Best Film Ending Visually?

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What is the best film ending visually? Like an awesome action sequence or something with cool special effects. Not things like The Usual Suspects or endings that are good because of their twist.

Spider-Man 1 2002 because it ended with Spidey classically swinging from building to building like I always grew up seeing in the comics and cartoons.

and then him with the american flag.. not only did they cut out the twin towers they throw in american patriotism... dont get me wrong i love america but that was pointless it was a movie not real life... and didnt need to make spider man seem liek a patriot just beacause nieve americans just now realised terrorism exists

Actually it was more realistic becuase do you have any idea how many flags are hanging around New York every day Spider-Man had to eventually come in to contact with one of them. wink

they didnt bother with realism anywhere else pointless to do it there.. and dont kid yourself saying it was because realism it was patriotism.. id rather have him swinging off to stop a crime then again the spiderman movies are more about peter parkers life blowing then they are about him being a super hero

If it wasn't more about Peter than nobody would relate to the character and it wouldn't be successful as a movie or a comic book. wink

2001: A.S.O. I guess messed happy
Fight Club - Pixies playing, buildings falling down, Helena BC and Eddie big grin

Fight Club. With all the buildings exploding

How old are you, anyway?

My vote goes to "Chronicles of Riddick".

Riddick had just defeated the king of the Necromongers, the race that threatened him and his home planet. Their creed being "You keep what you kill", after killing him, he fell backwards onto a chair.

As the camera panned out, they showed the Necromongers, as well as Lord Vaako, kneeling down, with Riddick sitting atop the King's throne!
He had become the leader of the very army that was about to destroy everything he loved, for which he had come back for.

Awesome Catch 22, and the perfect ending to a movie.

Jedi Priestess
Close Encounters of the First Kind.

..or Third, whichever. big grin

(I love your sig pic, BTW. Perfectly sinister.)

Jedi Priestess
well thanks! smile

Oh GOD I have Dementia! laughing
Close Encounters of the Third Kind stick out tongue

Here's another: "Smile you son of a B*itch!" blowup


I think a film that has a good ending visually is Spawn evil face

Prophet, I had asked how old you were, it's in regards to a subsequent "Spider Man" question.

I reverse the question now and ask you the same how old are you?

You just answered my question. Thanks.

Oh, and I'd like to suggest the ending to "Man on Fire".

Gracie, a religious man, gives himself up in exchange for Lupe's life. The music fades low, and as he's being taken away in the back seat of the car, his hand is on his Mary necklace/medallion, and he slowly passes away, then the movie fades to black.

Just some beautiful irony, if there is such a thing.

Can we compact the debating to one thread please?.. wouldn't want to miss it.

And, Requiem for a Dream ended beautifully. Wait, all of Requiem for a Dream was beautiful (the cinematography) the movie all together is possibly one of the best shot movies ever fabricated.

My younger sister could not stop raving over Requiem of a Dream. She says the movie was perfect and the filmmakers did not mess up the ending either.

Requiem FOR a dream... and how did they mess up the ending? The ending was brilliant.

RFAD is amazing.

The ending of Big Fish weep

I`d have to say Jurassic Park had a great ending

Batman 1989,with Batman staring at the signal on top of the Gotham skyline

agreed. My friend is a Burton fan and refuses to watch that movie.. mad

I give the movie credit only for that (visuals). As far as storyline is a complete waste of time. Grandma gets an acid trip an ruins her last days on earth just because she wants to be thin. Her loser junkie son and his girlfriend and friend suffer the same tragedy for doing drugs. The message...don't do drugs. Just turn on the news and you get hear many cases related to drug abusers. Wow! and they consider this stuff great movie making? thumb down

hhhmmmm potc has quite a good ending everytime i watch it i goosebumps.....

Mr Parker
as much as I hate the batman movies I got to agree with you on that,that was one of the few good things they did right was the way it ended in BATMAN 89.pretty cool visual shot.

The Truman Show, although I dont like this movie that much, I just thought it was funny how Truman just sailed right into the horizon and walked off the set.

star wars films,
lord of the rings films,
fight Club,

Red Superfly
My vote goes to Terminator 2 - the whole melting steel thing was very cool.

Fan of LOTR
Edward scissorhands all the way! I love the snow falling from his castle its great. and the music is so magical I love it.


Primitive Screwhead #1
I also have to agree with this. A film that actually made me well up TWICE.

WIth Michael Mann's recent release of Collateral, I'[ll give him mention for Heat. I think the final showdown with DeNiro and Pacino on the airport tarmac is rather well done. Excellent use of shadows.

Darth Vicious
Ill go with Star Wars: episodes 4 and 5, the LOTR trilogy has the perfect endings and Kill Bill vol.1 and Sixth Sense because the twist really caught me offguard!

DV- This whole thread is for "visuals". Not best ending because of something like twists.

FIGHT CLUB!!!!! Lock stocks ending is quite good too (funny)

Dr. Strangelove
Aliens- Ripley vs. Alien Queen

The Third Man- The sewer chase is exhilarating

I think one of the best endings has to be Spawn, where he is standing on top of the steeple with his armour on and is red cape out full.
The end of hannibal was cool aswell where he fed that child the piece of brain and it just greyed out on his eye. Terrifying!
The end of Redident evil was a good one as it left the audience with the enigma code of 'whats going on?'.

Abyss.....the huge colorful thing on which Ed stands..nice!

The Matrix Revolution

The Butterfly Effect where Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart are crossing paths was pretty cool.

Garden State when Zach Braff goes up the escalator and you see all his friends and loved ones.

The matrix. Not the best, but not bad either.

Napoleon Dynamite. LOL!

Blade 2
Fatal Attraction

2001 - A Space Odyssey

Dr. Strangelove
Citizen Kanerock

I know someone already said this but Fight Club had a great ending

VISUALLY..guys. Like, at the end of "Star Wars" with Luke, Leia, and R2 in the door of the medical frigate with the camera panning out, not knowing what was going to happen next.

"Fight Club", ending with a shot of a wang isn't exactly the "best" anything.

the star wars ending wasnt that great

fight club was decent

It was an example, Beastro. Not necessarily my suggestion.


Definately have to go with Man On Fire.


sword through the air

Woaaahhhh baby, get right intae they English bawbags!!!!!

phew, bit mentalist there, sorry.

Indy and the Last Crusade: riding through the crescent canyon, off into the sunset. Perfect.

Not to forget Gump and his Feather, drifting aimlessly in a predestined way.

i love braveheart one of my favourite movies

( seems most of these have to do with the build up to it, or with areas of the movie some distance before the end )

some of my VISUALLY fav endings ( last 5 seconds of movie before credits ) :
What Dreams May Come
Bicentenial Man
Gladiator ( the newish one )

Vanhelsing, not the ending, but the original method for the credits.

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