3-D set number 8 released 7/20

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ooooooo this one is coooool! the description follows

If you asked anyone on the production to pick a favorite set, there was one clear consensus. The iconic white corridor first seen aboard Princess Leia's Rebel blockade runner in A New Hope. Production Designer Gavin Bocquet meticulously researched the original to create this amazing replica. Though identified as a "Diplomatic Cruiser" in the script, fans have come to know this ship as the Tantive IV. In this photo, a Yoda stand-in provides lighting and framing reference for the on-set crew.

they also have the Insider 77 up as well.

Scramba!!, Post it!!

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by the way I was reading the online chat with Mark Hamill out today also and this was posted....... laughing laughing laughing

So Mark, when you're at home, lazing around on those hot summer afternoons and the tv just got bad, do you try and use the Force to reach the remote?

Why reach for the remote? You could use the Force to change the channel.

Where do you get these webchats?

And someone post the new knollvision!!!!!!

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Hyperspace.............and Scramba will more than likey.

Well why dont you post it?

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Because Boris as I have said many amny times in the past those days are over. sad have to wait on scramba

Pretty please........

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I could check this out now, but I guess I'm too lazy. laughing out loud
*Waits for Scramba* stick out tongue


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SEE I knew hed get right on it.....thanks scramba wink wink

Thanks Scramba!!

omg..... i can't even describe how seeing that just made me feel...

niiiice, and once again im gonna say it, anakin blows that door up in ANH baby!!

damn thats a good one, my day just got better after seeing that!


Every pic and info I have seen/read all seem very positive. This is gonna be the big one!

i love the new knollvision the appearence of Yoda rocks

cool maybe the ship is headed to alderan in ep3 for now may force be with you.

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thats a dummy yoda put there to give you a sense of size according to the caption below the knollvision

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That was AWESOME!!! Thanks Scramba.
I love that set, looks just like the ANH one so it's probably the same thing.

You da man, scramba!!!

yes we will see this ship in Alderaan lucasfilm will be in switchzerland this summer for the exterior set.
Buildings will be white and the tantive 4 will feel a at ease there.

I can already hear Rob Coleman's commentary on the Ep. III DVD. "I walked on the set, and I litteraly got goosebumps!"

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