What next "vs" movie would you like to come out?

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Besides King Kong vs Godzilla, Freddy vs Jason, and Alien vs Predator.

Id like to see the Batman vs Superman come out.


I`d guess if Freddy vs Jason vs Ash doesnt count then Batman vs Superman

Woody Woods
Robocop Vs Termenator.

Critters Vs Grimlins

Adolf Hitler Vs Saddam Hussien

Rocky Vs Raging Bull

Bugs Bunny Vs Mickey Mouse

Yes... Robocop vs Terminator

How about none.

Woody Woods
how about you move on.

Jason Wyngarde
spiderman vs wolverine

Freddy vs Jason 2, just so we can get it over with already.


threads done let it die big grin

Ghostbusters 3: Marshmallow Man VS The Statue of Liberty

I use to dream about that when I was like 6. yes

NICE!! eek! dreams,shifty

Jason Bourne VS James Bond

Pitt/Norton (Fight Club) VS Jim Carrey (Me, Myself, & Irene)

Jet Li (The One) VS Neo

Jet Li vs Neo cool evil face

Meh! How about Mary Poppins vs. Catwoman! Or Marshmallow Man vs. The Blob. smile

Now, theres the vs. movie I would like to see. lol

laughing Nice!

Black Cat vs Catwoman

Primitive Screwhead #1
Jaws vs. The Incredible Mr. Limpet

Jason Wyngarde
the dude from rainman vs forrest gump

honestly none because all vs movies suck, but i do rememeber that crap marvel vs dc

Superman VS Batman

Director Collora has just made a short film that was released today to the internet that is called the World's Finest which features Superman and Batman

You can download the new short film here http://theforce.net/theater/nonsw/worldsfinest/

I'd say Rainman vs Sam (I am Sam)

Jason Wyngarde
it would be a great battle

Robocop vs Terminator would definately be cool.

Spiderman vs Daredevil maybe.

Riddick vs Hannibal Lector Killers.

James Bond vs Austin Powers lol

The Wal Mart smiley vs the Hardee's Star Guy. nah, but funny.

yeah, thats what i can come up with...

I don't know if this one was mentioned before already but a realy funny VS movie would be the Leprechaun VS Chucky laughing

How about Nemo vs Deep Blue Sea sharks... both are CGI. You can throw in a cameo with Jaws. Others that come to mind.
Willow Vs. The Hobbit
Lord of The Rings Vs. Lord of The Flies
Armageddon vs. Deep Impact. rolling on floor laughing

Pirates of the Caribbean vs. The Pirates of Panzas (it's 6AM.. what's that pirate musical number thing?)
Me vs. Hilary Duff (just so I could kill her)
Edward Scissorhands vs. Freddy Kruger (they both have claw things)

Wait, sure there are "vs" movies but also, wouldn't "vs" CHARACTERS be funnier? You can have a funny "vs" character match and the movies they're from can have nothing to do with eachother. Like my Edward Scissorhands comment..

Actually a Freddy vs Edward Scissorhands would be a cool fight, not a whole movie, but just the fight.

Robocop vs. Terminator sounds like an interesting match.

I can only think of these:

Darkman vs. The Shadow
Looney Toons vs. Disney
Cannibals vs. Zombies (whoever wins we get eaten)
Leon vs. The Jackal
Transformers vs. Robotech

Shrek vs. Spiderman LOL.cool Wouldn't last too long but it would be worth every penny.

burly brawler
i think terminator would kick robo's a$$ since he's all machine, from the future no less, and robo's got some murphy parts...

but i would like to see mr. rogers and peewee herman duke it out. the teletubbies vs bananas in pajamas. barney vs pikachu.

Woody Woods
^ would it be better if^

The Hulk Vs Shrek

Thank you drifter101, someone who agrees that vs movies almost always turn out crap.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek. I'd love to see those trekking peaceniks get the crap beat out of them by a Star Destroyer.

Enterprise Captain: This is the Captain of the USS Enterprise, hailing unknown vessel. We would like to speak to you about your presence in this sector.

Imperial Star Destroyer Admiral: Gunners, bring all turbolaser batteries to bear on the strange, fragile looking ship.

Enterprise Captain: I repeat, this is the Captain of the USS Enterprise, requesting a parley.

Imperial Star Destroyer Admiral: Prepare to fire...FIRE!!!

Enterprise Ensign: Captain, theyre firing! What do we-

BOOM!!! Heh heh...

yeah but they couldnt take out a borg cube. <--nerd

hmm.....i'd have to say one thing before i full answered the question. if freddy vs. ash vs. jason was actually made, i WOULD KILL people. I've met bruce in person and asked him about it and he said he wouldn't do it, but his actions since then have prooven contradictary. Make no mistake, i'm not a personal friend, i just met him, asked a question, and then the next fanboy the the microphone. anyway, i hate the idea of ash vs. freddy vs. jason. feh.

anyway, what would i like to see? besides spiderman vs venom? um......i want to see a full-scale epic by the name of "AMERICA VS CANADA: THE SHORTEST BLIP OF WAR HISTORY EVER."

That's my 2 bits AND my very first post/reply thingie on this site....yay me!

chilled monkey
Star Trek: The Next Generation vs Star Wars would be so cool!


Star Trek: TNG vs Red Dwarf
Blade vs Spawn
Blade vs Selene (Underworld)
Blade vs Highlander
Justice League vs Avengers
Willow and Tara vs the Blair Witch

Red Superfly
Star Trek vs Red Dwarf? Is that the ultimate geek movie or what? It'd be awesome though.

I'd love to see the Starbug PASTE the Enterprise.

Predator vs Pokemon would be awesome.
Blade vs Michael Jackson would kick some arse too.

The ultimate one would be Superman vs Batman though - it would really highlight how good Batman really is.

Primitive Screwhead #1
You're smegging right, it would be!

"Star Trek: TNG vs Red Dwarf"?
thats a totally unfair fight. i like star trek, but love Red Dwarf. they need to have the red dwarf movie come out already.

hmm more fights...
Batman vs Wolverine
Darth Vader vs Darth maul like that'll happen, lets just see who's better.
Harry potter vs something.
Jack sparrow(POTC) vs Yellowbeard(has anyone seen it?)
Hercules vs Achilles
legolas vs Will turner. Make orlando bloom fight himself! to the death!
Aragorn vs Neo

people with brains vs people who make sequels & vs movies

Jason Wyngarde
me and hilary duff vs chucky. i could kill chucky pretty easy and hilary and i would grow close and uh well lets keep there.

Jurrasic Park dinosaurs VS Sesame Street characters evil face

Jesus Vs. Buddah

Red Superfly
Oh man, I just thought of the ultimate showdown: Pee Wee vs Mr. Bean.

Predator 89
Spider-man vs. Daredevil

some1 vs ghandi just like in fightclub

Barney vs. Dora the Explorer


They both die after getting their colors wrong.

Neo Vs Superman
Neo (before matrix 2&3) vs john preston (Equilibrium) in a gun fight.
Jackie Chan Vs Jet Li

John Carpentor vs Wes Craven.

Wasnt that Freddy vs Jason?

ii think that wonder woman vs. elektra wouldd be a good cat fight! .....speaking of cats......catwoman (michelle pfeiffer , not stupid halle berry) vs. the winner of the previous fight

Agent Smith Vs. The T1000 (Terminator 2)
haha...and..Mrs. Doubtfire Vs. The Nanny the one with Hulk Hogan

Red Superfly
Mr Nanny vs Kindergarten Cop in a "What the hell was I thinking when I signed up for those" Triple Threat match!

How's about Snufflupaguss vs Chewbacca

Or even better, Yoda vs The Grouch.

Scooby Doo vs Scrappy

Blade vs Underworld

Judge Judie vs Jenny Jones

Riddick V Predator

Superman v Batman would be a small film, laser vision dead batman oops its all over.

Master Chief vs Samus. big grin

Martial Law vs Rush Hour

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