Tarantino should re-make 5 Deadly Venoms

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In my opinion the 5 deadly venoms, originally done by the Shaw Bros should be re-made. It had a decent plot and it sure as hell had awesome charachters. For those who don't know the "poison clan" consisted of 5 strangers who wanted to learn a new type of Kung fu.

1. Centipede: super fast kung fu
2. Snake: Superior flexibility, and deadly strikes
3. Scorpion: Super strong kicks, and shruikens
4. Lizard: able to stick to walls
5. Toad: impenetrable skin

two of the venoms were evil and 2 of them were good and one's motives were unknown. Anyway the sensei sends his sixth and last student (who has no real specific kung fu) to see if the clan were using their kung fu for good. If they weren't he was to (i think) stop them by pairing up with one of them and take out the rest of em. Anyway i love this movie and think since he has borrowed from it in the past, he can most likely do it. We have already kinda seen it in kill bill's deadly viper assasination squad. If anyone knows of the 5 deadly venoms let me know what you think !

It would be a dream come true! QT directing a 5 deadly venoms remake....however......is not a good idea. The original is too good for a remake. It is one of the Shaw's brothers most classic films. Now if QT was to do something like a prequel or a sequel it might be interesting. But a remake? No, it would be bad. Is not that I don't QT will do a bad job is just that with all these remakes happening these days....people don't get any interest.

5 Deadly Venom vs. DVAS? Sounds interesting. wink

Good point. So i guess were left with a prequel as seeing how most of em are dead now. Still i would just love too see a updated version.

I would love to see a remake of the 5 Deadly Venoms... up to a point, I thought Sir Run Run Shaw's Poison Clan movie was one of if not the best Martial Arts/ Chinese opra productions ever made. In fact... this movie was one of the Shaw brother's studio's biggest successes!

The other movies that comes to mind is Kid With The Golden Arm, The Spearmen, The Return of The 5 Deadly Venoms, and Super Ninjas. (All done by the original VENOMS)

The only other movie that could come close to a movie of the same era and calibur was The Kid With The Golden Arm and The Sword & the Butterfly AKA( Butterfly , Sword & Comet).

I think QT could pull it off though especially if he develops the story that we never saw (THE ORIGINS OF THE CHI-SAW GANG/ THE ORIGINAL POISON CLAN) in his classic PULP FICTION STYLE of story development.

Then team QT up with John Woo and cast Chow Yun Fat, Jet Le, Gordon Liu, Jason Scott Lee, Philip Kwok (Original Lizard), and Meng Lo (Original Toad) then I think we might have a master piece in the making.

I for one would like to see it and have it dubbed with it's original name WU-DU (The Story of The 5 Deadly Venoms) As LONG as QT keeps COWBOY ACTORS like (MICHAEL MADSEN, HARVEY KIETEL, BRUCE WILLIS and the COMEDY OUT (i.e. Jackie Chan); he would have a winner and a blockbuster classic!!!

A QT version of 5 deadly venoms? sounds cool. But his casting in this type of movie might be questionable.

No remake needed, cool film I'm proud to own on dvd.

Why on earth would QT ever remake a movie?

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