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Starsky and Hutch
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

I just rented Starsky and Hutch and Confession of a Teenage Drama Queen I should have my comments on by tonight smile

Wouldn't that actually be the "Movie Review" section? Just curious.

But I just wanted it to be for everybody(not trying to outdo you)if it gets moved...its get moved erm


"The Blaire Witch Project"

I just finished watching the film 5 mintues ago.And personally it was 1hr and 30 minutes of my life wasted.I didnt like the movie at all.It was slow boring and it takes so long to get into the actuall point of the film.And the few scares it does have arent worth the wait.Its worth the watch if you wanna see what the hype was about in 1999 but other than that I dont recommend this film.

The Blaire Witch Project- 2.5/5

Watched half of S&H last night at a party. Two words: Carmen Electra.

"The Bourne Supremacy"

Synoposis-Jason Bourne, a man on a search to find out his real identity as he evades the CIA and assassins. This time, the story centers on a Chinese vice premier supposedly slain by Bourne.

I have to say that I fairly enjoyed this movie.The acting and the story where really good.On a bad note the camera is very shaky for a good portion of the film and when your sitting in the second row like me its not exactly a comfort zone.But besides the camera movement this movie is good action movie that deserevs a watch.

"The Bourne Supremacy"-4/5

You mean the 2nd row at the bottom, from the screen?

If so, why the hell are you sitting down where you can't see anything? laughing

The second row from the screen.

The whole theater was full,those where the only seats left sad

I had a pleasant more enjoyable time watching movies tonight.I saw Dogeball and I,Robot.
"Dogeball:A True Underdog Story"

Synoposis-A group of misfits enter a Las Vegas dodgeball tournament in order to save their cherished local gym from the onslaught of a corporate health fitness chain.

I really enjoyed this movie and laughed out loud throughout the whole thing.I really enjoyed Vaughns and Stillers characters the most and enjoyed seeing them on the screen together again.The whole cast was hilarious and funny and I didnt think they could pull a movie about dogeball off but they did and made it hilarious.One seen in particular that I like it the car wash seen which was disturbing and hilarious big grin


Synopsis: In the year 2035 a techno-phobic cop investigates a crime that may have been perpetrated by a robot, which leads to a larger threat to humanity.

Once again I had a very good time at the movies and I have to say this is an excellent action flick with story,character development,top notch CGI,and best of all Will Smith who've ive enjoyed on screen for as long as I can remember.Director Alex Proyas did an excellent job of creating this future universe where robots rome the earth and are human companions,or so it seems at first.This is probaly one the best action movies ive seen the past two years I remember being all tense and awed when I saw it and then when I got home I wanted to see it again.I dont see many movies that I want to see again either.I recommend this movie to everyone because it good original fun at the movies smile


So, Stormy Day, is this your thread?

Going back to the Blair Witch post we started in Cory's thread, you said it wasn't too farfetched to say it was actual footage?

The actors used their real names for their characters. Remember Heather Donahue?

Here's her resume as an actress:

Heather Donahue's career as an actress

Somewhere in there it says: "Appeared in commercials for Steak N' Shake restaurants before landing her role in "The Blair Witch Project"."

i saw napoleon dynamite and it was way funny

This thread is for everybody to post there picks of the week.Ive just been keeping it alive big grin

Oh then I geuss it isnt confused.

I just thought since they didnt really show anything really onscreen except for the fingers and banging on the tent that it wasnt to far-fetched to think that it was real.

That was exactly why, with the careful promotion of the film along with the film itself, that some people thought it was real. Hell, it's five years later and you did, too.

Yeah confused

Stormy Day
I just bought my ticket for "The Village" for a screening early friday morning.Ill have my review on by that day smile

Stormy Day

Stormy, do me a favor, go back to your original ?/5 rating.

There needs to be some diversification beweeen our threads, which is why I changed my rating in the first place.


Stormy Day
But some time you like a movie mediocrely.You feel that 4/5 may be a little to strong and that 3/5 may be a little to weak.So that why I change the rating sometims for certain movies smile.And I dont see how it matters confused

And the thing that was suppose to may our threads different is that this one is for everybody even thought people havent been replying.

"The Village" 27/38.2

Stormy Day

Ill be seeing it tomorrow evil face

The Butterfly Effect

Synopsis: A young man (Kutcher) struggling with the psychological effects of sublimated childhood memories devises a technique of traveling back in time to inhabit his childhood body, but he finds that every trip back has unintended results on his present self, leading him to travel back again and again, trying to repair the damage that he's only making worse and worse.

I have always loved Ashton's acting, but I'm liking him even more because this is a step up from his usual comediac roles and shows people how good of an actor he really is and can do more then just comedy, so that's one thing I love about this movie.
This wasn't one of my favorite Ashton films though, like I already said the acting was great, not just from Ashton, but every other charcter in that movie, but the plot is a little shaky to me. There are some non-reailty movies I hate and some I don't hate, but The Butterfly Effect would have to be in the middle. It was a really intresting movie and I was focused on the movie from begining to end, but the movie was so, so confusing. Sometimes I would get so confused and loose what's happening in the movie.
Overall, I would say it's a rentable movie, but nothing to waste your money on if you wanted to buy it. I give the movie a C-.

Stormy Day
I just have a hard time telling why you where confused if you where just watch the movie again.Then you might have given it a better review confused

Stormy Day

Hey, if you kids can't write your own synopses, don't bother reviewing the movie, either. It's extremely uncool, not to mention lazy. Atleast cite the source of your plagiarism.

"Catwoman" gets an 8/10? The end is near.

Stormy Day
Would you quit reffering everyone on KMC to kids!

I said post your own synoposis not write it you run your thread the way you want to run it and dont barge into mine.

I did like Catwoman and I stand by my rating.And if you havent seen it I suggest keeping your mouth shut.

I refer to everyone as kids, regardless of their true age. I think I picked it up from Letterman, nasty habit, I know. confused

Anycrap, if either of you were posting your own synopses, I wouldn't have questioned your collective validity. Besides, how is one supposed to take your view on a movie seriously when you can't even explain how the movie played out according to you, and not the press release of the synopsis that's featured on most newspaper sites, as well as

To each their own, I suppose.

Stormy Day
My review should be the thing that matter not what the movie was about erm

Stormy Day
"The Village"

Synoposis-Set in rural Pennsylvania in 1897, this is the story of the small village of Covington (population 60) surrounded by a woods inhabited by a race of "mythical creatures," and the romance that blossoms between Kitty (Greer), the daughter of the town's leader (Hurt), and Lucius (Phoenix), a young man who questions the policy of keeping Covington's citizens completely confined to the village.

Review-Director M.Night Shyamalan proves himself once again to be a master storyteller and director.This movie is alot like signs.It gives you glimpses of the creatures but doesnt actually show what they are until the end and relys more on the story and the characters than the actual suspense itself.And fans of twist endings dont this is your kind of movie.The ending was very very good and the twist in the middle where good and very sought out and unexpected.I totally recommend this movie to everyone and you wont be waisting your money.

"The Village"-5/5

"Harry and Kumar go to White Castle"

Synoposis-That asian dude from American Pie and that Idian dude from Dude Wheres my car set out on a quest on a Friday night to find the perfect burger.But what started out as innocent late night eating turned into a wild road trip.

Review-I really enjoyed this movie.Ive been a fan of John Cho since he did the tv sitcom "Off Center" a year ago.I laughed very hard through this wild,crude and rude teen comedy and was grossed out by some of Hijinks these guys got into.All and all I really recommed this movie for good teen comedy smile


Pretty generous reviews, especially with "The Village".

I can't believe you skipped "The Manchurian Candidate" in favor for "Harold and Kumar". Then again, maybe I can. I wasn't kidding about "skipping The Village" either, given everyone elses unfavorable reviews.

Stormy Day
I would've gone to see the Machurian Candidate but it wasnt playing after the village for an hour so I just went to see Harold and Kumar.

Stormy Day
"Escape from Alcatraz"

Synoposis-In this 1979 escape movie Clint Eastwood plays Frank Morris a ex-convict who is sent to Alcatraz after breaking out of various other prisons.Alacatrz is said to be a prison where none can escape but all that changes when Morris arrives.

Review-You know I had a really good time watching this movie.Its a real nail-biter filled with tension and suspense from beginning to end.Its interesting to see how the plot unfolds and it takes you into the most heavily confined prison in that time.Clint Eastwoods performance was very good and he doesnt have alot of diolage in the film but his characters so interesting and mysterious thats there really no need for diolage.Naturally I didnt think I was going to enjoy this film but I ended up likeing it and I really recommend it for fans of those escape movies.

"Escape from Alcatraz"-5/5

What made ya want to rent "Escape from Alcatraz"? It's actually a personal favorite.

English: "Now there's only two reasons why you didnt sit on that step next to me. Either you too scared boy or you just hate *******. What is it boy, you too scared?"

Frank: "Nah, I just hate *******."

I'm about to review "Signs" in my thread. alien

Stormy Day
I got it because I remembered my dad really wanting to rent it a few years ago but the video rental place had it stolen.So yesterday im walking in blockbuster and I see it there so I picked it up along with "The incredible hulk"movies.

It really was a good flick.That line was funny smile

Stormy Day
"Anchorman:The Legend of John Burgandy"

Synopsis: Set in the 70s and sees a local news anchorman with perfect hair and an inflated ego (Ferrell) who believes he is ready for a national network job falling in love with a cutthroat feminist reporter (Applegate) also out to further her career and who threatens his job.

Review-My winning streak with movies ended tonight when I walked into "Anchorman".Right of the bat I have to say I hardly laughed throughout this whole film.The jokes were crude rude jokes that werent even funny.Most of the comedy was focused on Will Ferrell acting like a fool saying bad jokes.I usually like Will Ferrell to and I feel that he wasted himself starring in this movie that he wrote.It almost looks like he was trying to bring up his old SNL humor which didnt work for this film.All an All I wasted my money and hoped for a good comedy but instead I got Anchorman.


Stormy Day
Ok I just rented

13 Going On 30

I should have my reviews on by tonight

All do respect I agree with you on "Escape from Alcatraz", its a good movie. But I gotta tell ya I disagree with your I, Robot rating. I would give the film a 2/5. Mostly because its about a guy who doesnt like robots and hes a cop...predictable plot and ending...Robotics seemed unrealistic, characters were flat especially Will Smith's character. His attitude toward robots just didnt seem believable. And there was NO plot to develop through out the was horrible.

Oh yeah and it discredited Isaac Asimov who created the 3 rules for robots. Instead the movie credits Dr. Lanning which is a sin. Read the book its better than the movie.

Stormy Day
The robots where very realistic and people have been saying that they thought the plot was predictable.I didnt at all think so.And I agree Will Smith's reason for not liking robots was a little unconvincing,but it doesnt spoil the movie for me erm

Stormy Day

Synoposis:A spoof of two classics,Star Wars and Titanic.But instead of useing people they use....THUMBS.

Reviewmessedince I try to review every movie the same no matter what kind of movie it it goes.First of all on a good note,I have to say these movies where Hilarious perfect spoofs of Star Wars and Titanic and had me laughing out loud so many times.Its actually funny how certain thumbs represent those people and there actual attitudes.On a bad note even though these movies are hilarious they do get kind of old after a while.My suggestion is watch them one at a time wink

"13 Going on 30"

Synopsis: Described as a female "Big." It's about a 13-year-old girl who dreams of being popular. During her birthday party, she engages in a party game called Seven Minutes in the Closet. It turns out to be a humiliating experience for her, and she refuses to come out of the closet and be subjected to more embarrassment. When she eventually does emerge, she finds herself five days shy of her 30th birthday, looking fabulous and extremely popular.

Review-I didnt like this movie at all.First of all I didnt care about these characters.It rushed into the 30 stages too quickly leaving hardly anytime for story or character development during there 13 stages.This girls life is so horrible because of how some preps used her on her 13th birthday....big deal.Second of all the relationship between Jenna and this guy isnt even realistic.They have these really romantic moments during the film and never once does this guy even worry about the fact that hes engaged.And then he plays it off like everythings cool never once metioning it.Im sorry this movie just didnt work for me it was just to much of a fairytale and an unconvincing one at that.

"13 going on 30"-2/5


Synoposis-Bruce Willis plays David Dunn a security guard at a football staduim who after escaping a train crash unharmed begains questioning his body and his inner strengths.With the help of Elijah Price(Samuel L. Jackson)who believes he has powers and reason for never being ill or sick in his entire life.

Review-I finished this movie for the first time this afternoon,and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.I do and will always love M.Nights Shyamalans work because he is such a skilled director who can tell these storys in such a way that you feel like your right there with the characters and they encounter this mysterious journey.I really enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson to and I think he should have got an oscar nod for this.All and all "Unbreakable" was a good movie worth an instant purchase and also comes with a tasty 2 disc set.


A lot of people didnt like Unbreakable, I did though but I wouldnt be a generous as you are. The scene were Dunn takes the role of the hero and helps the two kids is marvelously done, especially the part were he falls in the pool. The talking in the movie is always in whispers, its also a bit slow but fundamentally, if you have patience, you'll notice its a good film.

Stormy Day
It is a good film and I do have patience big grin

Ned Kelly

Based on a true story about man who is wrongly accused of a crime and runs off with a group of his friends. ( i suck at summaries) Basically an austraillian version of Billy the kid, not as funny.

I really hadn't heard of Ned Kelly, but I picked it up because of the cast (Orlando Bloom, Heath Ledger, Naomi Watts, Geoffrey Rush), thinking great eye candy movie...but I was wrong the movie was actually good. It had you feeling really bad for Ned Kelly, Joe Bern, and the rest of his gang. Orlando is the comic relief in this movie, which is a surprise considering some of his more popular roles. I think any one would enjoy this film, except for those who don't like those 'western' type movies. On a scale of 1-10 I would give it an 8.

good choice there, JohnnyLove19.

NED KELLY was never released in my country, but thanks to my Aussie mate who sent me a DVD copy i was able to watch this gem of a movie. it's quite gripping. i think the performances were great, especially that of heath ledger and orlando bloom. one could sense their closeness...

this is a piece of australian history that anyone could relate to...i recommend it...

Stormy Day

Stormy Day

Synopsis: In the final days of World War II, the Nazis attempt to use black magic to aid their dying cause. The Allies raid the camp where the ceremony is taking place, but not before a demon--Hellboy(Perlman)--has already been conjured. Joining the Allied forces, Hellboy eventually grows to adulthood, serving the cause of good rather than evil.

Review-First of I have to say that I really enjoyed this film.I mean its funny,action-packed,and has awesome CGI.What more do you need?Hellboy was done wonderfully,and Rob Perlin did a very good job of playing the man from hell.I also think that Hellboy is even more wittier than Spider-Man and makes it all the more enjoyable on screen.Selma Blair was also a real plus to the film,always a joy seeing her onscreen.All an All,go rent this film,you wont be wasting your money wink


from hell is good ....
a tad gross in parts but out of 10 i wud give it 8.5

Stormy Day
Before I see Kill Bill Vol .2 I just want to give my review on vol 1 which I saw in Feb. when it was released on dvd.

"Kill Bill vol 1"

Synoposis-Shot on her wedding day along with everyone else attending including the groom "The Bride" wakes up 4 years later out of a coma and decides to seek revenge on the ones responsible and eventually "Kill Bill".

Review-I really did not like this film.It focused more on the mindless gore than on the diolage and the story.In the fight scene with The Bride and Vernita Green I wish they would have had a bigger fight instead of killing her with a knife after she drew a gun.I really wish they had decided to have that fight in the playground at night it would've been more entertaining.And then the scene I was waiting for where she fought the crazy 88's turned out to be a complete disaster.I mean if they werent aloud to show the film in color then they shouldnt have made it as violent.I was all excited and right when it went into black&white I felt cheated.And then when it got down to the Bride vs Oren-Ishi I was again and excited but I dont even know if you could call it a fight,a few swings and the she was down.I just hope Vol 2 will be better.

"Kill Bill vol 1"-2/5

Stormy Day
Later Ill be back with..

Kill Bill vol .2
9/11 (documentery)
The Machurian Candidate(1962)

Some good movies to rent this week are...

13 going on 30

Stay away from....


Stormy Day
You shoud've just left this stuff in my thread and not have made you own erm

Stormy Day

Synoposis-This is the story of what started out as a documentary of a fire fighters first few months on the job but turned into a documentary about 9/11 and some of the best footage that we have of what happened at the world trade centers.

Review-This is one of the few movie that made me cringe.I was watching all this footage in awe and in disbelief.They show you a firemans journey to becoming a man they take you before 9/11 and eventually build up to the day itself.This movie shows it all,the buildings getting hit,all the awe and fear on peoples faces,inside of the buildings and what firefighters where doing to get the people out,the buildings collasping,and then the aftermath.This truly is a powerful film that I think people of all ages should see.


Stormy Day

Well, the "senseless violence" wasn't that senseless at all. It comes with the territory in Tarantino films. It was merited in the original, aside from being his film, because of what The Bride endured to begin with. It was a martial arts film more or less, anyway, so swordplay is a given.

The dialogue, IMO, was dull, longwinded and uninspired for the most part. It was just..average, like something you'd hear in a Natalie Portman drama.

As for The Bride, if she could come back from being shot in the head, which we learned in the original, there wasn't anything I didn't think she could do, personally, so I never really felt any sense of urgency. Besides, the amount of sappy drama in the 2nd installment really just threw the franchise for a curve.

These movies should have never been split up. The fact that the majority of the movie focuses on the flashbacks, more so than her exacting her revenge, it would have been alot smarter to have just explained the Bride's backstory in the original at the beginning. Then, in the sequel, don't waste any time explaining her training and crap, which was boring to watch as it is, and totally out of place, and have her go after Bud and Elle Driver, leading up to a climatic ending with Bill.

Speaking of the ending, what a pathetic close. I guess Q.T. found some poetic justice in having the Bride killing off Bill the way she did. It was just like.."that's it?!" Oy.

Eh, well, I guess we'll have to wait until his "Dirty Dozen" ripoff to hit theatres before we can pass final judgement on his apparent foray into the realm of drama.

I guess taking out 5,000 ninjas all at once earns that merit badge as well.

Seriously, though, one comment about the first one which sums it up 100% for me and kept me the hell away from Vol. II: I have never, ever, ever, seen a movie so full of itself as Kill Bill Vol. I. I think that and cocky teenagers make up my biggest pet peeves right now.

Stormy Day
It was senseless and even Tarantino said it himself on the Special Features that people where coming up and asking him where the characters that we loved.He knew what he was doing.He knew that he was gonna fill the first with mindless gore and just explain the story in the second.I agree with you the opening sequence in the 2nd should've just been in the first,because it might've made me happier and make me care more about the bride.

Anyways I found the diolage rather interesting.It keep me sort of in suspense just to see what these characters where gonna say next or how they where going to respond to a question.But problay the thing I loved most about the second is Bill.MAN! Carradine did a good job.

The ending needed work tho and if they where going to go with that wholeexploding heart thing they should've showed the heart exploding out of the body.That would've been sweet cool

Anyway Ill be back tonight with "Hidalgo"

no need for a Hidalgo review we all know it sucked yes

Stormy Day
So I review all movies I see no expression

ok no expression I just think it sucked

Stormy Day
well when im done il tell you wink

I already know that it sucked...I saw it wink

ya know what i saw the village the other day it was actually a great movie. not too many other people liked it but m. knight is known for his crazy twists. i liked it

Stormy Day
Yeah "The Village" is awesome wink

Synopsis: The true story of Frank T. Hopkins, one of the greatest long-distance endurance horse riders. Set in 1890, this is the story of a Pony Express courier (Mortensen) who travels to Saudi Arabia to compete with his horse, Hidalgo, in a dangerous race for a massive contest prize, in an adventure that sends the pair around the world.

Review-I just finished watching "Hidalgo" and I have to say that I fairly enjoyed it.I thought Viggo Morteson did this role good and so did his horse.The movie is slow for the first 20 minutes or so and thats why im taking some stars off but im giving it a fairly high rating for all the unique visualls it had.The sandstorm,the locust,were all done every very well,and its also filled with great horseback riding.Theres one scene in particular which I enjoyed most and its at the end where all the horses are running on the hill,I thought that was great cinema.So that only things that I didnt like was its slow opening which it made up for when the fiml reached its climax smile.All an all if your a fan of horse movies or want to a visually great movie then check out "Hidalgo"


Stormy Day
Ill be back later with "The Manchurian Candidate (1962) "

your being way to nice hidalgo was crap. it was such a bland and boring movie, the dialoug is bad, Viggo Mortenson is as about as exciting as a potato, and it just droned on and on. I'd maybe give it a 3.5/10

Stormy Day
Viggo Mortenson did good,nothing special and I wasnt expecting anything special from this movie either.I agree the diolage was crap sad

Ah well "different strokes for different folks".

Stormy Day

Stormy Day
"The Prince and Me"

Synopsis: Paige (Stiles), a free-spirited American college student and motorcycling enthusiast starting her education at an Indiana university, meets and falls in love with one of her classmates, but what she doesn't know is that he's actually a Danish prince, Frederick (Mably), spending his "gap year" (before having to perform his princely duties) by hiding in America disguised as a regular guy.

Review-First of I have to say that I loved this movie.It was better than most of the "Fairy Tale love storys" that have been hitting theaters.I have loved Julia Stiles since I saw her in "A Guy Thing" and I still loved her in "Mona Lisa Smile".She has that cute personallity about her which I love and its always a joy seeing her onscreen.The Prince is smart and charming and totally into himself when he first arrives(where most of the comedy takes place)but after he spends sometime with Paige we see his character softening and him being a little more understandable and caring.Another good quality about this film is that it doesnt rush anything.They let us see Paiges and Eddies relationship blossom and see there chemistry before the movie takes a dramatic turn when she finds out he's a Prince then it takes you to a whole different story.All an All its this movie is a good date flick that I think most will enjoy and be satisfied with.

"The Prince & Me"-4/5

Couple of things..

1) Is it really a twist when it's right in the title, and the movie posters showed Stiles in a throne w/ a tiara?

2) What happened to "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962)?

3) Are you paying full price to see movies nobody cares to hear "reviews" on?

From what I read, this is a "white" version of "Coming to America".

Stormy Day
(1)I didnt say it was a twist I just said it took a big turn.The first half of the movie is them being together in America and then the second if her being a Queen and dealing with that.

(2)To be honest im having a hard time understanding it.Ive tried to watch it but just got bored fast.Ill try and sit down and watch it tonight but like most old movies I have a hard time following the plot.

(3)I try and focus my attention more on New Movies since your is mostly old movies.Ones out in theaters,Just released on Dvd,etc.

Tomorrow-AvP,Princess Diaries 2

Reason being is because there are so many new movies that nobody needs to/cares to read what someone else thinks about. The whole point of my thread is to raise awareness of new release DVDs, new theatrical releases, and old movies which would normally go overlooked otherwise, with the occasional blockbuster, just to weigh in on it. I do this because, considering how many movies I see a month, and the fact I know how to break said movies down for critique, I would think my opnion would mean something.

I mean, you can waste your money on "The Princesses Diarrhea" and "Crapwoman" and stuff like that, but until you get a firm grasp on how to actually flesh out a mini-review of a movie, instead of just saying a few things you liked, without really delving into the movie, why not shoot for a little better selection is all I am saying. ESPECIALLY if you are paying full price to rent these things.

Hope you get what I am tryin' to say here, and don't take this as a slam on your better judgment.

Stormy Day
I personally dont see movies to review in this thread.I rent movie that I want to see and I usually see alot of new movies and post my review in here since ive seen it.I watch alot of movies to voice an opinion not that im crazy about it or anything.And your one problem is judgeing movie before you see them.You really got to work on that erm

Im still learning how to be a critic im only 13.Ill be the first to tell you im not that best but ive seen and know more about movies than most kids out there my age trying and this thread is good pratice smile.Thanks for your suggestions.

if your a 13 year old male then why are you watching and renting movies like The Prince and Me and Princess Diaries 2?

Stormy Day
Because im OPEN-MINDED I watch anything I can get my hands on.And thats what real critics are all about they dont not watch a movie because they think there not gonna like it.You got to walk into a movie and put all your personal feelings aside and just watch the movie just like you would any other.

Well, neither do I. There are some I see that others "suggest" in a way that doesn't necessarily work out for me, given I am so picky. Those are the only exceptions.

You also know full well that I am the first to denounce using "cinematic prejudice" towards most movies, but come on. There are some movies that EVERYONE and their grandmother know will be bombs straight out of the gate. "The Prince and Me", "Princess Diaries 2", and "Catwoman" for example.

They are predictible, cliched, totally mindnumbing timekillers that require little or no thought, provoke absolutely NOTHING from those who watch it, and are just destined to fail! Why not go out and rent "Pi", "Requiem for a Dream", "Iron Monkey", or even "Bamboozled"? Something that does more than waste 90 minutes of your life, and gives you more to write about than the "nice story" or the "dialogue".

It's fantastic that you see them, then you give those people a voice. It's just a personal judgment call when it comes to these movies. I guess I like being mentally stimulated, shooting more for foreign flicks, or obscure titles, that nobody ever bothers renting.

You've had some good calls in the past, I just thought you'd use a little better judgment, cuz jumping from a classic in the 1962 "Manchurian Candidate" to "The Prince and I" is like me watching "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", and following it up with "Glitter" Or "Honey". laughing

Stormy Day
Your seeing me all wrong.Im not so picky ill see anything to voice an opinion whether it be Gigli or Mystic River ill watch em in wich ever order I want.

I dont think"Well this movie looks horrible I wont watch it"I rent it and then see if I like it or not.

I havent watched "The Machurian Candidate" yet either.

That's your problem. You aren't picky, and nobody cares what you were to think about "Gigli" is what I am saying. People already made their minds up on movies like this and "Catwoman", so you can voice that opnion, but nobody is going to care.

My most morbid curiosities still wouldn't drive me to see such swill as "Gigli".

Not being picky, and watching just anything is too unstable a practice for me.

Stormy Day
I watch movies because I want to.I post my reviews just to tell people what I think.I dont not post a review because people have already heard about it.I just do it erm

Well I'm not going to go waste my money and rent a movie or go see a movie that I know will be crap. And also, your 13 your not a "real critic."

Stormy Day
I know im not but I inspire to be one.And being close-minded is not a good start.

Stormy Day
"Alien VS Predator"

Synopsis: Hoping to lure a Predator clan to Antarctica using Alien eggs, a rogue team of scientists are caught in an intergalactic war between the two extremely violent species.

Review-Unlike any horror movie ive seen in a while this is as chilling and action packed movie that have you leaving the theater with satisfaction of knowing that you watched a great movie.Director Paul Anderson did a excellent job of capturing the creapiness of the first Alien by keeping the Alien not fully shown until later in the movie.He also stayed true to the Predator franchise with excellent suites and costumes on both sides.

On a bad note tho I did feel that they rushed the whole background of the story and 5 minutes into the movie the characters where already taveling to Ant Artica.The battle could've been better to I thought that instead of just having 3 predators and around 20 Aliens that they could've made it a war with both races battleing.I was tricked by the commercial where they showed all those Aliens on the Pyramid attacking the Predators I thought thats what it was gonna be like and it was.

Putting all that aside I feel that this is a big accomplishment and I hope alot of people go and see it.

"Alien VS Predator"-4/5

Stormy Day
"The Princess Diaries 2:Royal Engagament"

Synoposis-5 years after the original Mia has moved into the palace in Genovia and is awaiting her 21st birthday where she will be eligable to be queen.Much like "The Santa Clause 2"she fins out after her Birthday that she must wed or turn the throne over to another Prince.

Review-I dont think anybody should be turned of by the title of this movie.This frase is used to much to where the viewer doesnt even believe it anymore but this movie is a movie I think the whole family can enjoy.I think Anne Hathaway plays a clumsy and humble princess and she does this part very well and shes a very good actress.Julies Andrews is also back as the smart and charming Queen who also sings a song in this movie which I understand she hasnt done in a while.Another thing I loved is that they managed to bring everyone back everyone from Powlo to the little Japanese guy from the dinner on the first to the woman with the big nose who wanted to take the throne in the firsty so its really exciting to see which character will appear up next.Unfortunately Mia's love interest from the first Robert Schwartzman didnt return which made me very sad.

On a bad note tho I did feel that this movie dragged on a little to much and that you kept thinking it was going to end and it didnt for a while but that just means you still get to have more of this charm and fun that I enjoyed.

All an All this is better than the first and I dont think anyone should be turned off by it just because of its title.

"The Princess Diaries 2"-4.5/5

no expression you gave AVP a 4/5 but Princess diaries 2 a 4.5/5. that means you thought Princess diaries was close to perfection. your a little to generouse when your review movies

Stormy Day
I enjoyed PD2.AvP had should've been longer so they could've had some more story and explanation behind the characters and this whole research project.

What can I say?Im a sucker for a good clean comedy that doesnt have alot drugs,sex,or language.I mean sure those kind of movies are funny but when a when I see a better movie without all that stuff it gets the better of me.

I agree that the movie should have been a little longer, but not to explain the backstory. It was all too simple. The Predators already brought the Alien pods and their Queen to the temple for training purposes. Every 100 years, they'd return to the temple to usher in the new breed of Predators, since the last remaining elder Predators were the new high ranking officials.

Stormy Day
I understand that but the characters got killed off too quickly without any backstory on any of them erm.Theres just so many ways this movie could've been better.It seems like during the first hour two pedators already got killed and there was only one moreI was like "WHAT?".They should've made it a big battle where the Aliens and Predators battled in a war.

Darth Revan
I have to disagree with the last comment you made. So many movies these days are doing the whole huge epic battle thing (LOTR, Troy, King Arthur) that it just starts to get old after a while.

Stormy Day
Yeah but if they had a big battle between the Aliens and The Predators like they did in the flashback that alone woud've been worth the money.Instead of this Three Predators on 20 Aliens Thing erm

Princess Diaries 2? Too many teen movies.. going to puke..

Stormy Day
Its a good family movie smileLike I said dont be turned off by the title erm

Darth Revan
Screw "family movies". They're all the same. Personally I don't understand the whole concept. My whole family went to go see "the Manchurian Candidate" last night. Does that make it a family movie? Because families can see it together?

Stormy Day
Good Point,but you can see any movie to together, but when I say "Family Movie" I mean something that was meant for family and clean.

Stormy Day
Just rented

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

I should have "Godsend" up by tonight and "OFOTCN" soon

I can't wait. big grin

Stormy Day
I heard it wasnt that good,but it looked good so I gave it shot.

It was either Godsend,JohnsonFamilyVaction,or New York Minute messed .I picked the lesser of two evils.

Are you gonna rent "Taking Lives"?Im not a Angie fan so you'll have to review this before I see it.If not then im screwed sad

I'm offended that you are watching Godsend before the timeless and amazing One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

one flew over the cukoos nest [best movie ever period

Stormy Day

Synoposis:In this unbelievabily under-rated thriller Paul Duncan(Greg Kinnear) and Jessie Duncan play a married couple who after losing there child are approached by Richard Wells(Robert De Nero)who says he can clone there son useing one of the boy's stem cells.Thats when things start getting a little crazy

Review-This movie almost as good as "The Sixth Sense" storywise and acting wise on the kids part.This is errier thriller that you really dont know alot about until you see the plot unfold and you see the secrets come out until then you get alot of story devolpment and drama seeing how the parents are reacting to there son being killed and how there dealing with there new cloned son.I dont want to give to much away so ill skip ahead and just say that this is everything you want in a thriller suspense,shock moments,and my favorite a troubled kid big grin and its definetly worth a view.


I agree, I think it's the best film I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing.

Stormy Day
Well Ill know soon.

Did you like it more than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Stormy Day
yeah! disgust

You weren't at all bothered by the tirade of jump scares, the "woe is me" dialogue, the fact there is no explanation for his condition at age 8, the heavy handed social commentary, the Isaac (Children of the Corn) lookalikes babyish "acting", or DeNiro putting out one of the most lackluster appearances of his career?

Take "Jacob's Ladder" and spend the time to smell "Audrey Rose", where you'll also find "The Omen", and discover your "Sixth Sense" and that's where you'll find the "inspiration" for "Godsend".

The only suspense in this flick is not knowing when the damn thing was going to end; which wasn't soon enough.

No, TCM is my personal favorite film of all time. However, I don't think it's the BEST film ever made. Perhaps in the horror genre, but it's hard to argue that a film like TCM is better then OFOTCN, which is pretty much flawless in all of it's attributes.

Stormy Day
CA,your not giving this film enough credit no

It doesn't deserve any credit. You're one of the very few people that aren't seeing it for what it is. A failure.

My mom rented Godsend, I may watch it. But I'm really really really really sick of movies with eerie kids who whisper in a simple attempt to make the basic and generic dialoge chilling and effective.

Stormy Day
I thought it was very good and I stand by my judement.

Darth Revan
I saw the trailer, just looks like a complete ripoff of the Sixth Sense to me. The kid even looks like Haley Joel Osmont.

The kid had the worst haircut laughing out loud

Stormy Day
His Haircut?Oookkkk confused

He does it's so bad and funny

Primitive Screwhead #1
Please consult the attached link, and realize that your credibility (what little you had) in reviewing is completely shot to hell. This, New York Minute or Johnson Family Vacation... you know, there is another option here... like watching none of them?

Stormy Day
Wow bad reviews shock

Um...later "Yu-Gi-Oh:The Movie" lookaround

Stormy Day
"Yu-Gi-Oh:The Movie"

Synoposis-Yugi and his friends must battle Anubus the former enemy of Yugi's alter ego-the pharoh-before he destroys the world,but before all that Yugi must battle Kaibi.A younge duelist who wants to beat Yugi and his egyption god cards and become the #1 duelist in the world.

Review-I finished watcing "Yu-Gi-Oh:The Movie" this afternoon and I have to say it stayed true to its the cartoon but its was entirely uneneccessary.The show is pretty entertaining but the thing I dislike the most is that you already no Yu-Gi-oh is gonna win but you just dont know how and so that forces you to keep watching and then it seems like Yugi has a card to get out of everything and he is always just so lucky.And like most cartoon movies this is just a movie about a evil dude trying to destroy the world but doesnt succeed and I think this formula has been over-used and they need to come up with something different.Also everyone knows that there not going to do anything in a movie that it going to affect the show so why bother watching the movie.All an All,only neccessary for big fans but anyone else will just find it boring.

"Yu-Gi-Oh:The Movie"-3/5

They pull crap like this because it's super inexpensive to do, and they usually don't LOSE any money, given the cartoon has to be popular enough to merit an motion picture.

Same thing was done 3 times I think for "Pokemon", and of course, you see where that franchise is now.

Stormy Day
Yeah.I havent seen the first but I can only imganine they ruined it after all the sequals sad.

*kicks SD in the nuts* 3/5? You gave the yo gi oh movie a 3/5, but Kill Bill vol 1 a 1/5. You just lost a lot of creadability

Actually if you look carefully, it looks like a minus 3. So we'll just give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that's what he meant.


Mini Cini? laughing out loud

I was having a rough day up to that point (reading that statement). That made my day right there.

Stormy Day
Thanks guys for the imput messed

"One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest"

Synoposis-A new rebellious patient is brought to a Mental Instituian where his antics affect the other patients and bring on the wrath of the Nurse of the ward.

Review-Wow,what a touching movie,and easily Nicholson's best.The story basically follows around this Mental Institution and the characters within giving us plot and character development that really matters in a film like this.Louise Fletcher plays the part of the Nurse wonderfully and she is always so stern and into her character as the rest of the cast that you have to remind yourself its just a movie.If it where up to me everyone person in this cast with a mental illness who played a part would get an oscar.I think the part I enjoyed most was when Nicholson didnt get enough votes to watch the world series and then he sat down at the tv and called the game play by play as if he was really there and then he had everyone cheering that was such a powerful moment in this film and very touching.All an All if you havent rented it already than nows a good time to get out of your chair and grab a copy.

"One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest"-5/5

Stormy Day
Tomorrow Ill have

"Without a Paddle"

Ok im a huge fan of Matthew Lillard so I'm hoping this will play out good.

I dont really like Matthew Lilard, but I do want to see Without a Paddle.

You'd go see "Wihtout a Paddle" before "Open Water"?

Matthew Lillard hasn't had a real hit since "Scream". Before that, his only other notable performance was "Hackers".

Mr Zero
How can you say that? he breathed genuine 3D life into 2D shaggy in Scooby Doo, Awed us all in Thir13en Ghosts & who could forget him asLuc Fromage in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie...?

Hell I even have a soft spot for Wing Commander.

Whaddya mean, how can he say that? He's always right, remember? Stop arguing and eat your gruel!

Is it possible for a 1D actor to pull off such a feat?

Why haven't I seen anyone mention Sky Captain yet? Unless I missed it.. Am I the only one that can't wait for this? The old school style and CGI look good!

Primitive Screwhead #1
You sure can pick 'em.

Stormy Day
I dont really feel like watching two movies today at the theaters erm

I thought he gave a good performance in "SLC Punk"

Mr Zero
Because its not out yet - im sure we will be bickering about it very shortly.

Stormy Day
Ahh that movie looks like its going to be a mess sad

"Without a Paddle"

Synoposis:Three friend are out on a canoe trip in search of a $100,000 treasure but the things that lie ahead are not pretty.

Review:Not quite the movie I was hoping for this movie has heart but it lacks good solid comedy.I laugh few times and I really didnt think alot of the stuff was that funny.Seth Green as usuall gave a good funny performance one scene of his in particular I enjoyed was when the bear invaded there camp and drug Seth and away and he was crying and whimperingman everybody was laughing at that part.Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard gave mediorcre performances but I really like Seth.But all and all a story with heart and warmth who's jokes and hilarious moments where to few.Still a good flick tho and worth a viewing.

Without a Paddle-"3.5/5

I just rented-

Oceans Eleven(Original)

Mr Zero
Oceans Eleven(Original) is pretty crappy. Did you know that to make a movie with Seth Green in adds $500,000 to the budget because they have to make him digitally taller.

He's only 3ft high. True.

Stormy Day
I was suprised at how short he was shock


Stormy Day
"Johnson Family Vacation"
Synopsis: Centers on the comedic misadventures of a man (Cedric the Entertainer) and his dysfunctional family as they desperately make their way cross-country to their annual family reunion in Texas.

Review-What a dissapoinment.Cedric is..unfortunately back on-screen playing this dad who's try to get to his him and his family to his family reunion and on the way they get into all sorts of messes.This movie refuses to give us any good comedy or and original story, we've seen this formula a 100 times they go on a road trip,they get into messes,and they reach there destinations.They even stole the pee gag from "Dumb&Dumber".I hated this film and I hope I never have to see Cedric the Entertainer on-screen again.

"Johnson Family Vacation"-1/5

without a paddle is pretty good though... i thought it would be crap, but it was good for plenty of laughs.. a popcorn flick

What would make you want to watch it?

You actually expected something out of this one? I liked it better the first time with Chevy Chaseand Beverley De'Angelo.

You never answered my original question; are you paying full price to rent these apparent flops? $3.00? $3.50

How was the original "Manchurian Candidate"?

Stormy Day
I didnt watch the original "Manchurian Candidate" I tried but I fell asleep.Just not my cup of tea I suppose.

Yes im paying full price.

Stormy Day

Synopsis: After an autistic savant inherits three million dollars from his deceased father, his younger brother, in an attempt to trick him out of the money, learns some valuable lessons of life.

Review-I just finished "Rainman" and I found it to be quite dull and over-rated.Dustin Hoffman is the only good thing about his film and as usuall his performance was excellent,but it just isnt enough to carry on this film and its crapy story.Its hard to actually like Tom Cruises characters when there's so much to hate about him during most of the film.I I where his dad I would've left him in prison myself to teach him a lesson about sneaking the car out,and he took his brother and used him to carry out his own greed.And then we get an hour and a half of Tom Cruise getting mad at his brother and getting fustrated.During the last portion of the film tho we get to see Cruise's soft side (the side I wanted to see throughout the movie)and we get some heartfelt moments between Him and his brother but a half hour isnt enough in a 2 hour movie.All an All im giving it 3 stars just for Dustin Hoffmans performance man that guy can act


your giving Rain Man the same grade you gave the Yu Gi O movie?

I gave it a 6.5/10. It was Dustin Hoffman's movie, Tom Cruise was just along for the ride.

The thing about Charlie Babbitt warming up to Raymond was that there wasn't much of an ease into his new emotions. One minute he despises Ray, then the next scene he loved him. There's not alot of "understanding".

Stormy Day
Yeah.Quite a dissapointment erm

Looks like the Griswalds got a tan.

Darth Revan
Ohhhh myyyyy gawwwdd storm... Giving Rainman a lower score than "Princess Diaries II" is a crime. Even if you didn't like the movie a lot, I don't understand how you can say it wasn't as good as "Princess Diaries", and especially that it had a crappy story compared to that. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go curl up in the corner and hide. It won't be long before the movie gods come to smite you. shock