most well known flick. In a nutshell, Lee, Jim Kelly, and John Saxon are summoned to take place in a Martial Arts tournament held on a secluded island, which doubles as the headquarters of the evil Mr. Han(d). Han has alterior motives, which include looking for someone to represent his evil empire in the United States. This was James Bond meets Shaft meets Jackie Chan.

I have absolutely no clue what made this movie so popular, as it is average at best. Saxon, who was Nancy's dad in the NOES is as believable a Kung Fu master as Christian Aguilera is a real Mexican. Jim Kelly, the "Black Ninja" was very indictive of 1973, with his "jive" rap. Lee, I wasn't impressed with. It's a somewhat slow flick with lots of funny noises, and nominally impressive martial artistry. Highlights include Kelly vs Han, Bolo(Chong Lee from "Bloodsport"wink vs everyone, and Jackie Chan getting his neck broke courtesy of Bruce Lee.

If you're just looking to familiarize yourself with Bruce Lee's flicks, rent it. Otherwise, you wouldn't want to even come close to this "drag-on". much less enter it.


Stormy Day
Its kind of like seeing a movie because of Jerry Bruckheimers name he doesnt do anything with the movie execpt produce them but still he attracts alot of people erm

I understand now. I'm just weary, because if you didn't like "Iron Monkey", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", with this being the same type of movie, it seems as if your mind is already going to be made up going into it.

Stormy Day
Like I said I walk into most movies just to be able to express an opinion and tell others how good/bad it is.

I didn't care much for CTHD. I don't quite remember why, I just remember thinking that it was over rated when I saw it. I remember I didn't like how they forgot to incorperate gravity into the film during the fight scenes.

Stormy Day
Yeah it added a very unrealstic nature to the film.I didnt think it was overated seeing how it bombed in theaters erm

I don't think it bombed, it was a foreign film remember. It did fairly well here in teh states. Also had some success on the DVD market.

Stormy Day
Yeah succes on the dvd market but it didnt do to well in the states embarrasment

For a foreign film, it did.

Stormy Day
I geuss, well anyways I gotta go an catch my fav critics on tv no expression

Who is it?

Stormy Day
Ebert&Roeper embarrasment

roll eyes (sarcastic)

You're serious, aren't you?

It made more in the U.S. than it did overseas! $128 MILLION dollars for a movie that had a $17 M budget, grossing $213 MILLION worldwide.

Do your homework.

The same could be said for the majority of the super-hero movies, as well. It is just a movie afterall. I was never much for "reality" in movies, especially when I see them to ESCAPE said reality.

Stormy Day
Sorry I read differently somewhere else embarrasment

"The same could be said for the majority of the super-hero movies, as well. It is just a movie afterall. I was never much for "reality" in movies, especially when I see them to ESCAPE said reality."

Well, at least the defiance of gravity is explained in most super hero movies, and they have a valid reason of "super powers". They never really explained this in CTHD as far as I can remember.

Of course, had the movie entertained me I would have had an easier time over looking my above complaint, but I was simply bored by most of the movie. The fight scenes were neat, everything else was mediocre.

Stormy Day
Yeah its like where just suppose to believe these charactes can fly and fight on branches.They should've at least given us an explanation but like most old martial arts movies they can do anything which makes me not like em as much.


"Happenstance" is indie film from chez Paris, "starring" Audrey Tautou. This is what happens when 6 strangers are picked to live in a hou...whoops. The story depicts how the lives of 6 totally unrelated people and their actions subsequently conspire, bring two hopeless romantic metro riders full circle to a possible relationship hinted at by a riders horoscope reading.

So, knowing that once Audrey's character walks off of the train, you know these kids are going to hook up. The movie is just to show how it transpires. While I was expecting a little "Amelie" type magic, I got a bunch of confusing relationships, uninteresting characters, and probably 30 minutes of screen time from Ms. Tautou in the 100 minute film.

Coming off like a bad, romantic send off of "21 Grams", with 2 extra characters, whom I couldn't care less about, I feel as if "Happenstance" should have never happened in the first place.

A for effort, as it was a cutesy little French flick, but a B for boredom.


"Game of Death"

"Game of Death", was Martial Arts master Bruce Lee's final film, before his untimely death in 1973. Perhaps his passing was a clear sign to halt production. Or not.

The story follows Billy Lo, a young fu movie star, as well as his pop star girlfriend Ann. Dr. Land, the head of a syndicate notorious for the exploitation of the entertainment indutry has his beady little eyes set on the duo. Reluctant to circum to the evils of the (not so) good doctor, Land sends his cronies out in hopes to change Lo's mind.

The film was "partly re-shot" in 1979 before its release. Translation; it means that the real Bruce Lee had about 25 minutes of screen time in his own movie. Of course, we're lead to believe it's all Lee, thanks to guys in thick "Fat Elvis" era glasses, bad wigs, worse beards, "facial reconstruction" bandages, darkl lit alleys, far shots, shots of stock footage, overdub tracks of Lee's signature moans and groans, and more.

The only redeeming value in this movie was the final fight sequence between Lee and "Hakim" (Kareem-Abdul Jabbar). A solid 20 minute block of classic Bruce Lee, which, thankfully was shot before his death. The rest is all hokey stand in's, typical 70's cheese factory acting, and an all out desecration of what entertainment value the Lee namesake held.

Oh yeah, this movie contains Tarantino's "homage" to Bruce Lee, as seen in "Kill Bill Vol. 1". Look for it in the warehouse scene, should you wish to subject yourself to such a insipid piece of cinematic swill.

Quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen..for which I have no clever pun.



"Labyrinth" is the tale of a young girl named Sarah (Connelly), who just so happens to be totally obsessed with one fantasy novel in particular, "Labyrinth". Stuck at home, babysitting, her whiny infant step-brother, she summons the books goblins to come take him away. After the goblins appear, Sarah learns that in her world, fairy tales do exist!

This movie was a staple in every 80's kids viewing history, and for good reason. It's absolutely magical. It's a fairy tale with a element of fantasy that is presented in such a plausible manner that you could almost imagine it happening to you! Jennifer Connelly, who was an incredible actress even at age 14, was a knockout in every sense of the word. David Bowie as the wicked, yet soft-hearted Goblin King was perfection in casting.

This, much like "The Dark Crystal", is one of Lucas' forgotten gems, and a high point in the career of the late great puppeteer, Jim Henson. His creature shop must have been working overtime, spitting out some of the most unique, labor intensive, and visually stunning puppets the silver screen has ever had the pleasure of hosting.

There honestly isn't anything that you can find fault in. It's fun to watch unfold, easy to follow, and has some GREAT musical numbers, two of which are vintage Bowie. All these things, coupled with the imaginative cinematic storytelling of Lucas and direction of Henson, make for one of the fantasy realms greatest achievements.

This is one labyrinth you surely won't mind getting lost in.

7.5/10, and a high mark of recommendation for fans of fun

I saw this movie in the $5.50 bin at Wal Mart.

Who could forget "The Bog of Eternal Stench!"

Is that actually a movie? If it is I need to get it.

No, it's a place inside the Labyrinth in the movie.

"Underworld: Unrated Extended Edition"

A battle is raging underground between the premiere Vampire and Lycan clans. In the middle of the crossfire is the a "death dealer" by the name of Selene (Beckinsale). While in the service of the vampires, Selene falls for Michael, a lycanthrope that longs for the end of the bloodfeud, who is also the key to Lucian's plan to develop the ultimate hybrid. With fits of betrayal, befriending, dissolution amongst the ranks, and a battle for power, can the sheer determination of Selene and Michael be enough to put a stop to the ages old battle for supremacy?

This has been one of my favorite movies ever since I saw it in theatres. What I like best about the film is that it's a very fresh look at both the vampires and werewolves pitted against one another. The characters, costumes, and surroundings are modernized, and devoid of cliched gothic nods, i.e. dialogue mainly, which help with the relation to todays audiences. There's a solid mix of action, suspense, romance, and the typical vampyric and lycan influences. A very very hip twist to this genre, much like "The Lost Boys".

This edition of the movie expanded on the character of Erika, Kraven's love interest slash plaything. It fleshes out the romantic relationship between the two, which was only hinted at in the original. Her backhanded befriending of Selene seemed a lot more surprising after having seen this version as well, given her devotion to Kraven. Also, Michael (Speedman) had a lot of revelations. Mainly, his origins, how he lost his parents, then set out to discover the world on his own, finally learning of his lycanthrope lineage.

Of course, there were some scenes that were added that were originally cut for pacing, but usually didn't add nor take anything away from the scenes. There were times in which scenes were elaborated on for a better understanding.

Just an FYI: According to Wiseman's commentary, David Bowie was considered for a speaking part in Kraven's parlor towards the beginning, but Bowie, who said he was available, recieved word too late into production!

That said, if you haven't already seen this movie, and are a fan of "Blade", "The Crow", or the gothic genre in general, look for this either the theatrical edition, or spend $20 on the absolutely loaded Unrated Extended version.


Yeah, the extended version looks real tempting, 12 more minutes of crap.

Mr Zero
You dont like Underworld? Dude . . . next you will be saying you didnt like Van Helsing.


"Pitch Black: (COR): Unrated Director's Cut"

In David Twohy's 2000 independent Sci Fi breakout film, a vessel carrying a grabbag of refugees, lawbreakers, and average joes, crash lands on a seemingly deserted planet. Once the crew find signs of inhabitance, curiosities are aroused, and subsequently, tensions are flared when the crew starts getting picked off by a phantom menace. Little do they know that their precious cargo, in one hardened criminal, Richard B. Riddick (Diesel), is now the least of their worries.

"Pitch Black" is easily Vin Diesel's best work to date, and has catapulted the "Riddick" character, and the movie, into cult classic status. Twohy MASTERFULLY directs this ragtag bunch through the perils of desertion. Officer Johns, played by Cole Hauser is as smug and heartless as they come, especially given his sordid past with Riddick. Tag on the incredible Keith David, and you've got one hell of a solid cast for a little independent Sci Fi venture.

Aside from this truely being Diesel's movie, the cinematography is all aces.The "point of view" montages from Riddick and the aliens, coupled with unique and distinguishable special effects devoted to these characters is the stuff of Sci Fi legend. About as important as that in the original "War of the Worlds". Furthurmore, the filters used during the desert scenes were off the scale. Flat blue hues outdoors, at times faded white hues, both of which were just plain worked. Even the lighting department had noteworthy pieces in this movie, especially spooky shading and shadows, which really added to eerieness and desolation of the planet.

Like the last "Underworld" review, this is an extended version. In the cut scenes that were re-incorperated into the movie, it was mostly character development. Included was the build up of Officer Johns inability to cope with the fact that a woman, Officer Fry, was above him.

Riddick, in his scenes, showed that he was a smarter than he appeared, sharing his knowledge of modern machinery which in turn helped them in their bid to leave the planet. In addition, his character was shown as being somewhat compassionate, more so than you'd think having seen the theatrical edition.

That said, I highly recommend the Unrated Director's cut of "Pitch Black". It's great Sci Fi, Vin Diesel's absolute best perfomance ever, and what I feel, a still highly underrated piece of work.


Primitive Screwhead #1
Know what I find most amusing/obnoxious now when I go back and re-watch this film? Sitting there and waiting to see if lead vampire Viktor will break out singing some lame-ass song... I've got Bill Nighy's character from Love Actually stuck in my head, and it's ruining the whole Underworld experience.

Mr Zero
Count yourself lucky you havent seen still crazy

Primitive Screwhead #1
Doesn't look too harmful, but I'll take your word for it. I still give the award for scariest movie revolving around bands to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. But I digress...

Had he broke out in song, it may have made Underworld a bit more entertaining.

Jedi Priestess
blink did I miss the review for The Time Machine?

Know what, I totally forgot to rent it.