How to delete my account?

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How do I delete my account?

If I can't, can someone please do it for me.

Thank you.

§words point
Why would you wanna do something like that?

Agent Elrond
I don't think u can. Raz might be able to do that, but as SP said, why?

For personal reasons. I no longer have the time i once did to spend on the internet, and do not want my account to be active here when I cannot.

Please delete it. thank you.

Best thing to do is go out in style

Get banned smile

Well that's not my style, i would not want to intentionally cause disruption.

Please just delete my account. Thank you.

just don't get online anymore, log out, not that difficult

and this is the welcome section, for questions and request please post in the apropriate forum

i don't think raz deleted any account ever..


and you can just remove stuff form your profile, log out
you can even change a password to sth random to be sure about not comming back.

It cannot be done. Sorry.

Just click here.

Raz you made me click it no expression

and what would happen if i clicked?

edit->it is only logout button laughing out loud

sure it can. in the administration panel, go to user management. i've been an administrator of this same board format and have done it myself.

there's no reason for people to be snotty in regards to this. i have very limited time for internet access due to personal health reasons and would prefer my account removed as i will not have time to access it and participate.

lil bitchiness
Why not just leave? Your account will be here, but it will not be active, what difference does it make? blink

oh my! I totally agree! delete him! come on!

roll eyes (sarcastic)

good grief. the way people are treating me in this thread is atrocious. why all the hate, people?

i'm going to be offline indefinitely for health reasons. serious stuff. i don't want some random accounts floating around in case i never get back online.

am i asking too much?

do you all have to act like such pricks? sheesh. it's a simple question that doesn't require such snobbiness.

you want me to get banned. why would i do that, why would i want to post horrible things and disrupt the board? that's childish. and it tells me that accounts can be deleted (but I already knew that).

admins, please delete my account. thank you. this is bringing me much more stress than i need right now. i'm trusting that this will be taken care of as i'm not sure when i'll be online next to check.

thank you.

rolling on floor laughing

if you did bother to read this, Peka, you would have found out that it is impossible

got it? "how to delete my account?" answer: you can't, admin cant', no one can't

so, instead of going on your hissy fit here about saying how much hate we carry or how big pricks we are... LOG OFF, no one will PM you, no one is interested in your health reasons nor any other reasons you refer to to why you'll go off, you have my promise

there, happy?

Jedi Priestess
blink blink blink

you can unactivete pm option, you can delete all info from your prof.
you can't delete account. that all.
i don't hate you, i'm sorry for ya.
you just registered and already you wanna be deleted confused


laughing out loud

Thats what you get for complaining 'round here wink

don't worry, they'll sock... they always do yes

droolio I can't believe I woke up this early

laughing laughing out loud same here!!

u dont need 2 b mean sad

why would I be even remotly nice to someone who goes on about how big pricks and agressive we are when we say it's simply impossible to get deleted?

yerss is always nice happy

oh sorry i just read ur posts, sorry!! sad

read the entire thread next time wink

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