What i think...

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i think they are going to do 5 movies.

I think in the third movie the villian will be the Lizard.

I think in the fourth movie the will be Venom and Carnage.

I think in the fifth movie the villian will be Green Goblin 2.

I just have a feeling and I dont know why you all wouldnt think this.
It makes perfect sense.

I don't think Venom and Carnage could be fit into one movie. Maybe Venom in one movie where he gets defeated and then the next he gets the symbiote back and ends up teaming with Spidey to kill Carnage.

i think in 3 it should be Lizard and at the end J.J.Jamesons son comes back from the moon bringing back the symbiote and it goes on spiderman. And possibly they could find a place to fit the Black Cat in.

if there is a symbiote, its already on earth with jj's son. Look at the end of spidey2. The guy is running one direction. Stops, turns to his left, and SOMEHOW makes a 7 foot leap. That kinda jump is hard to make running, even if he is an astronaught (and after being in space for even a week, walking on earth is supposedly difficult for the next week or so). I dont know anybody, save olympists, that can pull that off, and after running in a different direction? No, i doubt that...

Red Superfly
We all don't think this because it doesn't make sense at all.

Venom and Carnage, Venom and Carnage, Venom and Carnage, that's all I ever see on this forum. No Carnge. Venom maybe, but Carnage? You gotta be kidding.

Fifth movie will be Goblin II? Have you even seen the second movie? Sam Raimi said it himself - the villain for 3 is revealed at the end of 2.

The only one I think most of us would agree with is Lizard being in 3.

yes red, who u think caused that mess , the sand man is the next bad guy, i believe GG II will do psicological war with peter

When did he make a 7-foot jump? I don't remember this...it's probably just me, though.

Ghetto Goblin
First of all, you must be weak, i can jump 13 feet.
Second of all, when was this, i don't remember it?
Third of all, I didn't think he was at space yet.
4, the symbiote doesn't fuse with him.
5, where was this?
and FINALLY 6, can you explain all of this.

there are too many questions to be answered about that, so how do we know that it is true? Don't get me wrong, you may be right, i just don't recall and it is wierd to think about, just intriguing (?) i guess.

13 feet? Wow, thats pretty amazing... seeing as the US Teen Record is only 17, and it was done by a kid who was 6'4.....

im not talking about running then jumping. I mean regular long jumping, where you have 0 momentum....

okay, the big jump happens when spidey is lowering MJ back down after his fight with Ock, you see Jameson running straight, turn completely to his right (mighta been left, but still) then make a huge leap. Now, if he was running and jumped the same direction, i could get this, or even standing and jumping that way, but all of his momentum was going in a different direction.

And yeah, i was pretty sure he had been to space already....

and i know he doesnt get it in the comics, but in the cartoon wasnt it his ship that crashed and spidey had to drag him out, and thats how he got the symiote on him before? I'm thinking that he might have had it on and just didn't know....

I don't know...I thought he was PREPARING to go to space. Anyone seen the movie in the last day or so that can fully explain this?

Red Superfly
"The only person to have played football on the moon?" I think was one quote - so I'm assuming he has been and come back already.

Also, it looked like he jumped and used his arms to "swing" on something. I'm not sure about that but it looked like he used his arms somewhat to further the jump.

Seriously, drop it. We ain't gonna see freakin Man-Wolf, ever - there's about a dozen villains that deserve a movie all to themselves because they are bigger, better, and more famous villains.

"Man-Wolf to be in Spidey 3" - seriously, internet fanboy-ism has reached an all time low with that one.

I had a hard time believeing the Venom rumours - but Man Wolf is takin the p***.

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