Blue Versus Blue Artwork Pic

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moonwalker741 has packaging samples for episode 3
The jigsaw puzzle box has a pic on teh front that looks like anikan versus obiwan, blue versus blue.

cool jedi and his master going at it.

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Yeah looks like Anakin and Obi to me.

Nice. I know they're going with the blue saber to keep the continuity going between Ep III and A New Hope. But it would be cooler if at some point during the duel Anakin pulls out his red saber and swings both at Obi.


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It's either Mace Windu, who isn't in the next movies, along with the rest of the council.

Or Obi Wan got a purple lightsaber.

Or my color-blindness is tricking me again.

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And judging by moon walkers sig, either anikan learns lightning (probley not) or mace dies from the emperor or dooku.

look at the rest of the box, A Vader mask and fire/Lava?? hmmmm

thats the art for the new starwars toys

the vader mask is strange.
its like part-regular mask
and part-original concept art mask.

i really like the overall design,
but it doesn't seem to match the rest of the star wars brand.
unless the're revamping it for ep3, since its going to be so dark and morbid.

Thats anakin with the blue on the left.

And on the right its a purple saber and the guys bald

Its windu

guys! notice theres a red backround on anikans side, hence darkside...notice blue on obiwans side, hence lightside...the colors are diffusing with eachother just right where the lightsabers are, tahts the reason why it seems purple, also its an artwork shot........and the person who people **seem** to be mace windu which is really obiwan is not bald, just bad lighting..

For all of the fools who want Anakin to have a red lightsaber in his Episode 3 duel with Obi-Wan, you are just that: Fools! This is the definitive battle. The one that has the most impact on the galaxy. The situation is especially powerful because two Jedi are clashing. Anakin cannot truly be called a Sith yet, for that takes time and action. He is a betrayer, but technically, he is still a Jedi, and that is all of what this is about. Jedi vs. Jedi, Blue vs. Blue. This was designed since the inception of Star Wars.

rolling on floor laughing yes

finally! someone who UNDERSTANDS

I think his helping to murder jedi children would, in my eyes, make him a sith tbh.

A Sith is not merely one who has murdered a few people. It involves embracing the dark side and the traditions of the Sith with singular devotion. No one can be a Sith in one day or one week. It is deeper and with much more commitment and time. Anakin has not accomplished this by the time of his duel with Obi-Wan.

& where do these facts come from? or is it your own personal musings?

Hold on a second. Just a quick question. What makes people think that Anakin can even bring out his red saber? I was under the impression that he had the blue, got thrown into the lava while Obi keeps Anakins blue saber (for Luke), and then once he becomes Vader he forges the red saber to fully complement his Sith overtaking. Im probably missing something about the speculation, but I've been under this impression for a while now.

Blue v Blue sucks.....

It is an excellent observation, that Anakin would not even have the chance to have a red lightsaber during the Obi-Wan duel. Sidious would not simply give one to him. It has been established since Episode 6, that forging one's own lightsaber is important to the Jedi/Sith. It takes time, and Anakin is extremely busy throughout the entire movie.

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I think blue vs blue will be interesting to watch.

Im new to these forums so hi everyone !

One thing ive noticed about this blue on blue duel.... I have seen a photo of hayden sitting down having a break during 'the duel' and the lightsaber shaft, is RED, and the handle looks like DV's in ANH. And the quote underneath the picture is "...takes a break during a gruelling lightsaber fight with his one-time mentor obi-wan kenobi"

so does this mean it is red ? has anyone else seen this photo?

ive got the photo if anyone wants to see it

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the reason for the red saber is to create a contrast between the two when they add the lightsaber effect. so in end the red will be blue.

Thanks PVS big grin

but why is the handle the same as vaders from the OT ?

or am i wrong ?? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sorry dude, you're wrong. If I could find that pic again, I'd show some to compare for you, but I don't have it. sad

I think blue on blue is awesome!! Can`t wait to see it!!

ive just checked it out

and im WRONG !

sorry, the picture just confused me embarrasment

the picture on the box looks kind of like Anakins lightsaber is purple. maybe he killed mace and took his lightsaber.

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