Help Me Get Sick

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Alright, here's the scenerio.

My family is planning to go to Bulgaria for vacation. Although it seems promising, I just don't want to go. I rather bum around at home and shit.

So it leads me here. Someone give me some tips on how to get sick and ill. You know, getting all feverish. That way, they don't bring me along and I get to bum all I want.


Goodness...can i go in your place? stick out tongue

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Lianslo, you gonna give tips or start whining? huh?!

ummm......... blink

sorry , im drawing blanks here .

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Black Onyx
eat mold

drink pinesal....noo.... that would kill you.... sad i'm not very good at this unless you want bad side effects like death....

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What are you? Trying to be funny? beat it, Jay.

no... not trying to be funny laughing out loud .... i'm really serious no expression

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pinesal, eh? haven't heard about it. I'll see if I can get my hands on a couple.

nooo its poisonis dude ... it will make you sick but in a bad way .... i was just playing there no expression

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I knew that. I was just messing with you.

laughing out loud laughing laughing out loud nice

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Really, i was. I knew it was poisonous. Really, i did.

so how long you got to get sick ?

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August 26. C'mon. TIPS,TIPS,TIPS

drink lot of Vodka and say ur sick...although they'll smell the vodka..nevermind laughing out loud

get Hydrogen Peroxide rub on your face (smells kinda bad)...then just say your sweating bad and you feel sick. Trust me, i told my friend to do it and it worked.

jeeze , alright already . im thinking on it . hold your pants on and be patient .

wouldn't that mess up his skin?

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Good tips. More

laughing out loud
1. dont eat
2. stand out in the rain with no clothes on
3. eat a mixture of all of the foods that u hate
4. if all else fails PRETEND
5. i will try to think of some more

1. Eat alot of food.
2. get diareah.
3. act crazy.

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See, thank you. A job well done. More please.

Eat at a place you know didnt pass the health inspectors test

wow that was actually a really smart 1 yes dont waste ur own food no u will need it while home alone smile

Well, Just eat a lot of candy, that will get you sick. And maybe you'll enjoy it. I did.

Umm..don't do anything to kill urself..but just make it seem like ur start a warm up some water in the microwave or boil water and then when it gets really steamy put ur face over it so it would make ur temputure rise and it then would make u seem like u have a sweat prboem....never mind..thats a stupid idea

Lick doorknobs laughing out loud

Have unprotected sex with a prostitute thumb up

I dont know if this has been suggested but have a LONG bath in freezing cold water and put lots of ice in the bath tub.

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Wouldn't I get hypothermia or something?

Ill help you fake it with some tips. But the only way I can get you sick is youll get very Ill. Try to make your self throught up by stick a finger towards the back of your mouth. and heat up the thermoniter

just dont heat a glass one . if you do it wrong and it gets to hot , the mercury can cuase the tip to explode .

put it on a light bulb. It wont blow up

Go to bulgaria and eat at a really dodgy restaurant and drink as much tap water as possible, that should do it wink

I know, peal a bananna then put the bananna skin over ur feet, leve them for a while and that ought to give u fever! big grin and i dont think he will die rto..

Drink some bleach.sick

Master Revan
get food poison that worked for me when i suppose to go to bulgaria.

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