101 reasons why we love Mr. QT

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Reason number 1) Attention to detail. The smallest thing in any of his films appears to make a huge difference.


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2) homages and references to other movies (basically what his movies are)

3) Most memorable film quotes. Just look at people's signature thingys for evidence.

The best thing about Quentin is,that he creates his own universe...and he makes a link between all the movies. Like Kill Bill and Dusk till Dawn,they are really movies watched by the people of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Ficition,Jackie Brown. So..yeah,that's kinda coolsmile

4) He started with nothing but an obsessive love for all things cinema, unlike so many Hollywood silver-spooners who don't know their art and subsequently make crap.

he was on the golden girls. wink

6) He uses great actors, that generally aren't that commerical (except Lucy Lui, Bruce Willis..) , that haven't had a big hit in a while. He essentially re-vives their career.
ie. John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, David Carradine..

7) He basically made Masden and Uma cool

8) He paid his dues (in part) by cleaning up dog poo on the set of the Dolph Lundgren workout video.

Continued: He selects characters that he thinks are good for the part, not because they are current box-office hits like many directors would do.

9) He made f***** Kill Bill! Gotta love dat!

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