How to make TONS of friends at KMC

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Jedi Priestess
1. Open a whole bunch of pointless and inane threads.
2. Flame people....OFTEN!
3. Claim to be a computer hacker and you know EVERYTHING!
4. Threaten to send the rest of us a virus right now!!
5. CONTINUALLY post off topic in every forum except the OTF.
6. Whine and cry when your thread gets closed or locked.
7. Make a big I'm leaving KMC forever thread and then DONT leave.
8. Smart mouth a mod..espec. Tex or BKK or RAZ
9. Get banned and then come back multiple times as a sock.
10. Join KMC and then ***** about EVERYTHING.

Did I forget anything?

Sorry, there's been an influx of fools as of late and I felt the need to vent.

Nice ideas big grin

Jedi Priestess
well DAMN what IS it with people?


11. Stand in a public square and light self on fire big grin many friends big grin

It's true, so true cry

actually, none of it is, I don't do that crap and I've got plenty of pals here confused

laughing out loud

Jedi Priestess
er I was being facetious
and Raven hun you missed the point messed

John Allerdyce
o.o u flame people ^^ HWAHAHAH 0.o whatever the hell that is we call it burning people or lighting there @$$ up on fire evil face laughing laughing

I know i was just playing around big grin

I believe it's for the annoying noobs that get banned stick out tongue

Agent Elrond

Follow the guidelines here and you'll be (in)famous

duh stick out tongue it's my subtle way of telling said annoying noobs to be less annoying wink

Black Onyx
ehe nuber one is fun

Jedi Priestess
now see number 3 is my favorite,,,you can NOT imagine how many idiots we have coming into the SW forums saying

"I hacked into George Lucas's computer and I know EVERYTHING about EP3!!!

first of all
Who would ADVERTISE that? (if indeed you were in that line of work)

Agent Elrond
Spam like crazy. Hey, look at my site. Join this. Buy that. Come see my forum. Spam is fun.

Jedi Priestess
laughing laughing laughing laughing

JP, we refer to people like that called "Attention Whores", it's obvious they didn't slice into anything, they're just saying it to be noticed

Agent Elrond
I'm not spamming. I'm a good boy smart

Jedi Priestess
Spearbabe I know that I was being nice wink

Darth Revan
Do I smell... SUPERSHADOW?

Whattaya mean there won't be a third trilogy cry

eek! finally the instructions ive been looking for *gets out a notebook and pen!*

no wonder i'm so unpopular sad

Don't forget "Pretend to have some sort of mental/physical problems and milk people for as much sympathy or fake love if you will thats possible." yes

Or just be an attention whore, that works too happy

Jedi Priestess
actually believe it or not he has been blissfully silent......*knocks wood*

oh lets NOT even go there....I swear if one more person goes off on this tangent its gonna be giljotiini for them!


Can I go off on a different tangent embarrasment


Jedi Priestess
edited........sorry it wasnt on the page I was typing the reply on and I had a lapse in the Force see above for correction.

laughing out loud nah, it's alright, sorta funny though embarrasment

seroiusly though, all the people who believe SS scares me messed

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