why are the harry potter films decreasing in boxoffice numbers

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for some reason the series seems to be doing the opposite of usual sequels, they seem to be making less and less than the previous, the first harry potter film made a total world wide grossof 975.8million, the second films when down to 866.6 million now the current seems to be stuck it doesnt even seem as if it will pass the 700 million point as its stuck at 675.8 million why are they making less and less money? what do you think?

Because the cuteness factor that helped push the franchises appeal, like in the original movie, is non-existant. Especially when you've got them using the word "hell", "bloody hell", "what the hell", etc.

Oh, and word of mouth regarding the newest sequel. It was just too dark, and lost alot of Potters fans that watched the movies, but don't read the books. In addition to being a little too creepy a compliment to the happier, more fun sequels, it was just dull, boring, and repetitive.

To me its because the Harry Potter franchise is losing its realism I mean the actors are getting taller and older each day its cute when they are maybe 10-13 but now its just not the same as the first movie.

"Realism" isn't the word your looking for in regards to a movie about witchcraft, it's losing it's aspects of identifiably, being kids (ages 8-12), wanting to see kids their age on screen. Not mall going tweenies.

We're on the same page, how refreshing.

Also besides the fact that there not kids anymore one of the important characters Dumbledorf was replaced because the original actor who played him died and the movies have changed directors aswell. All of those things put together will only end in a dying franchise eventually. wink

Plus, It is running against the summer block of movies, where previously it ran against the winter block of movies. Heavier competition, especially when you pit it against Spiderman 2.

Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2, and others

Because people are finally realizing what a load os bollocks HP is eek!

Admittedly I went to see the lastest one for Mr Oldman. embarrasment

^^^Because the series is a bunch of mindless drivel and the public is slowly but surely realizing it.laughing^^^

I can honestly say that after the forth we will never see another Harry Potter movie I can hardly wait big grin

YAY!!!!devil Death to Shrek and Harry!!!

Especially that danm Shrek evil face

Winter block of movies in 2002 included the following:

Red Dragon
The Ring
Die Another Day
Eight Mile
Analyze That
Star Trek: Nemesis
Gangs of New York
Catch Me If You Can

"Prisoner of Azkaban" only got lumped in the early Summer crowd because of "Chambers" surprising success. Both movies still had plenty of noteworthy competition, so that leads me to to believe that this spooky evolution of the Potter movies, and subsequent word of mouth, is what hurt it, in addition to my aforementioned reasons.

Richard Harris being absent had nothing to do with ticket sales. Aside from there being virtually no difference, Dumbledore had very little screen time in either "Chamber" or "Prisoner".

As for Christopher Columbus, he was still the Producer for "Prisoner of Azkaban". Alfonso Cueron only put his "dark" direction to work, which is what ultimately hurt the newest movie. There will be yet another new director for "Goblet of Fire".

in england they showed it at a different time of year.
it was on at christmas time for 1+2 but wasnt for the third which mightve affected ticket sales.

Well I`d like to say its not as amazing as it was seeing Harry brought to screen as it was the first time

Think about it,I read the books,and was amazed seeing JK's vision brought to life,now its just same old same old

Though I loved Prisoner and thought it was the best of the three big grin

i dont really care for the films.

Stealth Agent
Harry Potter doesn't suck only the movies do. Thebooks kick twelve times the piss outta the movies.

I hate these ban wagon fans who go to see the movie. When I saw the first movie i was like what the hell they butchered it apart this isn't the great book I read and yet critics give it amazing remarks.

Just because people don't read the book and see the movie doesn't make them "bandwagon" fans of the franchise. Movies are adapted from books all the time, actually.

I like movies, and I don't like to read. That's some really unfair reasoning.

Well i wouldnt exactly say that the potter series has had a decrease worth mentioning. I mean considering that the third film took on a new director. The third potter flick was by all means a great accomplishment. All the style and appeal the previous two had was taken away and given a remake. Usually when this happens in a film franchise the movies wil decline a great deal. I know that the merchandise factor was up 45% with the new film, and after the DvD release i am more than sure prisoner of azkaban will surpass the previous two in sales.The potter franchise is by no means losing interst or fans like so many believe. Book sales have doubled sense the release of POA. I can Gaurentee the only reason that POA diddnt rank in higher numbers in because of Shrek 2.

there are alot of reasons. The Harry Potter fad is dieing out, The little kids that got into harrty potter when they were 10 are now growing up and they realize Harry Potter sucks, It went up against Shrek 2 and Spiderman 2, the actors are getting to old to play the parts, and just the fact that the movies suck

Why does everyone keep saying that it went up against spiderman2? It did not go up against spiderman2. POA went up against van helsing and shrek2, and the other shit of the sumemr movies. I wouldnt call harry potter a fad either. It is an impact Harry potter books have been around almost 7 years, and is stil popular as ever. The kids who started with the potter books,and movies are still the ones keeping it strong, they will always be there untill the ned of the series, as will a diverse attraction of other ages. The only reason it diddnt do as well is because of what cinemaddiction pointed out, it was released in the summmer months and had to compete with shrek2

In my opinion (and ive read the five books), the movies aren't really that great anyway. They all fail to bring the fantasy to life, and while its on the improve as the movies progress, I still don't find them particularly great. Most people went to see the first movie as a curiousity, after all there was a heck of a lot of hype. My theory is that as the movies keep coming in, people begin to realise more and more that once you've seen one, you've pretty much seen em all.

Yes, the movies are awful. That fundamental truth has been thoroughly established in this thread.

well actually the movies have more vision and story than most other movies

The increase in piracy is one thing affecting the takings, not just from harry potter but other movies too.

Because the 3rd movie sucked and people didn't want to see it again-I'm not against Harry Potter, I just prefer the books.


Well that just goes to show the standard of movies these days anyway.

yea now that u got harry potter w/a broken up voice and their lead coming into puberty it looses much appeal, and i think most likely the further they go the darker and as someone mentioned less children audience whom brought much of the $$ in the past 2 films even w/ a death i hear from someone later in the books, i guess maybe harry potter just cant cut it

it seems w/ each sequel the grossings is decreasing 100 mill each time

the movies dont suk its the time between the movies that suk... we are always waiting more for another hp movie..it gets quite annoying

I use to be a HUGE Harry fan, but now I've rather gone off Harry. I think the second was the best, I went off the books because they took too long to come out and my interest changed to other, exciting things. I lost interest in the movie because Chris Columbus wasn't directing it. The left WAY too much out of the third movie. But frankly, I like it better when they make the movies darker.

The had thier chance of making the fans come crawling back to Harry, but they screwed up, they took to long and made sacrifices of choosing kids that were older then they were meant to play, which has now come back to bite them in the ass.

I thought Order of the phoenix wasn't as good as the rest, the books were better, but now I think Harry Potter sucks.

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